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Case Title:  Self-stimulation by the dynamical movement of the cervix/uterus and bladder against the Epicenter for female horniness, wet dreams, and deep-vaginal sexual orgasm, but maybe pains or cramps too if the uterine prolapse or tilting is severe enough.. 
Reader: 9/20/2003>
I am very happy to have found your website!! I have many questions but will just start with one for now. I have been trying to find information which explains a certain sensation I have been experiencing (very pleasurable) which feels to originate deep in my vagina. While experiencing it (which happens often and with no apparent reason) I feel that if I was to have sex right then that I would climax immediately (deep thrusts that bang my cervix). Does this feeling originate in my epicenter or g-spot? (when I am aroused and having sex I 'come' explosively when I am pumped hard, fast and often it's best from behind). I certainly have no complaints, but just want to understand it better!
Thanks! (I'll write more later!)
Dr. Lin: 9/21/2003>
Yes! The feeling is generated by the Epicenter-brain nervous feedback loop via the L1/L2 spinal cord nerves. This is due to the frequently, dynamically compressing stimulation of the Epicenter nerves (the L1/L2 nervous feedback circuits to your pituitary for the release of the orgasmic/laboring hormone Oxytocin) by the cervix/uterus and bladders which move frequently inside your pelvic cavity. The direct stimulation on the Epicenter by the glans penis can produce an explosive sensational response. The orgasmic contraction generated by the Epicenter nerves is very similar to labor's. For the relative locations of these organs, please read -
When the erectile tissues from your G-spot to Epicenter are spontaneously erecting (like the male penis does), the internal self-stimulation will drive your sexual crazy for horniness and want to be stimulated immediately. Some women can get unwanted, spontaneous orgasms several times a day, even during a meeting in the office. Generally, the uterus/cervix move a lot in the early morning. This can trigger female wet dream when the bladder is also full enough to gravitationally compress the Epicenter against the cervix.
Some women having a slightly tilting/prolapsing uterus/cervix may get the frequently compressing stimulation of the Epicenter once the cervix/uterus moves again and again -
Since you are 40, I suspect you have the similar condition like this. My wife had the similar sexual responses when she was at your age. Just before the peri-menopause during ages 35-45 is the Gold Years of the women's sexual life when the estrogen-testosterone ratio drops, the uterus/cervix slightly drops and the vagina becomes shallower. For this reason, healthy women want more sex an d orgasm, and can easily achieve orgasm too. Women in this age group are likely sexual hungry tigresses or lionesses.
However, when the uterus/cervix moves or rotates too much, likely to happens during peri-menopauses and menopause (during ages 45-55), the uterine contraction induced by the tlting or prolapsing motion will cause a lot of pains or cramps (similar to labor's) in the low abdomen, perineum, anus or tailbone during the middle night or early morning, instead of wet dream.
This is what my wife experienced too, and thus, I have developed this formula ViaPal-hGH-M for this problem and solved the intercourse or penetrated pain due to the severe prolapsed or tilted uterus, too -
She said ' I had a tilted uterus, because I had had uterine cramps after orgasm and corrected that with the Via Pal herbs.' restoration of sexual orgasm for no more intercourse or orgasm pains or cramps.

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