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News updated:

Case Title:  His destructive penile jelqing exercises kills his 30-years old penis for no more erection and no sexual orgasm
Reader : 7/09/2004>

i have some problems with my penis and thought you might be able to offer some insight

you came recommended

i have a full account of what happened inluded below 

the real reason i contactred you specifically is because part of my problem is with stretched penile skin and i am wondering if it will ever snap back to it's former tone 

could you please read and let me know what your off the record opinion is? feel free to forward to anyone 




I am a 30 year old man in otherwise very good health 

Here is my situation 

It is a rather lengthy explanation but please bear with me as I have yet to receive any satisfactory closure and it is causing me considerable anxiety 

I know it is a lot to read but I just want to cover all the facts so somebody can give me an informed opinion based on what I have told them 

Believe me I’d rather not be sitting here at 3:00 AM writing an essay on how I messed up my penis, - frankly i feel like an idiot for bringing this misery on myself but I’m worried and have had a very hard time getting any real answers about what I did and what the future holds for me 

I fully understand that any advice, opinions or any sort of feedback is completely off the record and nobody is liable – I just need some no-nonsense realistic sense of what I have done to my penis, and what I can do to repair or control the damage 


This all started about 2 months ago, definitely in the first week of May, 2004 

I was and am still involved with a nice girl, and we had been having regular sex for several weeks 

So, because of my new love interest, I was determined to be the best lover I could be 

My penis size is fine .. above average, and aesthetically women found it very nice to look at, as did I 

The only problem I ever had, even as a younger man in my early 20s, was a bit of premature ejaculation .. and I felt I could get a handle on that with experience and kegel exercises 

In my earlier 20s my erections and ejacualtions were very hard and my PC muscles seemed in very good form 

Now flash forward to the age of 30, my penis was still fine, but I couldn’t help but notice that my erection and ejaculation / pc did not quite “throb” like it used to, but I was still able to easily get spontaneous erections and had no problems having 


Throughout April I became a bit obsessed with getting a stronger erection 

I went to my family doctor and got my prostate checked and got a physical just to make sure I wasn’t having any plumbing problems 

He felt I was fine (I did too) 

So now we come to the first week of May, 2 months ago 

In my internet searches finding out about how to have better ereections, better sex, etc etc, I came across “natural penis enlargement” sites 

I came across sites about “JELQING” 

This “jelqing” is allegedly a harmless way of vigorously massaging and stretching the semi-erect penis which supposedly stimulates growth of the spongy erectile tissues 

Now with the benefit of hindsight I can see this is absurd and dangerous but I foolishly decided to try out these “exercises” 

Now these exercises are supposed to be done every other day for months or even years without damage, so I had no idea that one simple session of experimentation would have these effects, 

So I drew a bath, and with only the bathwater as lubrication, I did about a 20 minute session of the following exercises, as instructed on a couple of these “jelqing” sites 

I grasped the shaft of my penis very firmly in a ring between thumb and my index finger, starting at the base and then sqeezing up to just beneath the glans, then I would start again with the other hand doing the same thing, so as I released my grip right before the glans with one hand, the other would again form a ring at the base and sqeeze upthe shaft again 

Thus the shaft (but not the glans) was vigourously sqeezed and stretched in this fashion for about 100 strokes or so, or however many of these slow rhythmic strokes I did for 20 minutes 

It was not at all painful or of course I wouldn’t have done it .. it seemed more like very intense masturbation .. this was all done when the penis was in a the recommended tumescent state .. definitely NOT while erect, which every site warned agains 


Afterwards I felt fine, and my flaccid penis seemed to have a flushed, meaty look to it, which I figured was normal considering the massage it had just gotten 

It felt fine and looked fine too … 

For some reason I never tried the exercises again, and forgot all about them .. I thought I had just harmlesly experimented with no changes in my penis at all 

I didn’t really become aware of anything until about a week or 2 later – my girlfriend was busy working so we werent sleeping together, so at first I just noticed this… 

while in flaccid state, the penis seemed to hanging more limply and seemed the whole thing felt loose and doughy and stretched and there was a loss of “twang” in it 

