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News updated:

Case Title:  An impotent story due to over-masturbation or over-ejaculation for no more sexual orgasm and ejaculation.
Reader: 9/8/2003>
After reading case 10357, I believe I might have the same problem which is a soft erection .I have masterbated for about 5 years, since age 26 nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day plus!!!I am now involved in a relationship after 2 years of no sex, no girlfriend. One night I was having sex, I stood up with an erection and my penis went soft(common) within a minute(I didn't have an orgasm)I decided thats it, i'm going to see a Doctor.

I went to the doctor and they checked my family history, my blood, blood pressure, did some sound frequency test on my penis, and the doctor put his finger in my rectum to feel something called the pancreas I believe. The funny thing is when he put his finger in their I felt a sensation at the tip of my penis. After they checked me out they said I was okay. However they did presribe me viagara, and told me to come back and review the blood test and see how viagara was working.

I did use viagara, however I was getting a stuffed nose. I stopped using it. I went back to the doctors and my blood test came back okay. However I noticed that my testosterone was at the bottom of the scale. The doctor looked at it and agreed that I should take DHEA. After this the doctor took the needle and injected my penis directly with some type of enhancer and about half hour later I had an erection. The scary thing was my erection wasn't going away. After 2 hours they decided to inject me again to bring it down. It worked. They informed me that my penis was more then fine. This was B.S

When I masterbate I do get a stronger erection then when I have sex with my partner, however I have noticed that it is very difficult for me to get a strong hard erection whether its masterbating or being with my partner. I don't get aroused and don't have interest in sex.

A couple weeks ago when I was with my partner I did get a very hard erection and she was shocked at the size. I was shocked since I havn't seen my penis that hard/big in a least five years.

My problem I feel is I have a hard time getting an erection, and when I do get one its soft, but its enough to penetrate but not hard enough to enjoy.

I feel like my penis is not doing what the brain wants it to do. I remember when I was 25 I could move my penis(up and down) by contracting something. I can't really do that any more. That contracting part I'm talking about is i believe when you are urinating and stop, then continue thats the muscle or nerve i believe I'm talking about.

Another point is when I urinate I will find semen at the tip of my penis sometimes, and when i go use the stool i will usually find a deposit of semen at the tip of my penis.

I just want my hard erection back, and I want you to tell me which of your products will help. 
Dr. Lin: 9/9/2003> 

You have given me a good story.
When your testosterone is too low (below 300-400 ng/dl), the erectile drug won't work. Your brain have to shut down your erectile neuro-hemodilation control mechanics (the parasympathetic nervous acetylcholine => NO => cGMP pathway and the binding of adrenalin into the sympathetic nervous beta receptors) to prevent the further consumption of testostreone.
Your prostate should stop seminal prdouction too. Even if you ejaculate, your ejaculation fluid should be very watery and thin, containing no semen. I wonder your T level is around 200-300 ng/dl.
Your doctor injected the relaxin and elastin Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) to force your penis to erect without going through the erectile nervous-hemodilation mechanisms. Luckily, he brought it down; otherwise your penis would be destroyed. And he realized that you can not use the PGE-1 injection drug. You can read more about the PGE-1 injcetion drug.
Problems associated with injection of Prostaglandin E-1, penile deformation, mechanism of penile enlargement, and sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9800.htm 
Penile injection for an impotent over-masturbator or over-ejaculator for penile deformation and no sexual orgasm

You need a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP to gradually boost your testosterone level and to slowly rejuvenate your nervous function for erection and seminal production. If you testosterone level is too blow (below 200-300) and your digestive system is too weak, you may need an extra dose of testosterone gel or patch to bring your testosterone level to 500 or high. Our ViaPal-hGH-P can boost the T level for about 200 ng/dl.
A minimum T level for a good sexual performance requires a testosterone level of 500 ng/dl or higher.

Reader: 9/10/2003>
thank you for your reply

I do apologize. I mentioned the word pancreas, however its the prostate the doctor was touching when checking my rectum.

You hit the nail right on the head. You are correct when you say my semen is watery and thin. I will be ordering your product/or products in the next couple days
thank you for your time 

Dr. Lin: 9/10/2003>
Thank you. Have a nice day and get well soon.
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