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Case Title:  Why pregnancy has shut down her sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/17/2003
Before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy the sex was great.Now I don't know what happened.I'm not having orgasms like I use to.The last few times my boyfriend and I had sex it was over before I could have an orgasm.The sex I get from him now is nothing like it use to be.He reaches orgasm before I do and then it's over.Sure it has happened before since everyone might have their bad days.It just seems like the more we have sex the worse it gets.I thought you were suppose to get better with experience.I am very frustrated at this point.I am not being satisfied any more.I think he's being selfish by not trying to make sure that I'm satisfied as well.I'm tired of it! It's turning me off to the point where I'm hesitant to have sex because I know what's going to happen. I don't like to have sex just be stuck with a wet a** only. I want orgasms!

Dr. Lin: 7/17/2003>Generally, the fetus/placenta releases a huge amount of progesterone (about 10-20 times of the progesterone level in the luteal phase) and estrogen ( about 300-500 times of the total estrogen level in the luteal phase) to shut down your ovarian function, to secure your pregnancy (due to progesterone), and to protect the fetus with water retention (due to estrogen).
Shutting down the ovarian function causes deficiency of androstenedione and testosterone, unless your adrenal function is powerful enough to produce more the androgen hormones to continuously support your orgasm.
However, you are bearing a boy, his fetus/placenta will also bless your body with androstenedione/testosterone/DHT that boosts your orgasm response but makes your skin become very rough. For this reason, there is a higher rate of miscarriage or premature labor for bearing a boy than a girl.
With this extreme high level of estrogen and a low level of the androgen hormones, your vagina/G-spot becomes very watery and puffy and de-sensitized, your brain's orgasmic fire - the dopamine nervous action for sexual pleasure - is turned off, and you becomes depressed. In addition, that high level of progesterone may make feel sick, upset your stomach, let you experience psychological and emotional instability, and may also cause penetration and intercourse pains due to a low level of androstenedione/testosterone although your vagina is so wet and watery, maybe too watery to feel the sexual stimulation.
You should consider this is a mother nature protecting your baby.
You should read this link about this -
Excessive sexual orgasm may cause miscarriage and premature labor -why?
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10946.htm 

The primary duty of sex should be species propagation, but God also give us this special gift called orgasm.
So, we should get our duty done first to honor God. The duration of pregnancy is only about 10 months. After that, you can resume enjoying sex again.
Note: The duration of raising a child is about 18-20 years. Pregnancy is just the beginning. So, you have to enjoy sex while raising your kids.
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