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Case Title:  21 doctors, 4 urologists, 3 cameras, 3 prostate massages, 17 urine tests and a lot of antibiotics could not solve his Over-Masturbation induced prostate, urethral, testicle, perineum, tailbone and groin pains for no more sexual orgasm - here is the solution.
Reader: 3/04/2004>

Hi Doc

i have been having penis problems for the past 31/2 years,it started when masterbating with soap, i felt a pinching sensation and pain started to slowly rise, since that day i have had pain and irritation at the tip of penis constant and my legs ache severly.
i have seen 21 doctors 4 urologyst and have had 3 camera's down the urethra with no findings everything normal, also i have had 3 prostate massages and cultures and 17 urine tests by urologyst, on the first two camera a 5 days after the irritation past from the camera's, the pain went all together, it was like not there at all for a month. When i masterbated oneday and again felt a pinch and then the pain came back constant again.
Out of all the 21 doctors i have had STD Tests
ranging from:

chlaymidia ( swabed first time,2 months later urine)

gonnarea (swabbed)

herpes (blood)

hepitias (blood)

syphlis (blood)

Aids (blood)

Thrush (swabbed)

all Negative .

I have been on a number of antbiotics some of them including Doxycyclone,penicillan and way to many others to remember now.
When i need to go to the toilet my bladder feels like it is on fire until i wee,because of the period of time i have had this i dont no when my bladder is full until i get cramps in stomach, i have spent a lot of money with doctors
i have even a letter saying "cant help anymore, Have a nice Christmas"
sometimes i have pain on urination but most of the pain is after urinating, it like there is a cut underneath the head of penis, sometimes i think i feel urine leaking and running down over the cut and it stings and i go to the toilet thinking i have leaked and nothing is there i milk the penis and no discharge at all, but yet the tip felt wet and cold,the only discharge i have is after i urinate i have to milk the penis untill all gone or i will leak and feel it dribble down leg(yukky i Know)

my urethra even when not erect feels hard,it is like there is something irritating it constantly, which is the bases to all my problems.

the pain i feel day to day for three and half years has a rating of 8-9, i have been taking nurphen plus with no results, i forgot to mention i have had quaterzone injection in the pubic bone and tip of penis with no pain relief at all, never changed.
I drive around for my job and the only way i can reduce the pain from an 8-9 to a 3 is to put my left foot to the side of cluth push on the front of the car and lift my bum and arch back and hey presto pain reduced.

when i am not driving i can reduce the pain by pushing in between testicels and anus where the pelvis bone meets and agian reduce the pain to 3.I have also seen a chiroprator, austopath and a eye doctor who takes photos of the eyes and reads them, he told me i had a lot of fluid in my body and a lot of action around pelvis area. i also have seen a neoroigyst(nerve doctor),1visit and all he did was prick me all over with a pin.

I have got more info, but i think u will get the picture

I hope u can give me some insight as i have had it all together,
it is ruining my life with my wife and kid

please help me no one else seems to know.

ps i dont get up to pee when sleeping and it feels better lying down.

Dr. Lin: 3/04/2004>This problem is caused by a lack of prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) synthesis in the tissue for the tissue/nerve integrity and the elasticity/flexibility of the local nervous fiber and blood vessel.
Over-masturbation have depleted your cerebrospinal fluids, promote a chronic dopamine-adrenalin conversion for a constant sympathetic nervous Fire, and then stopped the PGE-1 production in the tissue and semen. When your bladder and prostate on fire, you will go peeing even when your bladder is empty. When your rectum or anus is on fire, you will go to set on the toilet even when your rectum is empty.
When your ejaculation jet without PGE-1 blasts your prostate and urethral ejaculation duct which tissues won't produce PGE-1 anymore to protect the nervous electric insulator called myelin, the neuro-muscular endings and nervous fibers in your prostate and urethra are damaged and grounded in the salty body fluid. Therefore, you get painful, non-organic prostatitis and urethritis.
A lack of PGE-1 in your muscle, ligament and joint will produce pulling, compressing, stretching or twisting pains or cramps since the local nervous fibers and blood vessels are very inelastic and in flexible.
You need a long-term rejuvenation of ViaPal-hGH-M and a high dose of Fish Oil and Borage Oil, 1000 mg each, 3 times a day.
You should take a high dose of 5-HTP 1 tablet twice a day.
http://www.actionlove.com/extra/testicularpain.htm http://www.actionlove.com/extra/backpain.htm 
 http://www.actionlove.com/extra/prostat.htm  http://www.actionlove.com/extra/urethritis.htm 
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