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Case Title:  Birth Control Pills caused her dark brown discharge in one month for  no more sexual orgasm. On other phenomena associated with the use of hormone-based birth control for the emulation of a pseudo pregnancy state.
Reader: 10/12/2003>
Actually my problem has to do with my health. I read one problem posted about a woman with heavy brown discharge while taking her birth control pill. Well I also have had the dark brown discharge, however I only had it for a few days, probably about the length of my regular period. Is this at all normal, and could it be due to hormonal changes in my body? (This happened after only the first month of birth control.)
Dr. Lin: 10/12/2003> The principle of hormone-based birth control is to emulate a pseudo-pregnancy state by flooding the brain with excessive progesterone or/and estrogen, so that your brain will think you are in the pregnancy state and then shut down your pituitary-ovarian axis and, of course, your ovarian function. This results in excessive progesterone or estrogen in the uterus and cervix. When the liver fails to detoxify the excessive hormones and to fully support the synthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin,  the patients will suffer from depression, low libido and orgasmic dysfunction.
If there is an excessive estrogen level in the bloodstream, the vagina becomes too wet and have no feeling. The labia minors and clitoral hook ( the clitoral foreskin) will grow if the tissue is exposed to excessive estrogen for a long time. The breast tissues become tender and saggy.
If there is an excessive progesterone level in the bloodstream, the vagina becomes too dry, has no feeling or numbness, and discharges very heavily, in addition to experiencing penetration/intercourse pains /Vulvodynia (vulva abrasion)/  (due to a lack of the relaxin/elastin Prostaglandin E-1synthesis, but an excessive Prostaglandin E-2 synthesis ) , or/and Vaginosis / Yeast Infection (caused by vaginal abrasion and neuro-immune disorder) . The breast tissues become tender.
In either condition, the clitoris and G-spot will shrink as a result of a severed deficiency androgen hormones (androstenedione, free testosterone and DHT) after the ovarian function is shut down and the liver fails to detoxify the toxin in the birth control; the patients slow down the thyroid function, gain weight and rapidly develop more fat cells in the belly and hips.

Progestin in the hormone-based birth control generally causes a heavy vaginal discharge (cervic mucus) - the over-stimulation of the cervix by excessive progesterone.
The artificial hormones Progesterin and Conjugated Estrogen can cause spotting from the uterine lining.
When the spotting is very small, it will stay inside the vagina and mix with the cervic mucus.
When the spotting blood is oxidized, the resulting vaginal discharge become dark black or brown, depending on the quantity of the spotting blood and it duration trapped inside.
If it is trapped for too long, yeast can change the color to black or produce a bad smell.
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