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Case Title: Sexual Exhaustion symptoms - low-abdomen/groin pulling pains/cramps, testicular pains, digestive panic responses (stomach cramp and diarrhea), watery ejaculation, low-back pain, no libido, frequent mid-night urination,  low testosterone level, fatigue, exhaustion for no more sexual orgasm but poor semen and sperm quality - solution.
Reader: 1/28/2004>

Finally! Answers! After tons of doctors and mens health message boards! I've read much on your site and look forward to your reply! Thank you for your time!
After masturbating I began feeling a cramp in my lower abdomen and a dull ache in my left testicle. One day an EXTREME pulled feeling occured in the left testicle and to my lower abdomen, followed by little to no ejaculation. Future masturbation caused abdominal cramps and diarrhea, usually increasing in intensity with masturbation frequency. Sexual desire decreased drastically. Years later, a blood test indicated a LOW TESTOSTERONE LEVEL in the mid 200's. However, doctors can not explain the low testosterone level, nor the daily testucalar ache or increased cramping with sexual activity. Tests only indicated a small hydroseal? on the left testicle. My wife is also concerned about sperm count since my semen is more liquid and now contains a gelatin like substance. I feel more tired than before, I'm awakened nightly to urinate, I have NO sexual desire, and I still experience left testicular aches as well as lower back aches and tightened muscle area in my lower left abdomen.
I have so may questions.......
1. What actually happened when the pulled muscle feeling 
occured in my left testicle and lower left abdomen?
2. What caused the testosterone level to drop so much?
3. How can I bring testosterone levels up?
4. How long will I have to use your product? 
5. How much will the product increase testosterone levels?
And will it ever stimulate the body enough to stop use?
6. Since insurance will not cover your product to raise my
testosterone....what is the best and least expensive over 
the counter natural remedy? 
7. Will sperm count be affected since semen is more 
liquid? why?
8. And what is the gel-like substance in the semen? 
9. How do my symptoms or low testosterone affect my 
10. What do you recommend? why? 

Dr. Lin: 2/01/2004>A lack of the prostaglandin E-1 produced by the low tissue and an excessive adrenalin in your digestive tract, groins, testicles, penis, perineum, tailbone and actually the entire pelvic cavity causes your pains/cramps and nervous panic response.
The tissue synthesis of Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) requires androgen hormones, oxygen and parasympathetic nervous action for the tissue and arterial dilation, and a warm temperature to promote the action of the enzyme COX-1 on the Dihomo Gamma Linolenic Acid (DGLA). A bound ant production of PGE-1 will improve the elasticity, flexibility and relaxation of your tissue, nerve and blood vessel for stretching (including erection), contraction (including orgasm and ejaculation), expansion, twisting, compression, and any physical activities.
The first indication of PGE-1 deficiency is the semen quality where semen becomes watery and thin.
Semen with a lot PGE-1 and androgen hormones (DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone/DHT) will be thick and viscous. A lack of the androgen hormones and neurochemicals in the cerebrospinal fluid will force the brain to shut down the seminal and sperm production. The most common phenomena are: 1. no ejaculation during sex, and 2. a forced, watery and thin ejaculation occurred only by a heavy stimulation on the urethral nerves or prostate.
A low level of androgen hormones will cause deficiency of PGE-1 and contriction of the arteries to the pelvic area, penis, testicles and clitoris,
A low level of androstenedione, testosterone and DHT indicates testicular dysfunction, possible testicular failure. This leads to poor sperm count and molality. Sperm molality also requires a lot of PGE-1 and DHEA to provide immunity in the vaginal environment.
Of course, it causes the sperm production problem, in addition to low libido and sexual performance dysfunction.
A high bad cholesterol (LDL) level with a low testosterone level indicates the liver or/and adrenal/testicular functional disorder since the liver only produces LDL but also have to supply the enzymes for adrenal and testicular glands to convert LDL into the androgen hormones.
A low testosterone level with a high DHT level indicates your liver produces excessive enzyme 5-alpha reductase to do an excessive testosterone-DHT conversion. You will have a hair loss, prostate enlargement, prostate/perineum, water semen, low bad pain, ejaculation urgency, and less weight.
A low testosterone level with a high estrogen level indicates your liver produces excessive enzyme aromatase to do an excessive testosterone-estrogen conversion. You will have a thin hair, prostate enlargement, prostate/perineum and low bad pain, breast enlargement, low libido, watery semen, and gain weight.
Gel-like ejaculation, formed by concentrated minerals which become seminal stones if being not ejaculated out of the body, indicates your seminal vesicles and prostate produces insufficient seminal fluids.
You need ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) and 5-HTP (2-001), in conjunction with Fish and Borage oils, to help you out,
where Borage oil provides an extra GLA and the EPA in fish oil can prevent or reduce the action of an enzyme COX-2 on GLA for the harmful Prostaglandin E-2 production in the tissue and semen.
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