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News updated:

Case Title:  He said 'Love the products....... my eyesight is so much improved...... I wonder why this is? ' for more sexual orgasm - the electric engineering solution for eyesight and eye floaters.
Reader: 11/05/2003>
If not home leave at office. Took 20% discount. Love the products....... my eyesight is so much improved...... I wonder why this is?
Dr. Lin: 11/05/2003>
Thank you very much for your business again.
We have issued the 20% off discount Custom ID for you according to our rules -
Please use this ID so that we don't have to scan your order records in our transaction data base.
What you have experienced is a result of the brain and nervous rejuvenation for the acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin and GABA nervous function. The formulas have balanced your brain and nervous circuits and optimized the resting potential (DC biased voltage) in the sensory, amplification, filtration, memory, modulation and transmission circuits, so that your brain's CPU (Central Processing Unit) can get a clear, optimal signal (without clamping or clipping distortion or noise superimposition) to process from the visual, hearing, contact or other remote sensing input. The products restore the nervous AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for the sensory AGC Amplifier circuit, where the Serotonin and GABA nervous circuits play the Negative Feedback Controller, the acetylcholine nervous circuit acts as a signal pick-up  sensor, and the Dopamine nervous circuit is the input, filtration and output operational amplifier.

Note: the DC voltage (the resting potential) in the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous system is the healing power, restoration force,  erection actuator, liver and adrenal functional driver; in the  dopamine nervous system, it is the driving force of the hypothalamus/pituitary-testicular/ovarian axis and thyroid function, and the orgasm fire; in the serotonin and GABA, it serves a negatively stabilizing control voltage of the other nervous systems (For example, sympathetic nervous Fight or Flight - stress, anxiety, premature orgasm or ejaculation, erection withdrawal, arterial constriction by alpha receptors or arterial over-dilation by beta receptor, eye pupils dilation - over-sensitivity to light or blurred vision, ear buzzing noise, orgasm headaches or pains/cramps...)

1.  http://www.actionlove.com/extra/eyefloater.htm
2. The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life,  by Robert Becker, Gary Selden.

1. The DC Electromagnetic field is the natural life regeneration field. In Dr. Becker's "The Body Electric" it is a healing power for the damaged brain/nerves and broken bone. He demonstrated the Hall effect of  a DC Electromagentic field can interrupt the nervous transmission and numb the animal parts for surgery operation. That is, the Hall effect can put you into sleep without any drugs ( a natural sleeping aid! Do you want to become a sleeping beauty waiting for your prince to come?!)  In animal cloning, it allows scientists to remove DNA from an egg and replace it with DNA from an adult animal cell.  Of course, the adult animal DNA carries an aged biological clock of the adult animal to the egg.  That is, the expected, cloning animal will be born "old". 
2 In the electro-acupuncture,  acupuncturists use a sequence of extra low-voltage (with micro-Amper) DC pulses to charge the internal organs via the associated acupuncture networks with the electro needles (can you charge your penis? How about having an electric orgasm with depolarizing L1 /L2 nervous circuits with a TENS Unit! - http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9704.htm ). By the way, the resting DC voltage in the nerves is around -70 mv.  If you can increase the negative potential (more negative) of  the parasympathetic nerves S2-S5 and decrease that (less negative) of the sympathetic nerves L1/L2, you will get a better erection and ejaculation control. You can bend/stretch/compress/heat your bone to produce piezoelectricity (before you break your bone!) to charge your local nerves, for example, compressing the pubis to supercharge the penile and clitoral erectile (parasympathetic) nerves. This is how the 3-point excitation method, the Finger Pliers Method, and penile ballooning method work - http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm , http://www.actionlove.com/love/fgplier.htm and http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm !
3. The AC Electromagnetic field "may" be harmful. Causes cancers or tumors?   I know the Microwave AC Electromagnetic field can cook foods! I have one microwave oven!
4. I have a wild idea - How about using a DC Electromagnetic field to enlarge a penis!?  Put your male dog to test the idea first. 

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