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Case Title:  Why chronic over-masturbation since age 7 or 8 results in a chronic premature ejaculation in less than a minute for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader : 5/15/2004>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I have a chronic premature ejaculation, I started to masturbate everyday since a very early age of 7 or 8 yrs old at that time even though I haven't got erections what I did was pressing some parts on top of my flaccid penis (most of the time I press my penis in) on the lower part of my pubic bone, I probably did it like once a day.
As I get into puberty I learnt to masturbate when my penis is erected.
Later when I was about 14 & had my first intercourse & as I already feared I am having a fast ejaculation, whenever I thrust in & out fast I won't last even a minute.
After that everytime after I masturbate I feel more guilty & a little pain in my stomach.
When I entered High School & do martial arts & weight training more seriously I quit masturbating & practically became sexually inactive for about a year until I got a steady girlfriend & became a sexually active teen.
My problem didn't get any better, even when my penis was just circling inside my girlfriend's vagina I would come in a minute, lucky my girlfriend also has fast orgasm since she'd also been masturbating since an early age, still most of the time when we had sex she didn't get her orgasm.
After I broke up with her 4 yrs later I became a little scared of sexual relationship & I went on & off & most of the time I had sex I resorted to recreational drugs, morphin did help me a lot for cancelling my ejaculation although it causes soft erection & I got hooked on it for about a year.
My sexual life's been on & off since then for I'm scared of dissatisfying women with my below average size penis (13") & premature ejaculation plus I got herpes about 6 years ago.
I do have a steady relationship now for the last 3 years. My current girlfriend gets her orgasm most of the time because she's older & experienced & understanding my problem, still, I have to have sex everyday if not after only a few days I'll be too fast for her except when I'm drunk.
I would really appreaciate your help in this matter Dr.
& I have a question, is it possible to permanently heal my premature ejaculation without permanently (lifelong) taking any medicine? Do you have such cure?
Do you have any penis enlargement program/medicine? How about herpes is there any cure for it?

Best Regards,
Dr. Lin: 5/16/2004> 
Premature ejaculation is associated with the brain's parasympathetic/sympathetic erectile disorder, weak brain's serotonin modulation and function in stopping or mitigating the stress neurohormone production, prostate/urethral/bulbourethral nervous disorders, prostate/urethral abrasion, poor quality semen, and chronic training of the prostate and bulbourethral nervous reflexion to sexual stimulation.
I don't know if it can be healed itself unless the seminal production is shutdown by the brain for ejaculating nothing during sex.
If you attempt to use drugs to shut down the seminal vesicles and prostate's semen production, the drugs will cause impotence at the same time. This is because the drugs that can shut down the seminal production usually elevate the pituitary prolactin high enough to cause impotence. A high dose of alcohol, the most popular legal recreation drug,  can block the liver function in supporting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine synthesis in the nervous terminal and  block the acetylcholine transmission in the synapse to achieve sexual numbness and impotency at the same time.
Natural healing of the abraded prostate ejaculation duct generally create a hard scar (collagen) which causes seminal leakage and induces ejaculation urgency during arousal. If you can not soften the hard-scar ejaculation duct surface, there is no way to seal up ejaculation valve and to knock down the ejaculation urgency during sex. The prostate ejaculation duct scar also implies there is a scar surface in the junctions between the urethra and the orifices of the prostate / bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands as shown in the bottom graph of this link - http://actionlove.com/image/fig6-17b.jpg . I means the urethral and prostate ejaculation duct surface and nerve around the bottle neck of the Cowpers's glands are damaged and then filled with the hardened scar due to a chronic blasting of the seminal jets.   After burning out the brain/nervous systems and depleting the cerebrospinal fluid, continuous over-masturbation usually kills the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis by the tissue and also gives the blasted duct surface no chance to heal properly. This hardened scar surface and damaged nerve in the ejaculation duct will cause leakage of the precum (the pre-ejaculation fluid) and semen from the bulbourethral glands and prostate, respectively, to ignite premature ejaculation,  post-ejaculation pain,  or non-ejaculation pelvic congestion pain and tension.  Over-masturbators usually leak out a lot of precum/semen even without physically sexual encountering. Most of men who can not last longer than 3 minutes are suffering from this problem with the prostate/bulbourethal nervous disorders and precum/semen leakages. To soften the scar surface of the prostate and urethral ejaculation ducts and to rejuvenate the damaged nerve, you must have a prostate/perineum blood circulation and prostaglandin E-1 production in the tissue. It is a long-time healing process.  This may take about 6 months or longer. Also, if you feel tightness or pressure tension in the perineum and PC muscles, you may have to use vacuum-cupping massage to decongestion the perineum area for more/better blood circulation as described in this link - http://www.actionlove.com/love/massage.htm . Perineum decongestion can improve the prostate/urethral/bulbourethral tension and pain since it can promote the local blood circulation and then prostaglandin E-1 synthesis for healing.  
A poor semen with less Prostaglandin E-1 and a high level of prostaglandin E-2 usually produces post-ejaculation pain in addition to premature ejaculation since the tissues in the prostate, penis, perineum, groins, low stomach, low back, and tailbone also lack of Prostaglandin E-1 but produce excessive prostaglandin E-2, due to an over-expression of the enzyme COX-2.
Solving the premature ejaculation problem caused by the brain's parasympathetic/sympathetic erectile disorder, weak brain's serotonin modulation and function and poor semen quality is much easier than those by the prostate nervous disorder and scar.
the premature ejaculation problem caused by the brain's parasympathetic/sympathetic erectile disorder, weak brain's serotonin modulation and function and poor semen quality can be simply solved by powering the brain/nervous function for the erection and by improving the semen quality.
Over-masturbators are likely to train their prostate/bulbourethral/PC muscle nervous reflexion for a faster ejaculation or orgasmic response to sexual stimulation. A chronic training of the prostate and bulbourethral nervous reflexion to sexual stimulation requires a de-training with the anal breathing method to shift the sexual reflexion from the prostate/bulbourethal/PC muscles to the tailbone muscle as described in
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