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Case Title:  Don't mix over-masturbation and violent sports, or you get more than sexual exhaustion symptoms for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/26/2003>
Dear Dr Lin
I am writing to ask you if I am sexual exhaustion first of all I must apology for the long letter but I fear I must explain all my symptoms I have alot of pain and very weak, it started 1998 I was doing sports almost every day alot of running and weight lifting in july I was doing some exercise for my abdominal muscles and my back got stiff and would lock when I would bend it a few months later I got a pain in my chest for a few weeks I went to the doctor he said my heart was ok I continue with sports but at the end of the year I injured my hamstring also I got a pain in my tail bone from when I was on the exercise bike they would not heal up I was not able to do sports in 99, I thought it was my back so I went to a chiropractic and it was him that started the the pain in the neck and shoulder and a cracking sound in the shoulders I went to a physiotherapy and she got me to do some stretches for the back just like the chiropractic it brought on severe pain ten times worse than it was in the lower part of the back from neck to tail bone was like having a tooth ake in my spine all day long even a massage would make the pain worse, got all the blood tests, x-ray, CT and MRI scan all tests were fine I was told I over did the sports then a doctors told me I had chronic fatigue, and finally I was told it was fibromyalgia, at the end of 99 I lost all my energy and I would sleep for 14 hours wake up tired and would have to go to bed again for two more hours I could not go out with weakness and pain I also went trough a year of insomnia I can not get in to a deep sleep, I have tried every thing alternative therapies all kings of alternative medicine, allergy testing, acupuncture and got my mercury filling out, the only thing that helped a little with the pain was a supplement called rayobase it is for getting acid out of the body it have potassium calcium magnesiam in it.I experienced this year during urinating at the end white liquid oozing outa little is this seinal emission I have had no pain in my testis only in one side it is swoolen not the testis but on top of it I think it is the epididymis I got a ultrasound scan but I forget what the doctor said but he told me not to worry it is harmless, before I got sick when I masturbation I remember only a drop of semen would came out, I have notice now that I can hear a buzzing in my ears, I do get stress out and anxiety, a little depression but I think when you can not sit down for only a few minutes with the tail bone too weak to stand and pain in the neck and back would make any man depression, headaches, forgetting things and if I eat a big meal I will get very tired after. I started masturbation when I was 13 or 14 ever day some times twice Iam now 26 years I slowly stopped masturbation in 2000 do not get me wrong I can still get my penis up and masturbat every day but I have good will power, it made no difference after six months I started again every day after two weeks of it my energy got worse than it was so I stopped again, a few times a year I would have wet dreams two to three times a week for a few months and again my energy would go down so now I no it makes my energy bad but when I stopped it did not inprove my condition, , the only medication Iam on is zydol capsules for the pain and ventolin inhaler for my asthma so if it is sexual exhaustion and I go on your medicine would I to stop these, I am ready to do what ever you say, is it by e-mail you reply to me or do you reply on your web page.
Dr. Lin: 10/26/2003>
Yes! You have gotten the sexual exhaustion symptoms due to over-masturbation.
Don't mix over-masturbation with violent sports.
When your tissue can not produce sufficient relax/elastin Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) for your muscle and nerve, you will damaged your muscle, joint and nerve.
excessive ejaculation usually reduces the PGE-1 synthesis in the tissue, resulting stiff muscles, nerves and joints.
You can experience this stiffness right after ejaculating. 
Also, over-ejaculation depleting androgen hormones and neuro-chemicals will weaken neuro-immunity, resulting in unwanted infection.  
Viapal-hGH-M can help you out.
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