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Case Title:   How artificial hormones birth controls cause your brown/dark vaginal discharge or/and vaginal dryness and kill your sex for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 2/06/2004>

Hello, I have a couple of problems. First I have been reading in the forums about the birth control pills and how they effect the liver, uterus and so on. Hearing all of this has made me worried. I am on Ortho Low and I have just started to get a dark brown discharge a week before I am due for my normal period. Is the birth control pills hurting my body? Are they not healthy? Are they going to hinder my chances at getting pregnant later in a couple of years? I am just worried that I am doing something bad to my body voluntarily.

Also, I have been with the same guy for 2 and half years. In the beginning of the relationship I always wanted to be with him but it does not seem as if I am enjoying it anymore. I dont know if I have ever had an orgasm. 

thankyou for your help.

Dr. Lin: 2/06/2004>Yes! The brain and cervix /uterus are full of the hormonal receptors which are overloaded by the artificial progesterone and estrogen in the birth control. The artificial hormones are very difficultly metabolized by the liver enzymes in the hormonal conversion chain. The artificial hormones shut down the pituitary LH and FSH which are supposed to drive the ovarian function. Then, the ovarian stop producing natural progesterone and estrogen. The natural progesterone is supposed to thick the uterine lining and to prevent uterine bleeding; while natural estrogen is responsible for vaginal wetness. When the artificial hormones can not be converted to the natural one, a part of the uterine lining becomes too thin due to a lack of natural progesterone, resulting in a tiny bleeding or spotting, and the vagina becomes very dry due to a lack of natural estrogen. The conversion of the artificial hormones to the natural one depends on the liver detoxification function, the P450 system. The tiny blooding in the uterine lining or cervix can be trapped inside the vagina for a period of time and then oxidized to dark color. The brown vaginal discharge is a mixture of cervical mucus, oxidized and unoxidized blood. Note that the Morning-after pills use an extreme high dose of the artificial hormones to cause miscarriage bleeding in order to prevent the implanting of an fertilized egg - http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11751.htm

A few women with a weak liver and pituitary-ovarian function do have reported a shutdown of their period and become infertility.

Orgasm ability and capacity depends on the pituitary hormones, the LH, FSH and Oxytocin levels and the ovarian hormones, the androstenedione and testosterone levels, in conjunction with the sensitivity and response of the orgasmic circuits of L1/L2 outflow, where the erection (or the arterial dilation) of the clitoris and G-spot (the vaginal/urethral spongy tissue) driven by the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous mechanism is essential in supplying the neurochemicals, androgen hormones and oxygen to the clitoral, G-spot, urethral and vaginal nervous endings for heating during lovemaking. When your pituitary-ovarian function is shut down and your liver detoxification is overloaded by the artificial hormones, your will lose your libido, nervous sensitive, sexual and/or orgasmic responses.
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