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Case Title:  Directly stimulation inside the cervix and uterus with a long penis gives her a lot of more sexual orgasm. She also enjoys orgasm with her dog. Women with a tighter vagina can achieve orgasm much easier.
Reader: 4/08/2004> Dr. Lin.. Hello..

We are ages 39 Luz, looking 22,and 49 Rex. Luz is Hindu-Chinese, I am Nordic American. Our diet is asian type, with a couple ounces of vodka before sex which we find stimulating. Luz is very healthy, well shaped curvy, no fat, 5'-6", SE asian vulva with small dark labia and vaginal entrance, but with heavy mons hair and larger breasts size 34C cup, and long legs of Hindu woman. In states she has passed as mexican or indian woman. I can say she is sex itself, as when she enters the room all eyes are on her, she smells sexy, and she naturally flirts, with the air of a sex godess. Men, some women, and dogs follow her around, and she receives many telephone calls at home although our number is unlisted.
I have examined my wife's vagina carefully as you advised, and I cannot enter my hand but most of 4 fingers, or a tapering cucumber to less than 8 inch circumfrence. I last tried the end of a beer can, with condom, of 81/4 inch circumfrence, and 21/2 inch wide, both before sex with her dog lover, and after, it would not enter. But tight entry made at 7 inch circumfrence, with 21/4 width, but with easy entrance with 6 inch circumfrence with 17/8 inch width. Luz says she prefers 5-6 circumfrence, but 9-10 inches long. I cannot feel or see her cervix, even with a flashlight, as her vaginal canal is semi-closed. I imagine it can be seen by a doctor? She has been told by a doctor recently that her cervix was surgically dilated before, and the mouth is open, and that her vaginal canal/cervix and uterus are aligned.
I, and all her lovers, appreciate her tight vaginal canal, all the way too at least 12 inches in arousal? Her first 9 inch lover after our marriage even asked her if she was a virgin, as she was so tight! Luz feels only pleasure with a slender long penis, a thick penis causes some discomfort, but she has intense orgasms anyway. I have had 6 asian women and all were tight, but I found european and american women to be average or loose? My wife's dog lover's knot is not big, maybe his penis is 6 inches in circumfrence, and his knot to 8 inch circumfrence, but it looks elastic, and she says it swells in her to often tye her, but she just lies down to keep orgasming and rest, as much as 30 minutes, until he slips out of her. Her lover is very patient, and will lie on her back to rest as she does also. I think her vaginal canal continues to milk him for his extended pleasure, so he is quiet. A few times they have had a rear to rear situation, but he soon pops out of her. We both find all this very sexy! We have found that your comment that a dog does not full stroke a woman correct, as he always fucks forward, continuously spurting hot semen deep in her, and she says his long hard hot penis (with the bone in it), and his swollen hot knot sexciting her clitoris and entry, with pressure you describe, so that she is getting sexcitment in both places at the same time, hence, intense orgasms! Too bad a man does not have a dog penis!
My wife finds her lovers erection touchy to her fingers, although we see him strongly licking his penis. I think Luz wants to suck his penis, but she is concerned about ingesting his semen. We would like to know if his dog semen is bad for her vagina, and her mouth/stomach, or on her skin or in her eyes? Do you think my wife's addiction is bad for her? We think we both are much more healthy and sexual from our arrangement, especially as compared to having men lovers.
We think my wife's dog lover is a fantastic and beautiful arrangement, and of course I cannot compete, as she takes him for extended period at least once a day. She always take care of me, usually sucking my penis dry while her dog fucks her. I have managed to double fuck her in her anus, but it is sexhausting but sexciting! Do you know of good positions for this? My wife wants me to suck her clitoris while she sucks my penis, as the dog fucks her vagina doggy, but I am concerned about his semen dripping on me. I like to have my wife clean. Do you think this constant dog fucking is bad for Luz? We take care of her lover, he stays with us always, and we wonder if the Veternarian can tell he is fucking my wife? Can a medical doctor tell if a clean woman is being constantly fucked by a dog? In having a stud lover we feel the dog does it willingly, but we are against a man using a female dog, it is more like rape? Also a good thing is that a dog does not talk! (Like a couple of my wife's men lovers!).
We have learned a lot already from your great web-site, and appreciate your comments and advice.
Luz and Rex

Dr. Lin: 4/08/2004 >1. The vaginal canal is very flexible and can be expanded to accept an 2-3 inches wide object with some compression stress on the urethral nerves. If the object has a slight higher temperature like a dog bulb (2-3 inches long and wide) does, it can stimulate the prostaglandin E-1 production in the urethra, G-spot and clitoris with a high pressure. A small thrusting can induce a powerful orgasm from the clitoris, urethral orifice and G-spot.
2. The alignment of her cervical orifice with her vaginal canal and the surgerily enlarged cervical orifice can allow a long penis to penetrate into her cervix. Directly stimulating the cervix or ejaculating into uterus can induce powerful uterine orgasm constration. This is what the dog mating causes the tie as a result of the uterine spasm. Ejaculation of the hot dog semen (3 degrees high than the human body's temperature) into her uterus can trigger a power uterine orgasmic contraction. The dog semen's chemicals are very similar to human's, but it may contains more androgen hormones and neurochemicals due to dog foods and the powerful dog's digestion system (which digests bone!). The high level of androgen hormones and dopamine/acetylcholine levels in the dog body may be the reason why the dog's body temperature is higher and the dog can tolerates lower temperature than we do.
As long as the dog is disease-free and healthy, the dog semen is ok for human contact.
3. Women, like men, can be addicted to sexual orgasm. As long as orgasm does not over-burn the neurochemicals in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid, there is nothing wrong to enough more orgasm.
4. You can rent some double-penetration porn movies to see if there are any suitable positions for you, your wife and her dog's lover. With the high temperature of the dog penis, a slight thrusting on her vagina (or cervix/uterus) will trigger her orgasm.
5. Women with a tighter vagina can achieve orgasm much easier since a hard penis can compress the G-spot and urethral orifice with a higher stimulation pressure.
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