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Case Title:  He said ' I have been taking your ViaPal-hGH-P formula in conjunction with 5-htp for almost 4 months now and am quite pleased with the results.' enjoy a long-lasting, hard erection for her sexual orgasm, even with taking the growth drug DHT-inhibitor.
Reader: 8/14/2003>
Hello again Dr. Lin,

I have been taking your ViaPal-hGH-P formula in conjunction with 5-htp for almost 4 months now and am quite pleased with the results. I no longer experience (fingers crossed for the future) the "Fight or Flight" responce when in the process of making love to my girlfriend, I am able to sustain an erection much longer, my erection is now much more spontanious and hard as well, and I am lasting longer and longer in the process of making love as well. I am extremely pleased with the results, and I would just like to ask a few more questions as well:

1. I am doing 500 tailbone flexes/breathing a day and attempting to do the penis-balooning exercises for 30mins everyother day. I just want to make sure I am doing them correctly. For the breathing exercise I stand on my toes (in the shower) and flex my glut muscles untill I feel my tailbone move forward. I inhale on the flex and exhale on the relax. I do the exercises very fast fast and am having some difficulty concentrating on thinking of the movement of the sexual energy (is this a problem?). As for the balooning, I typically do it either in the morning or before bed. What I do is pop in a porno achieve an erection then massage the base of the penis (top and sides.. not bottom) for 10 mins, the head for 5 mins, then the base for the remaining 15. I'm not sure if this is what I should be doing but it is what I gathering from the diagram. When I do tailbone flexes while massaging it is often difficult to hold back ejaculation and I must slow down a bit. I think they are helping with my performance, but if I'm doing them wrong it could just be your herbal/vitamin formulas. Am I doing these exercises correctly? 

2. I am still taking pr0-p-tia and so it has got me a little nervous about some things. In reading over some of your cases I found some individuals who experienced shrinkage and erection loss due to the hair drug. I am worried that if I stop taking the ViaPal-hGH-P formula that I will begin to experience these problems as well. I have been taking the hair drug for about 4 months (same amount of time as your product) and am uncertain if these problems will implement themselves in the future even in the presence of your products as well. I am also a lowly college student, and so buying the hair drug and your package every 2 months is rather financially straining as well. I do, however, want to keep both my hair and my penile function heh . In as much what would be your recommendation? I still have about a months supply of ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-htp left. When that is gone what should I do? e.g. get certain parts of the package, just continue with it, stop propecia (would your products help prevent hair loss as well as pr?pecia does? ... not sure the hair drug is really working... still having hair fall out when I rub my hands through my hair or pull along the hairline). This issue has got me quite perplexed 

3. What foods do you recommend for sexual health? (this may be in the sight but it just popped into my head and I decided ask as I write the email.. )?

As always I apreciate your advice. Thank you for your products and your time.
Dr. Lin: 8/14/2003>

1. Do the anal breathing slowly - inhale deeply and slowly and pull up your anal muscle toward your tailbone and spine every 5-10 seconds and then release for 1-2 second; repeat the procedures again and again. If you feel your PC contracting, you should expand your low abdomen and exert a light pressure against your bladder to "pre-expand" or "pre-relax" your prostate/PC muscles in order to avoid its contraction against your bulbourethral glands and prostate.
2. To save your hair, sex and Money, you should reduce your ejaculation and frequently use a hot air blower to blow your hair to improve your scalp blood circulation. Our products MoodMax, Ginseng and 5-HTP can help stop hair loss. The cheap way to help your hair and sex is to select ViaPal-hGH-C (3-010) and take extra grape seed extract and Fish Oil, where DopaFibra can save sex. Cutting down you ejaculation frequency can $ave your sex, hair and money.  http://www.actionlove.com/extra/hailoss.htm 
3. Sea foods (or Fish Oil - cheap shot!) and Nuts/Seeds (or Flaxeed or borage oil), Amino acids/ Proteins (animal or plant proteins, where animal proteins are similar to ours and easier to be absorbed) , a lot of vegetables and fruits.

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