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TITLE: Hourly Sex uses up the bioelectricity in the sexual nerves, not good for SEXUAL ORGASM
> Problems: 3/28/1998> I've had sex with four men. The last two have been approximately 7 and 1/2 inches in length when erected, and performance as been usually around 40 minutes to an hour each time, up to three in a row. So you can see that It's very active sex. Yet, I don't believe that I've ever received an orgasm. The guy I'm presently with (#4) is very satisifying in techniques, lasting time, length, largest I've ever had in circumference and especially the best emotionally. Would I even know if I've had an orgasm? I don't think I have. Everyone I talk to gives me a remark like, "Oh, you'd know if you had one." Most of the time I don't even enjoy sex. My hormons always lead me to sex, but a few minutes in to it I get to the point where I'm just bored or even annoyed. I usually continue because I don't want to let him down, or I enjoy giving him pleasure. I enjoy oral sex more. Even being fingered is more enjoyable sometimes. So is there something wrong with me? There are a few times when I find sex very pleasing, just not orgasmic.
Another question is that you can understand after three hours of constant sex, that I'm really sore afterwards. I usually get bruises really bad on my inner thighs. I always urinate after sex, because I was told that helps reduce bladder infections. Which always burns really bad when I go the restroom. (Is that normal?) Last time I had sex I had to stop him, because I was too sore, that time went a little over three hours. He's really athletic and sometimes I think he could go all night if I didn't stop him. Will my body just get use to it? Is there anything I can do so I don't get so sore, or sore so fast? Also, with the length it often pokes at me too deep. Is the only way to prevent that, just avoiding certain positions?
Free Advice from Dr. Lin: 3/29/1997>

Having sex too long will numb your sex organ.
All the problems you described results from the same cause - the dropping of the bioelectricity in your parasympathetic sexual nerves. Once it happens, the engorgement of the clitoris, G-spot, and urethral spongy tissues is gone.  That is, the hormone-enriched blood flow is gone too. There will be no more testosterone and DHEA in the local tissues to charge the sexual sensory and motoring nerves to give you sexual pleasures, and no more estrogen to help your vagina retain moisture or lubrication.
When I was young, I could perform continuous love thrusts for 90 minutes without break, excluding foreplay. The result is the numbness of the clitoris, vagina and penis. This is because the bioelectricity in the sexual (sensory and motor) nerves is used up. Usually, the resting and acting potentials (voltages) in the sexual nerves rise up first and start to drop after 10-40 minutes, depending on age. Once they are dropped below a critic level, the sex organ become dry and its erection or engorgement start to recede. After that, the sexual nerves become numbed. You will feel no more stimulation, but sore and pain.
To charge your system during intercourse, your pubic bone and clitoris base should be massaged by fingers or his pubic bone very often. My 2- or 3-point Excitation Method can do it. Please read:
If you want to achieve orgasm you must make it in 30-40 after starts to thrust. Make it first and play around next. 
If he don't have a hard erection, he can play forever, but you get pain and sore. SO, you should peak up his penis power by massaging his trigger zone with your finger pressure. In this way, you can make him come earlier, and his hard penis can make come easily too.
His long penis will strikes your cervix and causes pain inside you. This will knock down your sexual pleasure and stimulation, and eventually numb your sexual nerves.
Use doggy style positions and close you legs to prevent deep penetration.
If you stay on the top, you should know how to adjust the penetration depth and the love thrust should be forward and backward, not up and down.

Note: To prolong intercourse, you have to take dietary supplements to charge your bioelectric battery - the parasympathetic nervous division. 

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