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Case Title:  DHT grows your penis for  more sexual orgasm, but causes your hair loss - How to compromise both.
Reader: 8/01/2003
Dear Mr. Lin, Your website is enlightening! 9 months ago I met a girl and
she moved in with me. I've always had frequent masterbation in my life but it's nothing in comparison with the amount of sex I had when I met this girl. A lot of times I would have sex 3 or more times a day and would cum multiple times while having sex. It seemed great.
Well, that is until shortly after my hair started falling out and my head was red and 
itchy. Another thing was happening as well, my penis was getting bigger. Not an extreme amount but it seemed the more I had sex and came, the more I could cum and the larger my erection; not 2 p.m., more like 12! It makes sense now, after reading about the DHT information why this would all go down. Continueing on, I've always had unbelievably thick hair and I was the last one in the world anyone would have expected to have a balding problem. I was depressed about it and upset. I've spent the last 9 months thinking about it because of this constant itch to remind me about it. I've thought of all the changes in my life that occurred 9 months ago that would have caused this, but I could never think of any!!! I'm a stupid, stupid man. Maybe my new sexual addiction was in denial though. Just yesterday I joined a men's hairloss forum to ask for advice from someone out there who may have had similar problems. No one said anything in response to my posts. However, I started reading other posts and someone mentioned zinc supplements to help with hairloss. 
Well, after seeing a dermatologist in Japan and my family doctor in the states with no success, it seemed worth checking out at least. Anyhow, I began looking up information on zinc which immediatly led me to this site and my realization of the error of my ways. 
I thank you for the free information on this site you have provided, and although a peon in this world, I will vouche for your research 100%. THANK YOU!!! Now, what shall I do? 
Shall I get a zinc supplement like zinc picilonate and take about 50 mg/ day? Also, what from your formulas do you suggest I take, and ofcaorse like any other man... what should I take to help increase my size just a little more? Oh, and sorry I'm so winded but will the size increase be permanent, or does it require minor nursing? Hey, thankyou for everything ... I really mean it guy. 

Dr. Lin: 8/01/2003> 
well, DHT enlarges your penis, but causes Hair Loss.
If you can hold your erection longer (said, 1-2 hours in a session of lovemaking) and limit one ejaculation a day or one lovemaking session, your penis will  (would) be much bigger but you will (would) have less hair loss. You don't have to burn so much testosterone/dopamine into DHT/adrenalin, respectively, multiple times in one day, but your simply trap DHT inside your penis for 1-2 hours to grow your penis without draining it into your bloodstream while keeping the dopamine in your brain for a powerful, long orgasm.  Thus, you can not only stop burning your hair rooting cells, but also avoid over-stimulating your prostate with a persistent high-level of DHT and adrenalin in your bloodstream.  Adrenalin can constrict the blood vessels for a poor blood circulation due to its binding to the alpha receptors,  and triggers the testosterone-DHT conversion in the bloodstream to give you a hot blood for the sympathetic nervous Fight or Flight action when there is a lot of liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase in the bloodstream.  If your liver produces a lot of 5-alpha reductase and your testicles produce a lot testosterone,  you will have a "Hot" blood to stimulate your prostate for more ejaculation and sex, and to burn your hair sprouts and root cells.  If you carry a genetic factor of having  "Hot" blood, 
you have to improve your blood circulation in your scalp and prostate so that the excessive, trapped DHT can be down-loaded back to your bloodstream and expel it out of your body via urinating and sweating. At the same time, you have to supply more nutrients and sterols to the hair rooting cells for hair regrowth or protection. And your prostate needs the same protection too.
Generally, the DHT level for the puberty boys reach its peak of their life without a stimulation from the stress neurohomone adrenalin, but there is no hair loss or prostate enlargement for these teenagers.  In fact, their hair grow faster than any periods of their life.  You should ask why?  I believe that the stress neurohormone adrenalin and poor blood circulation is the most critical factors associate with hair loss.  Of course,  you can reduce your liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase and then DHT by 5-alpha reductase or DHT inhibiting drugs, but they can shrink your penis as discussed in this link - On the role of DHT in the penile Growth, Repair (Re-Growth) and structure for more sexual orgasm.
==> ,  or you can cleanse your hair rooting cells and prostate without interfering your liver function.
You have to reduce your intake of red meat and cheese that contains artificial Growth Hormone and milking-stimulation hormones which likely to stimulate your prostate for more ejaculation.
You should cleanse your liver and cold down your prostate with more Sea Foods (or fish oil), seeds/nuts (or Fl\ax seed or borage oil) and fresh vegetables and fruits (or juices).
Finally, plant sterols from Saw palmetto, Pygeum back, nettle root, pumpkin seed, and grape seed can help prevent the binding of DHT into its receptors. They may help you stop hair loss too.
Zinc supplement is very useful for the prostate's seminal production since semen contains a lot of zinc, but it won't help your hair.
If the blood circulation is poor in your scalp, these nutrients will never reach your hair rooting cells up there.
The constriction of blood vessels and capillaries due to an excessive binding of the stress neurohormone adrenalin into the alpha receptors can cause blood congestion in your body, of course, including your head too. Too much or frequent ejaculation causes too much dopamine-adrenalin conversion in your head and adrenal medulla! You may have to consider this problem seriously, in addition to your daily life stress. Caffeine can promote the dopamine-nonepinephrine/adrenalin conversion for sympathetic Fight or Flight. You can reduce the stress neurohormone production with 5-HTP,  and increase hemodilation of your blood  vessels and get a lot of plant sterols with MoodMax.