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Case Title: He said ' i have been purchasing your products for about 4 months now for my wife. and they have helped a great deal!' for her Interstitial Cystitis (IC), fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, sleeping disorder, vaginismus (penetration/intercourse pains) and restoration of sexual orgasm - This serious case has been abandoned by the medical societies.
Reader: 2/11/2004>

dr. lin,
i have been purchasing your products for about 4 months now for my wife. and they have helped a great deal! you see, my wife christina suffers from interstitial cystitist or IC for short. which is a bladder disorder. she used to have to use the restroom up to 60 times a day. she also has fibromyalgia,which make her muscles feel like they have been working out and tense up. causing pain from the front of her head to her neck and shoulders. plus she has tmj. she also has ibs syndrome. and finally she has vagsismus. we have been married for 7 1/2 years and have not been able to have sexual intercourse. my wife also seems to be alergic to alot of things,such as shellfish,gold jewelry,antihistamines,and antibiotics. my wife has had a rough life since she was young. she was sexually molested by her father and her step-father. her mother had to take her to doctors when she was 4 up to 8 years old for bladder problems. they stucked her with cathiters numerous times causing her great pain. they finally told her mother that she had 2 urinary tubes. well, as my wife got older ,her bladder problems got worse. finally a uroligist said she had IC disease, and that there was no cure right now for it. i have seen my wife in terrible pain and not be able to go to sleep for days. sometimes she thought about throughing herself down the stairs to knock herself out. she is a very strong woman mentally and physically. when we tried to have sexual intercourse she would say that she felt burning and pressure in her vagina. afterwards i got where i didn't want to cause her any pain so i hound her about it. instead we perform oral sex on one another. my wife isn't able to work at this moment. we had a crappy start to our marriage. now the good news , as you see my wife has alot of illnesses for such a young age, she is 27. one day i am on the internet looking at IC websites.now i bought alot of things to try and help my wife. as i am looking for things to help our sex life , i click on to actionlove.com and begin reading e-mails that your customers wrote you. well, i am going through these e-mails on certain topics and i think to my self these products might can help christina. well all of the sudden i ask god if this is the stuff she should take, and if it is to show me. well all of a sudden i scroll down the e-mails and see a guy who has IC and you say there are causes and solutions to the IC that is attacking his bladder. all of a sudden i get excited and tell my wife that i believe i have found something to not only resolve the IC disease but also the fibromyalgia, IBS syndrome ,her migrains and her vagasismus! so i order the via-pal-Hgh-m which included the moodmax and 5-htp. she started taking it and at first she felt worst. then i told her i read one of your e-mails and you told your customer that usually the symtoms get worse because the via-pal-hgh-m resets your nervous system. well a week or so later she started see results . she's been taking the stuff for about 4 months now. she now only has to go to the restroom 8 to 10 times a day. she only wakes up maybe once durring the night to use the restroom. she can finally fall asleep at night. her fibromyalgia is getting better slowly. her vagasismus is getting better. i used to could not put my finger in her vagina because that would cause her pain. now i can! and that is a great step forward! her pressure has decreased and the burning has also. we still have not had sexual intercourse yet but i have waited this long and it's not gonna hurt me to wait a little longer. i guess we will go one finger at a time. i also read a couple of e-mails where two laddies also had not been able to have sexual intercourse with there husbands since they have been married. that made my wife feel better knowing that there are other women out there who are married and have not been able to have sexual intercourse with there husband and it's not just all in her head like some people have told her. my question is either right before she started taking
your product or after taking it, she started gaining weight fast. like one week she gain close to 10 pounds. and in 4 to 5 months she has gone from weighing 130 to 205 lbs. and she gets hunger pains through out the day and if she doesn't get any thing to eat she gets migrains. she eats the same stuff shes been eating and keeps gaining weight. do you have any products that will increase her metabolism or stop her hunger pains. do you have any solution to this problem. she has never been over weight nor have we seen anybody gain weight so fast. plus this weight makes her fibromyalgia worse. your products have been a miracle for my wife. we have seen great improvement in her well being, and we would like to thank you and your wife for every thing you both have done to help your customers and their lives to get better! you do deserve a nobel prize for your work! also 2 more questions my wife saids some times her vagina feels cold. do you have anything for that? and i read that after you have spent a certain amount of money on your products you can get a 20% discount on your purchases of your products. you told someone to write their shipping number on the money order or something like that. could you please tell me my shipping number in your files and how money i have spent and how much i have left to receive the 20% discount. thank you very much for your products and may GOD bless you and your wife. you also may use my e-mail on your website if you want. hopefully it well help others in some way. thanks,