I am uncircumcised, but my penis has never been wrinkly – however, now the skin in flaccid state had clearly been stretched, as there were now lateral striations in the skin, the stress in the skin is even faintly visible when tumescent – the skin looks stressed when before it was nice and smooth 

the more flaccid it is, and especially when in “shrink mode” these faint lateral striations become a criss cross of unsightly looking “elephant-like” wrinkles 

even when I smooth them out you can still see the scoring in the skin 

furthermore, they seem to lack elastic, meaning, if I pinch a fold of this loose skin on the flaccid penis, the wrinkles are slow to fade can sit there by themselves only disappearing if I smooth them out manually 

also I noticed the penis, in both flaccid and erect state has new veins on the surface than werent visible before the jelqing 

that might not sound very serious, but the change in appearance and especially the change in sensation texture and feeling from just one 20 minute experimentation is very upsetting to me, as I know how dramatically it has changed 

that is just the aesthetic decription – 

if I have to live with a very wrinkled stretched flaccid penis skin I guess I’ll have to accept this, and when it gets tumescent it starts looking more or less normal 

here is the REAL concern 

– keep in mind it is easy to dismiss fears about erectile dysfunction and the penis in general as being mostly psychogenic, but in this case I know my body and these are definite physiological changes that only started AFTER the jelqing exercise, the psychogenic is a factor too obviously but trust me the main source of the problem here is physical 

in the flaccid state, it now feels limper and tenderized and much slower to arousal, lacking much of that elastic healthy twang and sensitivity that it had before 

it basically feels stretched, which it was 

when I hold the flaccid penis in my hand, the skin feels very doughy and excessively loose, similar in feel to the skin on the testes – and very different from how it felt before, which was nice smooth healthy skin with good tone and elasticity 

not to mention it is covered in creases striations and wrinkles – a complete transition from it’s former smooth appearance – as I said this varies on how flaccid or erect it is, but definitely is noticably very wrinkled and creased in flaccid state, especially when the hood of the foreskin is pulled back 

.. even my family doctor immendiately recognized what I was talking about – lots of loose skin . though he seemed optimistic that it might possibly one day return to normal 

it seems like the connection to the PC muscle has definitely been weakened, as especially when limp it doesn’t get that “pulse” in it – when I go the washroom, I can flex my PC and stop and start the flow, but I notice in the past I could’ve stopped the flow dead instantly, whereas now it trickles for a second as though the PC doesn’t have as strong a grip – similarly, when the flow of uring starts, it seems more of a passive emptying of bladder pressure than me controlling the gush with my PC muscle 

the soft penis just feels a bit disconnected – scarcely any of that throb or pulse or twang that I took for granted before 

it is slower than before to become erect, and certainly doesn’t get sponteneously tumescent while walking around, as it did before – though I do still get pulses of erectile activity when aroused by sexy thoughts, it is just noticably weaker 

I used to be able to easily achieve erections while masturbating, but now it takes much more stimulation and there seems to be a bit of a considerable loss of sensitivity in the nerve endings in the skin when soft, though it feels better as it gets harder 

just last night i was checking my erections .. i guess they are still quite good .. i was practicing masturbating (before it would have been for pleasure but now i'm more curious to see how hard i can get and how often) 

i was able to get hard and ejaculate 4 times within an hour

i know that is exhausting for the penis - especially the ejaculation part- and not recommended but i just wanted to see what my stamina was like

should i be abstaining from any masturbation or sex while it heals?

i thought you might have some wisdom on that

Note – it doesn’t feel numb at all, just feels unresponsive 

I became much more concerned when I finally got to have sex with my girlfriend again about 3 weeks after the exercises … even my girlfriend had trouble arousing me despite the fact that I was very excited and wanted to have sex, pressing up against her in bed would normally make my penis hard within seconds but now there was nothing 

Only after lots and lots of her stimulating me could I slowly start to get hard, and then the erection was not what it should be 

