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Case Title:  Marijuana has killed his brain/nervous and sexual function for no libido, erection and sexual orgasm. why she can only achieve unsatisfied clitoral orgasm by oral sex?
Reader: 10/28/2003>
I have 2 problems actually,first im 22 dating a 31 year old male, he doent seem to ever want to have sex, i try putting on pretty nighties, i have even gone to bed naked, but there is no arousal, he just goes to sleep, i think the problem is marijuana, could this be possible, and my second one is, i have orgasms when i have oral sex, but i have never had one during intercourse, is there something wrong with me, what can i do ? Please help
Dr. Lin: 10/28/2003>
1. His sexual function is dead! I wonder that his testicular function has been destroyed by the Pot chemicals! He may not able to hold an erection or ejaculation for few seconds during vaginal sex. Pot smokers usually have erectile dysfunction due to a mimic action of pot chemicals in place of acetylcholine in the parasympathetic nervous system , and either premature ejaculation or orgasm dysfunction, depending on if their seminal production has been shut down for no more ejaculation and orgasm.
Please read this article first -
and the typical examples in this link.
Or this one -
Evidences show destruction of pot (marijuana) smoking, resulting in low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low seminal production for no more sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11303.htm 

2. The nerves in your G-spot have been desensitized or even dead due to excessive abrasion or chemical castration. Vaginal orgasm requires G-spot and urethral/vaginal spongy tissue erection via the nervous hemodilation of the vaginal arteries and the synthesis of prostaglandin E-1(PGE-1) with a rhythmic stimulation at a rate of 0.8 or 0.4 seconds with a simulation pressure of 3-6 PSI on the G-spot/urethral nerve. The erection of the urethral/vaginal tissue make your vagina become very tight and sensitive due to a burning of testosterone into DHT in the urethral/vaginal spongy tissue and nerve. The heating of the sympathetic L1/L2 orgasmic nerve, in conjunction of the dopamine-adrenalin conversion in the brain and adrenal medulla for the sympathetic nervous "Fight", relays a signal to the brain/hypothalamus/pituitary for a flooding of oxytocin (the orgasmic hormone) into the bloodstream and then oxytocin helps the L1/L2 nervous circuit to initiate the contraction of the uterine/vaginal contractile fibers for orgasm. And you also needs a hard erecting penis to properly stimulate your G-spot and/or blend your Epicenter/cervix to achieve orgasm, where the G-spot and Epicenter are the most nervous concentrated location inside the vagina. Please check this link for the penis requirement -
Generally, clitoral orgasm is a sympathetic "Flight" nervous response to the sexual stimulation, with no clitoral erection. This type of sexual response has less or no vaginal contraction and make the clitoris become extremely sensitive after orgasm. If there is a hard clitoral erection, the clitoral orgasm is a sympathetic "Fight" nervous response which also induce the contraction of the outer vagina and G-spot. The sympathetic "Flight " clitoral orgasm gives women more sexual anxious and unsatisfied, while the sympathetic "Fight" clitoral orgasm helps women release sexual tension and anxiety and burn some bioelectric / sexual energy in the outer vaginal/urethral nerves and the clitoral nerve. Some women can be sexually satisfied by the sympathetic "Fight" clitoral orgasm unless the Epicenter/cervix are frequently engorged and compressed/squeezed by the uterine and bladder (particularly, when it is full or semi-full) moving against each other .

Here are my hints:
If you are on birth control or anti-depression drugs, please read
If you use a Vibrator, please read

if none of them, check your and his love tools - http://www.actionlove.com/extra/lovetool.htm 

Test your sexual response with my Finger Pliers method,
If you can not achieve orgasm with this method, take Viapal-hGH-J or Heat Tea to help you erect your clitoris and G-spot for stimulation.
If you can achieve an orgasm with my Finger pliers method, it may be his penile erection, premature ejaculation or technique problems.
He must last longer than 30 minutes and be able to give you 3-point excitation -stimulation on your clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the same time with a rhythmic pressure -

Generally, the male sexual problems, erectile power and premature ejaculation, are also the main causes of the female orgasmic dysfunction.
If his erection is weak, he will need Viapal-hGH-P and 5_HTP to help him out.
For drug abusers, it will take a long time (6-12 months) to detoxify the nervous system for erection and seminal production if the testicular function is still alive-
How drugs take over your brain and nervous system and how to detoxify your brain and nervous fiber/synapse for restoration of sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11500.htm 
If his testicular function is gone (his testosterone level is below 300 ng/dl), he needs a low dose of testosterone therapy to work with our products.
More tips are given in
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