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Case Title:  Mass sexual destruction by vasectomy for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 11/12/2003>
Dear Dr. Lin, After a vasectomy, my husband is no longer able to reach an "earthshaking" orgasm like he could before. Also, it takes him a long time to reach it now and is sometimes exhausted before reaching it. I must say that it is exhausting me also, sometimes rigerous oral sex is very hard on me after awhile, but that's what it takes. He's always been very verile, sexual and physically strong in the past. He's still very interested, but is often left only somewhat satisfied afterward. He's even faked orgasm because of exhaustion from taking so long. After the vasectomy, he experienced a lot of bleeding, was told to lay down. Then for months afterward, had pain in groin and testicle. Now finally thaT'S GONE, BUT LEFT WITH THE ABOVE MENTIONED PROBLEMS. dO YOU THINK VACUME CUPPING MASSAGE WOULD HELP. wHERE WOULD WE APPLY THE CUP? (Sorry about the capital letters, not yelling:-)) Any suggestions would help. Oh, he's 54, and in excellent health. Thaank you
Dr. Lin: 11/12/2003>
Vasectomy has disabled his testicular function and cut his androstenendione/testosterone/DHT synthesis at about 30-40%, so that his brain/nervous system have to shut down his semen production due to a deficiency of the androgen hormones. This is because the brain/nervous and internal organ function use most of the androgen hormones in order to support life. In fact, since the sexual reproductive system are redundant, animal and human beings can survive without the sexual reproductive system. In some severe situation, even if the sexual function has been fully shut down, the brain/nervous system still can not get enough androgen hormones to support the brain and nervous function. As a result, the vasectomized men can suffer psychological disorder and instability, fatigue, stress and anxiety when the testicular function is fully dead. Some vasectomized men may develop a stabilized female brain function if their testosterone hormonal receptors can be transformed to the estrogen receptors.
You should have also observed his penis shrinkage  (about 20-30% at least) after his lost 30-50% of his testosterone and DHT.
Due to an inactive seminal production mechanism, even if you force him to ejaculate by a heavy stimulation of his urethra or a direct stimulation of his prostate, he will release a thin and watery fluid that contains no semen, just like a female urethral ejaculation from the degenerated seminal vesicles called Skene's glands.
No semen no orgasm.
Also, the deficiency of the androgen hormones cause a deficiency of the relaxin/elastin Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) produced by the tissue for the elasticity and flexibility of the nerve. Without sufficient PE-1, he will experience pains in the penis, testosterone, perineum, groins, tailbone, low back, low abdomen or/and shoulder/neck, even rear brain too, and may experience bleeding during ejaculation or bowel movement due to tissue abrasion

Vacuum-cupping massage won't help in this regard.
He needs ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP to help him out.

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