I could become erect, and my erection was the same size as before, but I could tell that it was weaker and was generally able to bend it somewhat 

eventually it can get fairly hard, but not as hard as it was before the exercises and it takes a lot to get to this point, and then it erection can very easily be lost, diminishing rapidly – 

yes of course psychogenic effect can do this too but I can tell there is an underlying physiological weakness as the main cause - it just feels as though penis and the PC muscles have been weakened and have trouble keeping the blood in 

before I did these exercise I could get quite hard quickly, and keep it hard for quite a while, after ejaculating, I could get hard again within ½ an hour or so have sex again 

now I feel like my erection is tolerable - though still weaker than before - it helps if i havent ejaculated for a couple days, but also makes it harder to control myself when having sex

I was still able to have sex with her and she enjoyed it but since I know how much weaker I am now it is very much on my mind 

I finally confessed to her that I am having trouble with impotence but lied and said maybe I pinched a nerve or maybe it is psychogenic – she does not know about the exercises and she is very supportive of me and assumes it is just a passing thing that I am probably just worrying about nothing - she has no idea that there is a real physiological cause for this 

I do and that is why I am scared as hell– a quick internet search about this kind of damage from enlargement exercises turned up many people who had similar trauma (often far more severe than mine) and precious little answers on what if anything they can do to fix it 


After much stressing I went to my family doctor about a month after doing the exercises – he is not a urologist, but took a look at my flaccid penis .. he agreed it the skin was wrinkled and loose but felt that the skin might eventually snap back to it’s former state 

but once again he is hardly an expert on the properties of penile skin resiliency 

He referred me to a the best urologist in town, who I went to see over a week ago 

He is very good, but I was warned that he’s quite terse and to the point (he’s certainly not there to reassure people’s ego) 

So I told him what I did to my penis (he had never even heard of “jelqing”) and basically that I was terrified that I had done permanent nerve and or artery damage to the penis which would result in impotence 

I also explained that I was concerned about the stretched skin in the flaccid state 

He only saw me for about 5 minutes 

He very very briefly examined the flaccid penis 

He thought the wrinkles looked normal, but of course what does he care, it’s not his penis and he had no idea how smooth it was before and once again he is a urologist and obviously has no interest about aesthetics or whether I think my penis looks good or not .. 

He also was unaware of how limp and loose and disconected It feels to me .. I didn’t get a chance to tell him all this you see 

Regarding the skin he said .. nothing you can do .. either it will eventually snap back on it’s own or it wont 

(I could’ve guessed that .. I want to hear what others think based on patients they’ve seen or own personal knowledge about penis skin resiliency) 

Regarding nerve or artery damage, he had this to say 

He didn’t think I had done any permanent damage based on the exercises I had told him 

however I didn’t have the time or presence of mind to explain everthing as thouroughly as I have in this writing .. 

Even though he said he didn’t THINK I had done any permanent damage, he certainly didn’t do any tests .. mind you he is considered the leading man in town but I thought a more thorough series of exams and tests would be needed before any diagnosis is made 

he was rather vague and fatalistic in his outlook for the future 

He basically just said, if it’s gonna get better, it could take months 

If it isnt gonna get better, there’s nothing I can ever do about it - I can only take pills to get erections 

So although his diagnosis that he didn’t think it was permanent was encouraging, he also left me hanging (no pun intended) with the “either it will get better or it wont” 

Without explaing what got hurt how it works and why 

So not even 5 minutes after walking into his office he was finished with me 

What I find unsatisfying is that i think he was under the impression that this is all silly “performance anxiety” with no real physiological basis 

Believe me I’ve had that before and this is nothing like that at all.. perfomance anxiety is mickey mouse stuff compared this kindof worry 

Also frustrating to have my problems being dismissed as groundless anxiety without any tests being done 

So while the diagnosis of “no permanent damage’ might sound encouraging.. I fear it was made on his premature assumption that my problems are all in my mind 

But I can see and feel that I have tenderized the tissues inside my penis somewhat and it is scary 

