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Case Title:  Over-masturbation or excessive sex with a combination of vibrators and pulsating shower heads several times a day since age 18 results in the death of her 32-real old clitoris and G-spot for no more sexual orgasm!.
Reader: 4/11/2004
I have been actively masturbating since the age of 18 using a combination of vibrators and pulsating shower heads, several times a day. I have never had an orgasm during intercourse, and the only time I have had them was during oral sex, but that was after 2 hours of oral sex. This was exhausting for my partner, and frustrating for me, so I have faked orgasms ever since. Now I am married, and unfulfilled. I have masturbated until it doesn't feel good anymore, and I don't want to masturbate anymore, but I have the desire to have sex. I respond to my husband when he touches me but I am always unfulfilled. I have not used a vibrator for a few years, but the shower head was always handy. I have decided not to use it anymore becuase I notice the more I masturbate, the longer it takes me to achieve orgasm, and now I am just tired. I want to rejuvenate and restore my sex life. I am too young to be going thru this type of mental and physical frustration. Please help me in!
any way you can. 

Thank you very much 
Dr. Lin: 4/11/2004>
It is clear that the nerves in your clitoris and G-spot have been desensitized or even dead due to excessive abrasion by the vibrator and water jet, and/or chemical castration by hormone-based birth control or medication or street drugs.
The vibrator-induced damage and over-masturbation destruction have been fully addressed in this link -
Once the clitoral and G-spot tissue and nervous damage is on the way or done, a non-erectile collagenous scar tissue is formed in the damaged erectile tissue and eventually take over the clitoris and G-spot, leading to the female erectile dysfunction or impotence. You can not erect your clitoris and G-spot any more. The clitoral and G-spot erection, which indicates the nervous erectile mechanism is working for the clitoral/G-spot/Epicenter's blood flow supply and tells you the androgen hormone in your clitoral/G-spot/Epicenter blood is burning to supercharge your L1 and L2 nervous orgasm circuits to your brain's hypothalamus and pituitary for a boost of the orgasmic hormone oxytocin, is essential for vaginal orgasm -
You should be able to sense the nervous damage since you can feel the decrease of the clitoral and G-spot sensitivity on the course of using the vibrator and water jet years ago. Once a thick layer of scar tissue is formed to protect the further damage of the clitoral and G-spot nerves, your clitoral and G-spot nerves won't respond to the sexual stimulation. Some women get the electrical insulation damage of the G-spot/clitoral/urethral nervous fibers by the the vibrator and water jet, resulting in constant or frequent pelvic and perineum pains and urinary incontinence or irritable bladder or bowel symptoms.
Once the damage is done, there is no way for a hard penis to give you a G-spot or Vaginal orgasm.
You need a long-term rejuvenation with a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP.
Your test your sexual response with my Finger Pliers method after 2-3 weeks with Viapla-hGH-P, but avoid the vibrator and water jet
If you can achieve an orgasm with my Finger pliers method but can not get by his penis, it may be his penile erection, premature ejaculation or technique problems.
He must last longer than 30 minutes and be able to give you 3-point excitation -stimulation on your clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the same time with a rhythmic pressure -

Generally, the male sexual problems, erectile power and premature ejaculation, are also the main causes of the female orgasmic dysfunction.
If his erection is weak, he will need Viapal-hGH-P and 5-HTP to help him out.
If he can not hold his ejaculation back for longer than 30 minutes , he has to fix his problem for you. Please read this article -
Solutions for premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm control.

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