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Case Title:  He said 'First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing product! You are truly the greatest doctor and healer ever! ' for no more pains, aches or stiffness, but more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/17/2003>
Dear Dr. Lin,

First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing product! You are truly the greatest doctor and healer ever! I have seen every specialist that i think I could have seen over the last 12 years, and have stumped every one of these specialists as to what could be causing my problems. I have also taken numerous medications over the last dozen or so years such as: pain killer products, joint reliever products, antibiotics, steroids etc. and although some of them masked or covered some of my aches and pains, none ever led to getting rid of or curing them.

I find it so hard to believe that a few solid years of masturbating as a teen could have led to these many years (18 years in total) of pains and symptoms, which got progressively worse over the years. I mean, I would think that since I may have discharged my battery at the age of 17, that the following years of eating and/or exercising may have been able to re-charge me back?

I can also not believe the damages of masturbation. I mean ever sex act and year that went by led to more muscle wasting, aches, pains and stiffness in my groin and butt, legs, feet, etc.

I have been taking your product for almost 2 weeks now and have been gradually seeing my symptoms start to disappear - almost completely. I truly have never felt this good before. I can actually look forward to having sex with my wife now, as well as, focus on my physiotherapy to rebuild the muscle (damage) wasting that took place over the years.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you as well as possibly ask you a couple of more things like:
1) How long will I have to take your product to rebuild my systems deficit [(i.e.) re-charge the battery] 2) And how long will this re-charge last once I stop taking your product - few years etc. (I know this depends on sexual frequency etc.)?
3) Also, I have read that 5-HTP can contain a harmful contaminate that could lead to a blood disease called peak X, or that one could get serotonin syndrome from taking 5-HTP, so based on this does your company screen for Peak-X in the 5-HTP used in your product?
4) And can one get serotonin syndrome from taking your suggested dosages of 5-HTP?

Any info greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your amazing product!

Dr. Lin: 9/17/2003>

1. It will take about 3-6 months to transfer a weak brain/nervous system. but may take 6-12 months to regrow the damaged nerves.
2. That depends on your natural ageing rate, your age, and the intake of your nutrients.
You can make your rejuvenated nervous system decay very slowly if you eat foods containing neurochemicals, sterols, pure/ natural hormones or or their precsuors (plant-based or animal based), Omega -3/-6/-9 and antioxidents,  if you can regulate your sexual frequency - not to trigger excessive testosterone-DHT and dopmaine-andrenalin conversion and to excessively burn acetylcholine/serotonin/GABA, and if you can reduce stress (the andrenalin level in the bloodstream), you will no longer need our products anymore.
3. Our 5-HTP is made from the natural Griffornia Simplicifolia Seed extract. It is like coffee from Java bean or corn starch from corn.
There is no such thing called Peak X polluting the natural griffornia seed. The dietary industry is extremely careful in screening contamination. This industry, like the beef and milk industries, is under FDA watch, particularly after the 9-11 event. Our factory screens it and  we randomly test  the bottled products everyday ourself.  So, 5-HTP from the natural seed extract is very safe. I blend the natural Griffornia seed extract with other natural ingredients for nervous, liver and blood detoxification.
In fact, you are one of the beneficiaries who are taking my formulas containing the Griffornia Seed Extract!  MoodMax contains 25 mg Griffonia Seed Extract per tablet; ViaGrowth-IV,  5 mg per tablet; DopaFibra, 12.5 mg per tablet; 5-HTP, 50 mg per capsule.
There is no other products or drugs capable of dealing with the detoxification of medication/street drugs, alcohol, smoking, and hormone-based birth control poison and with the brain/nervous rejuvenation.

4. I am sure that you will never get the so-called serotonin syndrome from our products. I have formulated these products for a long-term nervous, liver and blood detoxification. 
They are capable of detoxifying Esctacy, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Shroom or other street drugs, in addition to dealing with medication drugs and hormone-based birth control.

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