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Case Title:  Progesterone domination, hormone-based birth control, vaginal discharge, intercourse pains and yeast infection for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/06/2003>
I remember being sexually frustrated at a very young age -5, but I first brang myself to orgasm when I was 12. I went through about 2 years masterbating a couple of times a day, and became sexually active just before the age of 15. I have a lot of trouble orgasming with my partners. Penetration, at best, feels nice, and the only way I can get to orgasm is with prolonged clitoral stimulation, and yet from some angles I'm oversensitive and I don't enjoy it. I wonder if physically I'm just incapable: I know I'm normal physically. My labia minora is much larger than the labia majora, and this complicates intercourse as the flaps sort of get drawn in and stop the penis being able to enter me, even if I'm really wet. Although I'm used to it now, I had to take one boy to the doctor when he tore his foreskin a few years back, and its quite common for the others to get little tears. I also sometimes get tiny cuts which irritate me for days afterwards. Moreover, I'
ve had sporadic pain with intercourse especially when I'm on top, for as long as I can remember. The pain is as though my boyfriends' penis is colliding with the end of my vagina, is quite severe but only lasted a split second and happened rarely -until now. About 9 months ago however I was fitted with an IUD, and now I have the same pain pretty much every time I have sex. I went to a gynaecologist and I don't have any infections. An ultrasound showed nothing wrong, although the technician did note that I have polycystic ovaries. I have a caring and strong relationship with my fiance, and I desire him -which makes it worse as I really want to sleep with him but its getting to the point where theres no pleasure in it for me at all and when it comes to actually doing what I've been talking about, I find myself making all kinds of excuses. This is not like me, typically a real man eater. Is it possible I could have a tilted uterus and this wasn't detected ?

Dr. Lin: 8/06/2003>
1. First, try my Finger Pliers method for your orgasm without striking your cervix.
2. Your intercourse is due to a high progesterone level, but a high progesterone level in your cervix usually give you a lot of white vaginal discharge.
A tilted or prolapsed uterus can cause intercourse pain since it let your cervix be stricken by the penis.

Reader: 8/07/2003>
Dear Dr Lin,

Wow! I really am impressed. I have so little faith in the medical profession, but I clearly you are that proverbial one in a million. I do have a white vaginal discharge. In fact it has always been white, ever since I was 12/13, although I wouldn't say that there is a lot of it. Are there foods I can eat, or something I could do that would bring my hormones back into balance, and make the pain would go away? I'm getting so frustrated with this pain, and all my gynaecologist wants to do is check me endlessly for infections.

Out of curiosity, could excess progesterone be a reason why I have always reacted so terribly to the pill? I refused to try more than 3, and resented what it did to me. And it totally killed my libido so what was the point! I tried the mini-pill last. Thought perhaps it would be tolerable as the dose was lower. What a joke! I ended up bleeding for 3 months straight, and was an emotional wreck. I also had an horrific experience with a morning-after pill once, (I thought I'd miscalculated my fertile period for natural family planning). I was hyperventilating, felt as though my legs were too weak to walk on, and the idea of doing anything -even getting out of bed, gave me panic attacks. I was absolutely distraught. Luckily it only lasted 24 hours or so, but ever since that experience, I do occasionally experience a milder version of the same symptoms. 

Thank you so much for your speedy response.
Dr. Lin: 8/07/2003>

Yes! A high progesterone level in the cervix/uterus also causes yeast infection or or odorous (fishy or sour) discharges (with a brown color for a severe condition) , intercourse/penetration pains, PMS,  or orgasm pains (if your testosterone is high enough to drive your sexual /orgasmic responses) if the DHEA/androstenedione/Free-testosterone levels are too to assist the neuro-immune system and the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis in the tissues. The Chinese medical concept calls it "Cool Palace" where the palace is referred to the uterus, the baby palace, a a result of the Kidney Yin and Yang deficiency (that is, the deficiency of DHEA and androstenedione) I have collected the related problems in these links -
you will get tons of information about the associated topics in these links.

The main factors of the progesterone domination are:
1. Genetic factors - the brain's dopamine and acetylcholine nervous function is too weak to power the liver, adrenal and ovarian functions for the cholesterol-hormone conversion as shown in this link -
and the synthesis of neurotransmitters.
2. Long-term side effects of Hormone-based Birth control that screws up the brain's dopamine and acetylcholine nervous functions, castrates the brain/pituitary-ovarian axis, poisons the liver detoxification function and then pancreas functions, deactivate the thyroid functions, and clog the arteries with bad cholesterol as a result of blocking the cholesterol-hormone conversion by a high level of progesterone in the liver detoxification system.  Even if you stop taking it, its side effects are still ontinuous.
3. Long-term side effects of the placenta progesterone due to the last pregnancy which produces the similar long-term side effects of the hormone-based birth control. 
4. Poor Nutrition which won't support the liver and brain/nervous functions.
5. Excessive stress that kills the brain, digestive, cardiovascular, adrenal and ovarian functions.
6. Digestive disorder.

The pro-dopamine/pro-acetylcholine formula ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015) can help young women out.

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