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Case Title:  He said " I have read your CD manual and it is excellent! I have brought my wife out of a 8 year vibrator only orgasm! ' and made her to achieve a brain-convoluting, Level -7, sexual orgasm.
Reader : 5/23/2004>
Hello Dr. Lin, I have wrote you two seperate emails but I am unsure if you recieved them since it was direct mail. I have some questions which I hope you can help me understand.
First I have to say I have read your CD manual and it is excellent! I have brought my wife out of a 8 year vibrator only orgasm! The finger pliers does great when mixed with oral to produce very long orgasms, my wife however does not enjoy just the pliers alone, and she is not very responsive to high speed thrusts when fingering the g-spot and epicenter.
My question is this, since she is so used to needing allot of clitoral stimulation, mainly from our inexperience when first married. We both were virgins and married young. She is still convinced that during love making she needs to have her clitty rubbed with my fingers. This causes some problems in achieveing the proper positions to apply good pressure on her g-spot and epicenter. Sometimes if she has already had an orgasm from oral or fingering I can just thrust her without touching her clitty. This way produces very hard and very long orgasms for her in many posistions.
My problem is this : Sometimes when she is tired or when it is late ( we have three children!!!! ) She wants to have sex very fast. I can feel usualy she might not even be very wet, but she insists on having me inside her. Usualy I can feel my penis hitting her vagina walls or cervix becuase she is not ready. My problem with this is she tries to convince me that she truly enjoys this way. And almost every time unless I can last very long, since there is more friction due to low wettnes, she never orgasms. She tells me it still feels so good and makes her want it more. Can a woman truly enjoy this type of sex? I have noticed that when we have sex in this or a way when she wants me to keep constant touching on her clitty, I never know if she is even liking sex. There are no moans or sounds to show she is even excited, but she tells me it was so fullfilling???? When I can thrust her hard and last she will cry out or moan, and her breathing is heavy. One way that almost always brings a level 7 orgasm is if I hold her while standing, in this way as soon as my penis is inside her she pants and breaths so heavy I think she barks within minute with strong orgasms. I have to say I have noticed since using you breathing techniques that once I have stopped 2 or so ejacultions I can "feel" her vagina pulling on my penis more and she will have heavy breathing and moaning from many posistions. I am just curious if she is just faking all the other times to not hurt me? Please any advice I would love. My wife is the most wonderfull and beautifull person I have ever met, and I wish nothing more than to please her in everyway. And if she can truly enjoy a no orgasm screw than I wish to not have to worry or feel guilt for my own ejaculations.
One last question, during finger plier with oral if I hit her epicenter her orgasm will make her body convult almost like she if bearing down to push out a baby, but I have not realy noticed ejaculation? She tells me all the time that she feels like she is squirting all over the place when my penis is inside her, can some women just produce less ejaculate? She has never realy mentioned it before I started trying new techniques so I am wondering if she is just telling me what I might want to here? Could the fact that we have to use condoms also add to the problem of reaching orgasm from vaginal stimulation sometimes??? I am probably in the 2oclock range and 6.5 to 7" before balloning, with circumfrence around 5" I believe there is no problem in hitting her epicenter, I always try to utilise you horse rider stance and advanced two point position which she enjoys very much. She will not realy try to be the driver because she does not like having her ass exposed to my touching. ( she has been anorexic, bulimic, and is a avid marajana smoker since age 13 ) Could these factors and also the fact she has an extreemly tilted uterous also play into the orgasm trial and error? Also her clitty does not swell very much unless she is extreemly horny or I give her oral orgasm first before sex. Is that just due to poor diet?

Sorry for all the questions, I am such a book writer, sorry to eat up your time. But thanks for all the help!!!!

