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Case Title:  Why over-ejaculation and excessive sexual orgasm is so destructive - a 18-year boy's experience.
Reader : 6/05/2004>
Hello Dr. Lin. I appreciate your attention. I am a
young man...only 18 years old and going into college. I am very
athletic...6 feet tall, very fast and I play high school football basketball
and run track. Last summer...around 10 months ago i was masturbating
regularly once daily, sometimes twice. One of the times that i
masturbated everything was going great except at the very moment I started to cum
it almost felt like part of my brain shut down....I suddenly became
very uninterested in sports and girls and other things and i had and still
have no idea why. I also have had much less emotion. There was no
pain at this time. This depression like thing has been constant ever
since and i have never had a break. I had a feeling it was related to
masturbation since it happened at the moment I came so i stopped for a
while but it did nothing. I took depression meds (zooloft) for around a
month but it did nothing. 
I then went back to masturbating not as much as before but nearly
every day. I then started to get a slight pain in the penile and
testicles during when i was tring to get erect. I also experience a pain in
the testicles for a few hours after masturbation. If i masturbate one
day, then it hurts to try and get erect the next. I have continued to
masturbate for different strings of days and i now get testicular pain
and back pain and pain just above the penile every day just by walking. 
This along with the disinterest in things had made my life miserable. 
I am scheduled to play college football at Bryant College next year but
i cant run due to the pain and I am disinterested in sports for some
reason. I feel that masturbation is linked to both the pain and strange
state of mind. It has also been effecting my grades in school. Please
help me out Dr. Lin....I need to get back on track here so this doesnt
ruin my athletic and academic careers. Thanks.
Dr. Lin: 6/05/2004>Ejaculation or orgasm burns acetylcholine in the brain/cerebrospinal fluid/nervous system, and triggers a burst of the hormones DHEA-androstendione-testosterone-DHT conversion in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid, a burst of the neurotransmitter dopamine-norepinephrine-adrenalin conversion in the brain and adrenal medulla, the conversion of 5-HTP-serotonin-melatonin in the pineal glands, and the GABA-GHB conversion in the brain. If you have excessive acetylcholine/serotonin/dopamine/GABA and androgen hormones, ejaculation or orgasm can help you balance the neurochemicals and androgen hormones to re-set the neuro-endocrine function via a nice sleeping and the pineal gland biological clock. This will restore your homeostasis of the entire brain and neuro-endocrine function. The problem is over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm that exhausts your neuro-endocrine system and your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic and liver  function, leading to the imbalance of homeostasis.
When you continue to over-ejaculate yourself or have excessive orgasms to the exhaustion state, the neurotransmitters acetylcholine/dopamine/serotonin/GABA and their precursors and androgen hormones (except DHT) becomes too low to recharge your body. This leads to the neuro-endocrine functional disorder, a deficiency of prostaglandin E-1 which is supported to be produced by tissue for the relaxation and flexibility of the local nerve, tissue and blood vessel, and an overproduction of histamine and prostaglandin E-2 for allergy (for staff nose and frequent sneezing), pains and cramps. For this reason, over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm causes pains in the pelvic area (including the penis/urethra and testicles), low abdomen, groins, perineum, tailbone and low back , and in some severe cases, it cause headaches, neck/shoulders pains stomach pain, digestive disorder, irregular cardiovascular output. 
When the dopamine and testosterone level in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands becomes too low, the pituitary function releases excessive prolactin and insufficient LH/FSH/oxytocin to slow the testicular function and to kill libido and seminal production.
A chronic depletion of serotonin and dopamine causes depression and anxiety; a chronic elevation of norepinephrine and adrenalin, due to over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm, causes stress, anxiety, and sympathetic nervous fires - fight and flight.
A chronic depletion of serotonin and GABA or/and an elevation of adrenalin causes panic attack, insomnia, eye floaters and ear ringing. Excessive histamine for allergy in the nasal cavity or excessive constriction of the eye or ear arteries against the local nerves can trigger tear dropping and ear rings.
A chronic of acetylcholine causes the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous disorders for the whole body from you head to your toes. The acetylcholine nervous function is associated IQ, hearing, vision, memory and mind concentration. The parasympathetic nervous function regulates the internal organs function via the vagus nerve, and the prostate control, uterus. vaginal/clitoral erection, bladder control, rectum and anal control via S2-S4 mainly.
A severe depletion of the neurotransmitters and its precursors or androgen hormones will downgrade the seminal quality with a high level of prostaglandin E-2 without Prostaglandin E-1. Frequent ejaculation with a poor-quality semen will blast and abrade the prostate and urethral ejaculation duct for pains, premature ejaculation and even bloody ejaculation.
Frequent Over-masturbation will over-train the prostate ejaculation nerve for a fast ejaculation and develop a premature ejaculation nervous reflexion arc in the prostate L1/L2 nervous circuit.

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