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Case Title:  Over-masturbation (sexual abuse)  by his mom during his puberty results in premature ejaculation and frequent flooding of precum for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/22/2004>

Dear Dr. Lin, 
I am a 34 year old Afro American man, and have found that when my penis is erect I usually ooze a lot of precum in my slacks. I should tell you that sexual arousal comes very easily to me, thanks to a mother who masturbated me throughout my high school years. She meant no harm, but was told by a doctor that the way to curb my bulging erections was through frequent orgasm. She began to masturbate me twice a day at the age of 10, and continued until I went to college at age 19.
I must say that as a young boy, I was often erect just at the thought of going home and having my mother stroke me. She would sometimes bare her full breasts and let me suckle her thick pink nipples as she whispered to me and pulled my stiff meat. Upon orgasm, she would contain my ejaculant in a cloth or towel, until I was age 18 and told her that I would love her to take me in her mouth. From then on, she would perform what we called;' stroke and swallow', at least twice a day.
As the day when I would leave for college approached, my mother told me she wanted me to be ready for sexual intercourse with the sluts at my school. She began to entice me quite often and would bare her breasts for me to suckle. She made me dress in very loose shorts around the house so that she could monitor my ebony erection and stroke it as needed.
It was during high school that the copious oozing began and my slacks would have a wet spot inside the thighs, or right at the bulging crotch. I became excited near the end of the day, knowing that I would go home and enjoy my mother's sexual touch. I began to wrap my stiffened phallus in a paper towel, to absorb the moisture, and mom would dampen it and peel it off when I got home.
She never took me to a doctor for it, and until I became engaged last year, it was not a problem.
I have known my Linda for 3 years now, and we have been intimate for 2 of those. She is lovely, with full, natural breasts and has nipples that were elongated several years ago. Sucking her long, thick nipples is easy for me, and gets me excited for her.
Linda is very turned on by the length and thickness of my Negro erection. I know that she is bothered though by the embarrassing oozing from my cock when we are together. I have often stained my slacks out in public and it is embarrassing.On one occasion Dr. Lin, I took her for a very nice dinner and she was rubbing her hand up and down my thigh under the table. She began to massage the huge bulge at my crotch and I lost all control and spurted my seed in my pants.It was a full orgasm Dr., and I stole one of their lovely cloth napkins to wrap around my spent dick afterward.Pushing it in my pants gave me a bigger bulge than I already have, but it was better than having all that spermatazoa running down my leg. Linda was mortified and would not let me lavitate her later. Her sweet pussy was very wet for me and I digitally pleasured her as we stood saying 'good-night.'But I would have preferred to suck her thick clit and give her a few extreme orgasms.
Can anything be done to lessen my arousal, or at least keep me from blowing my load uncontrollably? I want to please my new wife and impregnate her on our wedding night, so I would like to NOT orgasm for a week before hand.- Any advice?

Dr. Lin: 3/22/2004>Based upon your sexual history prior to and during your puberty, you will continue suffering from premature ejaculation unless your brain shut down your seminal and precum production.
The most destruction results from the sexual abuse by your mom in your puberty.
Your serotonin nervous modulation for ejaculation control and precum production was destroyed and your prostate duct and its nerve were abraded.
This destruction usually causes precum flooding, seminal leakage and ejaculation urgency during sexual arousal.
You should read this link -
Solutions for premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm control.
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