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Case Title:  Pot (marijuana) smoking and alcoholism cause abdomen pains, digestive disorder, severe sinus, food sensitivities,  allergy, low libido, liver disorder, weak erection, and fatigue for no sexual orgasm ! - a diagnosis of the organ function with a tongue examination
Reader: 4/13/2004>
Dr. Lin-
I spoke w/ you on the phone about an hour ago and you suggested I e-mail you w/ my condition. I'm a male,39, in very good physical shape(muscular/athletic build). I've been pot smoker for 7 years-3-4 times/day. I have a slight pain in my upper abdoman on right side whichj I suspect is liver congestion. I don't drink now ( 1 year sober)but did abuse alcohol for approx 20 years(about 25-30 beers/week. I also have a heavily coated white tongue which is my barometer on how I'm feeling. If my tongue is clear I feel great-but rarely is it clear. I'm extremely intololerant to eating any carbohydrates and have severe sinus congestion and food sensitivities and allergies. My diet is very good now and I'm very well read on nutritional supplementation. I suspect most of my problems stem from the alcohol and /or pot. I don't have any pronounced sexual side effects outside of diminished libido when I smoke pot and probably less firm erections. I've never smoke cigarettes. Pot seems to motivate me(I know iot sounds weird) and I'm finding life is easier with it than without it-but not at the expense of liver, sinus and fatigue side effects. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks for the thoughtful consideration.
Dr. Lin: 4/13/2004>  
You need a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) , DeToxiA (1-017) and 5-HTP (2-001), please a high dose of Fish and Borage oil at 1000 mg each, 3 times a day with meal, to detoxify your brain, nervous, liver, kidney systems, testicles, and cerebrospinal fluid. The detoxification is a slowly reversed diffusion process to let the toxins across the brain/nerve-blood barrier back to the blood circulation. A daily sweating exercise can help your body remove the toxin and the stress neurohormone adrenalin out the blood circulation system without reloading too much toxin on the kidneys and bladder. Drinking a lot of juices can flush your liver, kidneys and bladder.

The tongue's color, moisture, size, coating and the location of abnormalities can reflect your organ functions.
A healthy tongue should be pinkish red, neither dry nor too wet, fit perfectly within the mouth, move freely and have a thin, light white coating.
A white or cheesy white fur indicates some kind of deficiency or unbalance of nervous bioelectric energy, blood, or moisture. The location of the white in your tongue can tell you which organs are disharmonic and disarrayed. The inner portion of the tongue reflects the kidney/adrenal glands and sex organs; both sides, the liver; the center, the spleen and digestive system; the font strip, the lungs and respiratory system; the tip, the heart and cardiovascular system. You can check the location of the white fur to see which organ function has been affected.
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