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Case Title:  After he spent all his money, why all his doctorS and all the prescription drugS can have never solved his non-bacterial prostatitis and prostate swelling with frequent urination, perineum heat/pains, and hair loss, leading to no more sexual orgasm - Here is Dr. Lin's cheap solution - The Natural Prostaglandin E-1 therapy.
Reader : 6/01/2004>
Hello Dr. Lin

I had prostatitis about 6 yrs ago and it has never really gone away. I have constant swelling in my perineum and right now it feels like I have a golf ball between my legs. It is so uncomfortable and painful. I have constant urination especially at night. I have TRIED EVERYTHING! From one Doctor to the next and NOTHING works! I've spent so much money and maybe it goes away for a very short time but comes back and sometimes even worse. Needless to say my buddy T.B.  referred me to you & your site. HELP!!!! 

What do I need to do? I've read some of the other case files. This constant urination has to stop. I can't drive anywhere! I'm always peeing. It's terrible. I'm only 36 and I've had this since I was about 29. I sexual desire is almost non-exsistent which is maybe once a week. Many times when I sit for a long time my prostrate swells and I get massive heat in the perineum area. I am now also experiencing hair loss. Should I not drink coffee/caffine or alcohol at all?

Please help & guide me as to which products to take & behaviors to change.

Thank you so much!
Dr. Lin: 6/02/2004> This problem is a non-bacterial prostatitis due to the chronic blasting of the prostate/urethral ejaculation duct by a poor quality semen with a high level of prostaglandin E-2 and a low level of prostaglandin E-1.  Your chronic over-ejaculation have burned  out your your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous functions responsible for healing and restoration. Your weak serotonin nervous function due to an over-depletion of 5-HTP and serotonin fails to modulate /regulate the   dopamine-norepinephrine-adrenalin conversion. As a result, your brain's Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is frequently switched to the sympathetic mode for Fight and Flight. Your healing/restoration force diminishes. 
Due to a chronic depletion of androgen hormones and neurochemicals precursors of acetylcholine and serotonin and a chronic elevation of adrenalin in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid due to your chronic over-ejaculation, your semen quality becomes very bad; your prostate tissue, seminal vesicles and urethral tissues produce no much prostaglandin E-1 to prevent the ejaculation duct from the seminal blasting, and instead, they produce a high level of prostaglandin E-2 to cause inflammation. Tissue abrasion with a high level of prostaglandin E-2 will also induce over-expression of COX-2 which is the enzyme responsible for the Prostaglandin E-2 production from Dihomo Gamma Linolenic Acid (the last stage of the Omega-6 family). So, originally, your tissue has an over-expression of COX-2 for an excessive production or Prostaglandin E-2; and then your ejaculation uses the poor-quality semen with a high level of prostaglandin E-2 to positively re-enhance the COX-2's overexpression. So, You have created an infinite COX-2 amplifying overexpression for all the problems.
The COX-2 overexpression can spread from your prostate/urethra/seminal vesicles to the entire pelvic cavity, groins, tailbone, low back, low abdomen and testicles, and maybe upto your up shoulders/neck and down to your toes too. Recent studies show a poor semen with a high level of prostaglandin E-2 will stimulate the COX-2 overexpression of the cervical tissue for an DNA alternation leading to cervical cancers. Some women can experience post-sex vaginal burning sensation due to an over-expression of COX-2 and an over-inflammation of the vaginal tissue due to an overproduction or over stimulation of  prostaglandin E-2.
You need the Natural Prostaglandin E-1 therapy with ViaPal-hGH-M (at a high dose of MoodMax and 5-HTP) with a high dose of Fish and Borage Oil, where the Fish Oil's EPA is employed to consume COX-2 for Prostaglandin E-3 to enhance your cardiovascular function, so that COX-1 can take over the COX-2 job and thus convert Dihomo Gamma Linolenic Acid (DGLA) into Prostaglandin E-1. Borage Oil will supply Gamma Linolenic Acid (the precursor of DGLA) for this conversion.
You should be feel better in couple weeks with the natural Prostaglandin E-1 Therapy.
After one months, you can add DopaFibra to boost your brain'ts dopamine nervous function to drive your pituitary function for a high output of LH/FSH and oxytocin for the testicular function and seminal production, and at the same time, reduce the pituitary prolactin production for more sex and orgasm.  An excessive prolactin level is also responsible for the prostate disorder or hair loss, since teenage boys have a peak level of DHT/testosterone/DHEA and a low level of prolactin to grow their hair and penis during puberty. Over-ejaculation or excessive sex can elevate prolactin to an extreme due to an over-conversion of the dopamine-norepinephrine-adreanlin, in addition to the pituitary cancers or functional disorders. An elevation of prolactin after ejaculating or orgasm can kill the erection and libido immediately, and an over-conversion of dopamine into adrenalin causes post ejaculation or post-orgasm pains, cramps, stress, anxiety, panic response and headaches for men and women.
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