Best Regards. 
Dr. Lin: 5/23/2004> 
This is a typical psychological binding sex and orgasm - due to the oxytocin release upon the stimulation of the Epicenter/cervix. But, a stimulation of the clitoris is generally essential to open the sexual energy gate via the the clitoral vagus nerve unless her G-spot/Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues are fully erecting to excite the vagus nerve in her bladder/uterus/cervix or low abdomen. That is why I invented the 3-point excitation method as described in http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm when I was dating my wife 30 years ago.  Before you apply a powerful finger pliers stimulation to her, you must make sure that her clitoris is erecting and her vagina is lubricated. Otherwise, you must use a light screwing or tearing finger pliers massage to her after applying a lubricant such as our VIP cream to her clitoris and vaginal orifice. Don't directly stimulate a dry clitoris and vagina in the beginning.
When you penetrate her without a foreplay or with a brief foreplay less than 3 minutes, you have to use my screwing technique to screw her for about 5-10 minutes. She will use her legs to tighten your butts down so that your pubis can massage her clitoris and pubis and your glans penis to kiss her cervix and massage her Epicenter.
When her clitoris and G-spot and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues are fully erection, you may feel her vaginal gripping force and tightness. Then, you can trust her with a consistent harmonic speed with a varieties of love positions. You should use a low stimulation speed to power-up your penis and tent up her cervix and uterus in the initial stage of lovemaking. When her vagina is expanding and her cervix and uterus are tenting up, the upper section of her vagina becomes hollow. Your penis must aim high to stimulate her G-spot/Epicenter and urethral nerves, so that you can avoid your urethral nerve being stimulation, as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/attack.jpg 
In this way, you can make her moan and at the same time balloon your penis further, longer and bigger. A stimulation of the superior size of your penis shaft ( ie. a stimulation of the penile vagus nerve) and an avoiding of your urethral stimulation can make your penis become bigger and bigger and you last longer and longer until you feel the muscle around your prostate/bulbourethral glands can not take it any longer.
A ballooning penis can create a high penile blood pressure to block your urethral nervous transmission.
Most of women want to feel the penis inside her this way and enjoy the seminal shooting to reconfirm that their vagina is still alive, in addition to achieving a powerful wet orgasm.

Most of women requires a simultaneous stimulation of her clitoris/G-spot. It can be achieved many ways, but the principle is given in
The alternative stimulation method is: Kissing her clitoris while massaging her G-spot.

If her G-spot / Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues are erecting, she will not need a clitoris stimulation; instead, she will want an penetration sex immediately for helping to achieve an orgasm. Some women can experience frequent orgasms once their cervix/uterus are moving during working/driving or even sleeping (wet dream). Please read this link -
Self-stimulation by the dynamical movement of the cervix/uterus and bladder against the Epicenter for female horniness, wet dreams, and deep-vaginal sexual orgasm, but maybe pains or cramps too if the uterine prolapse or tilting is severe enough.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11569.htm 

If she is tired, but she is horny and wants to have sex, it is her sexual anxiety which can bring her premature orgasm, like male premature ejaculation. Sex and orgasm can help release her tiredness.
Tiredness and horniness can coexist when the stress hormone adrenalin is bounded into the sympathetic nervous beta receptors of the arteries, so that her G-spot/Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues are fully erecting.
This can happen to young women, so do young men.

A level-7 orgasm will let women feel delivering a bady without labor pains but pleasurs.
The Finger Pliers massage for simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris, G-spot and Epicneter/cervix can create a very power brain convolution orgasm which totally knock her conscious control center out.
It is not necessary for women to have a visible vaginal ejaculation during orgasm since it may be too little to detect or mix with semen dripping out of her vagina. If you use a condom, you may be able to detect her vaginal ejaculation on the condom or see her vaginal dripping.
Don't be misled by urethral female ejaculation. Most of women with urethral female ejaculation cannot achieve vaginal orgasm due to a short circuit of L1 and L2 and a formation of their nervous reflex arc. please read this link -
How urethral female ejaculation occurs and produces pelvic/bladder/urethral/vagina/uterus spasms and legs shaking (a temporary Parkison's phenomenon by sexual stimulation) , but no sexual orgasm; on the formation of the sensory-sympathetic L1/L2 nervous reflex arc.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case12082.htm  

A titled or prolapsed uterus actually makes the vagina become shorter to get more Epicenter/cervix stimulation.
Unless it causes intercourse pain or cramp, it can otherwise accelerate her orgasm and intensify her orgasm to a brain convolution state.
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