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Case Title:  Pot smoking has killed young man's erection and libido and caused watery ejaculation (no semen!) for no more sexual orgasm - the end of sex life.
Reader: 11/08/2003>
Dr. Lin,
I am a 23 yrs and have been smoking pot heavily since I was 18. My sexual functioning has been in slow decline over this period. In the past I attributed my lack of sex drive to the fact I take antidepressants (currently Lexapro 15 mgs daily). However, I now realize that my drug habit is causing majority, if not all of the problem. I have not smoked in 8 days and have not seen any major improvement in my condition. My sex life has slowly regressed to the point of non-exsistence. I no longer have much of a sex drive and have trouble maintaining an erection. When I am able to ejaculate I find my my seminal fluid to be watery. I am committed to recovering my sex life. I am going to quit smoking for good b/c it is not worth sacrificing my sex life. I went to the doctor and they wanted to prescribe me Viaaggra. I am 23 yr and feel as thought this is not the answer. The doctor did not seem knowledgable about marijuana and sexual problems. Is it too late to correct this problem? What I can take or do to reverse my current condition? I am willing to do whatever it takes. I really appreciate your input. 
Dr. Lin: 11/09/2003>
Well, it is about the end of your sex life, as described in

Low libido and watery ejaculation indicate your brain /nervous systems have been fully taken over by the pot 470 chemicals and your liver, adrenal and testicular functions have been destroyed by the pot chemicals.
One thing for sure is that your testicular function has been castrated by the the pot chemicals since testosterone is essential for libido and seminal production. Your ejaculation fluid may contain no semen at all, like a urethral female ejaculation fluid. since semen, made from the cerebrospinal fluid, contains a lot of androgen hormones, neurotransmitter's precursors, and prostaglandin E-1. Your cerebrospinal fluid lacks of the androgen hormones and neurotransmitter's precursors, but is loaded with the pot chemicals. The pot chemicals are trapped inside the nervous systems forever, even if your drug testing in your urine or blood shows you are clean.
When the pot chemicals take over the brain's dopamine nervous function, your pituitary-testicular axis is close to death and your thyroid function may become abnomal.. If your testicles are fully dead, you will need a testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of your life.
When the pot chemicals take over the brain's acetylcholine nervous function, you become stupid and your liver and adrenal functions become very weak.
When the pot chemicals mimic the action of acetylcholine in the sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, you suffers from numbness (de-sensitization and poor reaction) , arteries constriction and impotence (no Nitric Oxide and cGMP synthesis in the neuro-muscular endings in the arterial wall; no Prostaglandin E-1 synthesized by the tissue), irregular cardiovascular output, ejaculation or orgasmic disorder, penile shrinkage (clitoral/G-spot shrinkage and vaginal enlargement for women).
When the pot chemicals take over the brain's serotonin or GABA nervous function, you always experience the sympathetic nervous fire for Fight or Flight, due to an excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion in the brain and adrenal medulla, leading anxiety, stress, sleeping disorder, psychological or psychiatric disorders, impotence, premature ejaculation, body pains or cramps, eye floaters, buzzing ears..., and so on.

It will be a long-term, tuff battle for you to deal with the sexual destruction ahead. It will take years for you to detoxify/rejuvenate your nervous system and liver function for an attempt to revive your near-dead testicular function.
Please read this link for understand your situation -
Over-masturbation and marijuana have killed his erection no sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11712.htm 
How drugs take over your brain and nervous system and how to detoxify your brain and nervous fiber/synapse for restoration of sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11500.htm 
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