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Case Title:  On Level-7 sexual orgasm, Vaginal Orgasm Suction and Expelling forces.
Reader: 9/13/2003>
Hi Dr Lin,

My wife and Ihave been married bearly 26 years. I am 49 and she is 45. We have an excellent marriage and sexual relationship. For many years she has been experincing very powerful orgasms. A typical love making sessions would be 5 or 6 orgasms with 8 - 10 contractions per orgasm. My wife is very orgasmic even eye contact sometimes with me will cause her to experince contractions and it's not uncommon that she will have an orgasm with just nipple stimulation. She can often have an orgasm within minutes some times seconds when we make love. This happens especially if I stimulate her nipples with one hand and with the other hand insert one finger into her anus while and another in her vagina stimulating her g-spot. While doing this I am able to stimulatevher clit with my tongue. It is only a matter of moments until she is having an orgasm so powerful that it almost pushes my finger out of her vagina. After several orgasms like this I proceed to penetrate her. Sometimes she is so tight I can hardly get in and when I do she has such strong orgasms that her vagina on occasion has forced my penis completely out of her. The only time she can force me out completely is if we have made love in the not too far past and my erection is somewhat weak. When she has an orgasm like this she wil do everything from moan, scream grunt and even cry when she has a contraction. Iwanted to give you a bit of history of what was normal for us. A few weeks ago she had a most unusual orgasm. We had made love just like what I described and about 45 minutes later she wanted to make love again. She asked me to get the artificial cyber skin penis that we have for special occassions. While using it on her and doing all the other things I do she started to have an orgasm. However this time her orgasm had a tendancey to suck up the artificial penis rather thantry to expell it. She also let out a yell each time she had a contraction. After several minutes of this she was begging
me to enter her which I was more than glad to do. I no sooner penetra
ted her and she started to have the same kind of orgasm again. It felt so diferent fromt he normal orgasm. It felt like she was sucking on my penis rather than pushing it out. The sucking action was so powerful that it felt like her vagina was giving me a hand job. Needeless to say I soon ejaculated and she just kept coming the entire time. It was the most incredible orgasm I have ever felt her have in 26 years of marriage. What happened?? I thought up till that time she was having an L7 orgasm. Because I usually peneterate her until I can feel her cervix and then stimulate her cervix and clitors at the same time which gives her an very strong orgasm but nothing lke the one I just described. What did we do right, because we both would like to have a repeat performance regularily.
Dr. Lin: 9/13/2003>
The orgasm triggered in her Epicenter (auto-rhythmical muscle near the deep vaginal endings and cervix) will produce a vaginal suction force while orgasm triggered in her G-spot will a vaginal expelling force due to the variation of the vaginal muscle contraction.
The Epicenter orgasm is produced by the contraction of the deep vaginal muscle, uterus and low abdomen. A woman who is experiencing the Epicenter orgasm wants the penis stay inside so that she can feel fullness inside her vagina,  wants her partner  to huge her tightness  and kiss her deeply and extensively. 
The G-spot orgasm is generally given by the contraction of the middle-section vaginal muscle between the Epicenter and vaginal orifice.  It is also a powerful orgasm. The G-spot orgasm is useful for a woman with a titled or prolapsed uterus to to enjoy a powerful orgasm without orgasmic or post-orgasm pains or cramps . 
The Clitoral orgasm is very shallow, whose muscular constration is limited around the vaginal orifice, perineum, and clitoral shaft
an sometimes extending into the G-spot zone, about 2-3 inches inside.
The Epicenter Orgasm is violent, which may induced Orgasmic or Post-oragsm pains or cramps if women have a tilted or prolapsed uterus.
The pains or cramps can be solved by our ViaPal-hGH-C, ViaPal-hGH-J, ViaPal-hGH-M or -P depending on age and/or physical conditions. Please read
She said 'I had a tilted uterus, because I had had uterine cramps after orgasm and corrected that with the Via Pal herbs.' restoration of sexual orgasm for no more intercourse or orgasm pains or cramps.
or more in

A level-7 orgasm requires a 3-point excitation method which simultaneously stimulates her clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter  and gives her the Epicenter/G-spot/clitoral orgasms at the same time.
That is, she experiences orgasmic contraction in her entire pelvic, vaginal, clitoris, low abdomen and perineum.  More references are given in the following links -
How to blend her cervix and uterus to achieve multiple sexual orgasms for both of you.
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The Level-7 orgasm is extremely violent, like a volcano eruption.
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