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News updated:

Case Title:  Why the vibrator can trigger premature menstruation for destructive sexual orgasm!
Reader: 9/14/2003>
Hello again,

Thanks for having this great site, it helps alot. My question is every since (recently 2 months). I don't use the vibrator only once a month and it depends when i use it. But when i use it i always get my period 3-4 days after. This has been happening for 2 months. Is that normal that using the vibrator makes me have my period sooner? Is it harming my body?
Dr. Lin: 9/15/2003>
The vibrator works as a "mechanic" drug that can alternate your pituitary-ovarian synchronization function.
In fact, it over-stimulates your cervix/uterus and ovaries.
Generally, an over-stimulation of the cervix will trigger the cervix-brain feedback nervous (L1 and L2) circuits for excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion, an abrupt drop of progesterone and a jump of the oxytocin (orgasm and parturition hormone) for several days, resulting in unwanted, excessive uterine contraction and then premature menstruation.
This is what you have experienced.

So, You have a very strange question " Is that normal that using the vibrator makes me have my period sooner?"
Yes! it will damage your clitoral, vaginal/urethral, rectum and pelvic nerves and tissues
This is just a beginning.

If you use the vibrator, avoid your cervix and finish it as short as you can.
During your Luteal Phase, your progesterone elevates and your androstenedione/testosterone drops. Therefore, your clitoral and G-spot sensitivity and sexual response drops. and then, it requires a prolonging, violent stimulation of clitoris and G-spot with the vibrator for you to achieve orgasm. This causes your premature menstruation.

You can get more information from this link -
Reader: 9/16/2003>
Thank you so much for this valuable information. It is a shame that so many sex therapists suggest the use of vibrators for daily orgasm usage. I have been using the vibrator off and on for a year now, does this mean that i have lost alot of my nerve sensation and feeling? And can i ever recover these nerve sensation with time. Thank you so much i am going to recommend your site for valuable information and great natural products. Thanks so much ~Martha 
Dr. Lin: 9/17/2003>
Yes! Unfortunately, they have never studied the destruction of vibrator abuse like these frightened cases in
If you need a longer and longer time to achieve orgasm with or without a vibrator, your clitoral or/and G-spot nerves have been gradually de-sensitized and a scar tissue may start to form.  The general destruction sequence is: 1) the hormone-based birth control shuts down the ovarian androstenedione/testosterone production,  poisons the liver for an excessive protection of SHGB portein to freeze testosterone in the bloodstream, and decreases the liver enzymes that help the synthesis of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin for nervous sensitivity, erection, orgasm and mood stability; 2) with a decreasing nervous sensitivity and orgasm ability, women use the vibrator in an attempt to vibrate out some sexual pleasures, leading to the destruction or/and death of  the nerves and erectile spongy tissue in the clitoris and G-spot for no more orgasm.  Some women experiences mood swinging and depression after starting hormonal birth control, and take antidepression drugs that kills sex totally ( http://www.actionlove.com/extra/ssris.htm ).  Hormonal birth control + anti-depression drugs become extremely destructive. Then,  add the vibrator to the Weapon of Mass Destruction for the pelvic nervous systems in the clitoris, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, rectum and anus.
You can take ViaPal-hGH-J to reverse the damage and rejuvenate the nervous function down there.
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