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Case Title:  He said ' I have been using your products for a while now and am also recommending them to friends. They are a godsend! You are a pioneer and true genius in this field.' On circumcision, premature ejaculation, penile ballooning and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/14/2003>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I have been using your products for a while
now and am also recommending them to friends.
They are a godsend! You are a pioneer and
true genius in this field. I hope that you 
are getting the recognition you deserve as an

Anyhow, I have a problem, but it could also
be a positive too. I am un-circumsized and
realize that my foreskin is extremely long.

According to this website:


my foreskin CI index would be: CI-9.

I read a few articles on your site about
circumcision and I have a number of questions.

1) Should my foreskin be trimmed back? If so,
what is the optimal length, and how much should
I leave if I want to balloon.

2) Instead of trimming, is it possible to widen
the opening at the tip of the foreskin without
having to cut it. I'm kind of nervous about
the cutting, wondering if it will cut blood
vessels and bleed.

3) My glans penis is extremely sensitive as it
has never seen the light of day. How long
will it take glans penis (head) to toughen up?

4)Is my extra long foreskin good for ballooning
in it's current state. Or has it been inhibiting
the ballooning process. It seems to constrict the
glans from expanding to its fullest.

5) What is the best way to make my penis thicker?
And how does foreskin length affect this. It is
very skinny and not pleasing to women.

P.S. I'm a 28-yr old male in good health, but with
slightlyn weak liver problems (as diagnosed by
a traditional Chinese doctor.)

Dr. Lin: 9/14/2003>
1. Trim it to C4 or C5 so that you still have a room to grow.
You may get frequent infection when you have a foreskin CI-9.

2 and 3. If you widen your foreskin opening by cutting, it will become very ugly.
Yes! circumcision will chop some some foreskin nerves and veins.
But, the foreskin veins and nerves are different from these in the Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongisosum as shown in
It will reduce some nervous sensitivity on the penile skin due to cutting.
Since you are an adult, circumcision is much safer since your doctor can give you an optimal trimming, and the tissue in your glans penis is not as tender as the new-born baby's. Exposing the baby's glans to friction may promote a thick scar on the glans, leading to a severe desensitization of the glans. When the baby's foreskin is over-trimmed, he may grow a crooked penis, and discharge a lot of precum and then experience premature ejaculation when he can erect his penis. The over-trimmed foreskin limits his erection outside his body so that a hard erecting penile shaft produces a bouncing pressure toward and against the bulbourethral glands and prostate for squeezing the precum (bulbouretral fluid) and semen.

4. The extra long foreskin due to excessive estrogen receptors then.
The penile foreskin is the same as the female clitoral hood + labia minors (small lips) which mainly contains the estrogen receptors. They out-grow when they are fed with estrogen from the bloodstream.

When it is too long and too tight, it restricts the blood flow to the glans and limit the effectiveness of the penile ballooning.
At least, your foreskin must be loose if you want to practice penile ballooning.

5. You have to make the glans become bigger first, so that there is more blood flow to carry androgen hormones and neuro-nutrients to feed the penile spongy tissue and nerve for re-growth.
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