He gave me 4 CIALiIS pills … I’ve only taken one and I have to say they are great .. much much better than Viaagra .. lasting about 48 hours 

So this boosted my spirits a little .. at least there is a drug like this available as a last resort – but after the CIALiIS wore off I am back to my weakened penis 

As good as CIiALIS is the prospect of a 30 year old man being dependent on very expensive prescription medicines to have a sex life is depressing and perhaps not financially feasible – also it is a new drug and who knows what a younger man could do to his penis with frequent and long term erectile drug use 

It might make the natural conditions worse and more dependent on artificial support 

I just want my normal penis back 

Some people might not understand why I care about the flaccid state but you would if you could feel what I feel .. it just feels very unresponsive.. I am very unaware of it when I am walking around and it didn’t used to be like that 

What I really need to know is what have I actually physically done inside my penis and what are the odds of recovery? 

I still don’t really have closure – I do have a follow-up with him for august 5th, but in the meantime I am really anxious about what have I actually done to myself? I don’t have any answers 

from a leading penis expert I was hoping for something more concrete and an explanation of what had actually taken place inside of me 

so here are my questions – I don’t expect concrete written in stone answers, just educated opinions: 


1. can the penile skin eventually snap back to it’s original tone? Believe me the skin has been stretched – it’s painfully obvious – but I just can t believe (or maybe don’t want to) that the stretching is permanent after just one 20 minute session of these exercises – it has been 2 months 

2. is there any good lotions or creams I can put on the penis that will be good for helping the skin, and maybe healing that strssed stretched doughy feel that it has? (keeping in mind I don’t want to put anything on my penis that might in any way lead to more erectile dysfunction) 

3. have I damaged nerves in the skin? Do they eventually regenerate? 


basically I just want some insight into what has actually changed inside of me 

there is not and has never been any pain, but obviously there is internal damage and has actually been damaged by this vigourous squeezing and pulling …- judging by how the limp penis hangs lower and longer now and has lost much of it’s natural spring, and now can only slowly achieve weakened erections.. 

I am just hoping and praying that it is just temporary strain which might some day get back to normal .. even if it takes years 

what, if anything, can I do to facilitate healing of the spongy cavernosum, nerves, veins and PC muscles? 

I mean anything – from eastern or western traditions, including dietary regimen, exercise and work out and taoist exercises 

Thanks for your time 

If I can heal this up I will never want for anything else .. the moral of the story, I should have been happy with what I had in the first place 
Dr. Lin: 7/11/2004>I have collected a lot of cases like yours in this link -
http://www.actionlove.com/extra/penilex.htm or
Penile exercises usually causes a mass destruction of the penile tissue, nerve and blood vessels (shallow veins/valves and deep arteries) and induce a protein collagen release in the damaged erectile spongy tissue which becomes non-erectile collagenous scar for penile deformation. Your penile erection relies on the prostaglandin E-1 for the flexibility and elasticity of the spongy tissue to be ballooned up by the blood pressure and the arterial dilation. In fact, in the erection state, you heart not only pump extra 500 cc into your penis for expansion, but also draw up to about 25% of blood into your pelvic cavity (including the testicles for a burst of the androgen hormone conversion) to retain the pressurization of the penile erection and support the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis in the local tissue.
Penile exercises also beaten up the penile surface and subsurface tissue and veins/valves. It stimulates the tissue to inflame with excessive histamine and prostaglandin E-2 synthesis, leading to tissue redness and and producing a bruised vein/ damaged vale for venous leakage during erection. When the damage deepens into the urethra and prostate with an excessive histamine and prostaglandin E-2, you will get constant prostate and urethral pains with a constant leakage of semen or precum for a severe premature ejaculation.
To solve the penile, prostate and urethral damage, you have to power your erection and the tissue/arteries dilation for the entire pelvic cavity to increase the prostaglandin E-1 production with ViaPal-hGH-J and 5-HTP, or ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP, depending on your sexual exhaustion stage. 

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