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Case Title:  After reading tones of vaginal exercises books, doing vaginal exercises or breathing, and applying shrinking creams for more than one year, why her vagina is still large enough for a train or truck to pass through? for no sexual orgasm.
Reader : 5/09/2004>
I have purchased tons of books on how to tighten the vagina and pc muscles. I have taken bellydancing classes, purchased ben waa beads, oriental shrink cream, alum (the herbal spice for tightness), and performed kegel exercises on a daily basis for approximately a year. My friends briefly told me about practicing some of the tantra techniques, breathing, sqeunching the eyes and working the lips and mouth, squeezing the buttock, and rotating my feet in the opposite direction to strengthen the vagina and prevent me from being loose. The oriental shrink cream works only for twenty four hours, what about the other six days in the week. If my pc muscles only register a 4.5 level and they are still large and loose enough to drive a train and transfer truck through it at one time and it is extremely naturally lubricated, so what can I do? I want my vagina to be tight as the bangkok and japenese women. I want to able to smoke a cigarette, bend a penis, and crush a hard boiled egg with my vagina. I will try moulding the vagina or anything else, because I can not afford vagina surgery.Where can I find the oriental shrink cream at wholesale prices?If you have information, books,creams,devices,pills,(I am diabetic and hypertensive), procedures, I need some permanent results, immediately. Loose or Big P.
Dr. Lin: 5/10/2004>  
The vaginal tightness has two aspects - the nature clitoral/vagina/urethral spongy tissue (female penis) erectile function and the contracting vaginal/PC muscle strength.
The clitoral/vagina/urethral erectile spongy tissue, like the male penile erectile spongy tissue, is supposed to be inflatable and erectile under the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous erectile mechanism and the action of the tissue/nerve relaxation and elasticity hormone prostaglandin E-1.
When the clitoral and vaginal arteries dilates, the clitoral and vaginal blood flow fill to erect the clitoral/vagina/urethral erectile spongy tissue. As the vaginal/urethral spongy tissue balloons, the vaginal canal (love canal) becomes narrower and tighter. Generally, the clitoral erection is an external sign to indicate the arterial dilation.
Like men who can not erect their penises, women whose can not erect their clitoral and vaginal/urethral spongy tissue are impotent.

Birth control pills, medication/street drug, deficiency of androgen hormone and neurotransmitter acetylcholine, excessive stress neurohormones, excessive sex or over-masturbation, abuse of a vibrator, ageing, diseases, diabetes, childbirth, and/or other vaginal arterial or nervous damages can destroy the vaginal/urethral tissue erectile dysfunction and prostaglandin E-1 synthesis and turn the erectile spongy tissue into a colleganous scar, resulting in vaginal enlargement.

Also, if you don't have any vaginal blood flow, you can not increase the vaginal muscle strength. There are two vaginal muscle group which can be improved by physical exercises for a powerful gripping force - one around the vaginal orifice (the PC muscle) and other at the deep end of the vagina between the bladder and cervix/uterus. However, if the vaginal arteries won't dilate for more vaginal blood flow with a lot of androgen hormones, acetylcholine neurochemicals and oxygen, your hard vaginal exercises are useless. The simple rule is: No androgen hormone no muscular strength!
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