Dr. Lin: 2/11/2004>You should win a prize for the best husband of the world. She is a very unfortunate lady.
To be honest to you, if I knew she have so many problems, I would be afraid of selling my products to you.
Luckily, she is not allergic to our products with that kind of weak immunity and adrenal function.
To further improve her condition - stop foods craving, flex her muscle, and keep her vagina warm and elasticity for penetration, she should add 1 tablet of DopaFibra and 5-HTP, plus a high dose of Omega-3 (EPA) and Omega-6 (GLA) from Fish Oil and Borage Oil, respectively, at 1000 mg each, 3 times a day.
5-HTP and DopaFibra will boost her brain's serotonin and dopamine nervous function for lightening up her brain's pleasure center and thyroid function for fat metabolism. Increasing her Prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 with GLA and EPA, respectively, will solve a lot of hunger pains, muscle pains and cramps, and vaginismus (penetration/intercourse pains). Also, Please ask her to Change her diet from the carbohydrate one to high protein and high fiber ones.
I think You can start to solve her vaginismus (penetration/intercourse pains).  First, you can use your finger (one and only one finger) to massage both sides and superior side of her vagina to induce blood flow with VIP Cream. My Finger Pliers method ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/fgplier.htm  ) can be employed for this special task, since she needs the clitoral, vaginal and labia blood circulation to solve the problem. DopaFibra, ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax can help in this regard. 5-HTP can smooth out the muscle or tissue pains and cramps and migraine headaches. Once her vagina get enough androstenedione and testosterone in conjunction with the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous erectile action, her vagina will become hot and moisture, ready for penile penetration. VIP Cream can help penetration initiation since VIP Cream's GLA will become prostaglandin E-1 under body heat for nervous and tissue relaxation of the vaginal orifice and canal. Apply the VIP Cream to her vaginal orifice and then use your glans penis to warm it up. Then, you can push your penis into her vagina step by step with about 0.5-1 inches per step. Get one step in and warm it up for 3-5 minutes with my screwing technique ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/screw.htm ) while kissing her.  I mean, use your penis as her vaginal heat gun to induce the prostaglandin E-1 production gradually. Her vagina needs a heating treatment during the penetration process. 
By the way, improving (decongesting) the blood circulation and promoting the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis are the ways to solve neck/back or muscle pains (or cramps) also require
Based upon your order records, you can be qualified for the 20% off discount according to our rules in this link -
Please note that the shipping/handling cost cannot be discounted.

Reader: 2/12/2004>
i went to your website this morning, and i was excited to see my e-mail on the top of your action love.com page. you really do read your e-mails fast! thank you very much for responding to my e-mail, and telling us the things we need to get to improve her condition. and thanks for selling your products to us. with out your products, i don't know what we would have been able to do about my wife's condition. i look forward to the day i have sexual intercourse with my wife! p.s. she also agrees that i am the best husband in the world! i love her very much! and will be here for her through thick and thin. during our 7 1/2 years of marriage, i have learned a lot from the things we have been through. material things don't really matter, it's the small things that people take for granted that matters. thank you very much to both you and your wife for all the both you do for others. GOD, surely will bless you both!

Dr. Lin: 2/12/2004>
Thank you for your input that helps and encourages other many unfortunate women and loving couples.
Definitely, you are the best husband of the world and a true lover.
Now, I fully understand what is the true love - a lot of scarification!
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