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Case Title:  solutions for chronic, non-baterial prostatitis and urethritis and restoration of sexual orgasm.
Reader: 6/25/2003>
Dear Dr. Newman K. Lin,

I have a big problem with my sexual health. Could you please read my Case History below. I would be very grateful if you could help me understand my condition and (most importantly) offer me some advice on how I might return myself to a state of health and then maintain that state. Thankyou.


In late October 2002 I had unprotected sex with a stranger (female). During intercourse I felt a sharp stab of pain in the shaft of my penis at least twice. I remember thinking at the time that I may have accidentally bent the erect shaft too far and the pain was in response to that (the intercourse was fairly vigorous).

About a week later I started to develop symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Symptoms included:

1) tingling while urinating
2) slight swelling of the corpora cavernosa
3) strong colour in urine
4) strong odour to urine

These developed (became stronger) over the next 3 weeks. The tingling became a slight burning sensation during urination. It was at this stage (3 weeks) that I decided to see a GP. He prescribed a single course of Doxyycycline as he believed it to be the best general anti-biotic for treating a urinary tract infection.

During the 10-day treatment, the symptoms gradually disappeared. Except for the swelling. The swelling lessened but did not completely disappear. This made me think at the time that the Doxxycycline was not successful in killing off the infection. I now know that this is not necessarily true as it usually takes a little while for the swelling to come down.

Over the next 2 weeks the symptoms returned and developed, and at the end of the 2 weeks they were worse than they had ever been. They now included:

1) the occasional tingle
2) burning while urination
3) strong swelling of the corpora cavernosa and head of penis
4) penis looked discoloured and bloated - like it was bruised with purple blotches
5) slight difficulty urinating - I assumed this was due to the swelling
6) very strong colour in urine
7) very strong odour to urine (sometimes like burnt rubber)
8) very thin clear discharge

At this point I was very worried and decided to see a Sexual Health Care Specialist. After hearing my history she decided that it was most likely to be Chlamydia and prescribed Azithromycin. At the same time she took a urine sample and a blood sample and tested for the following:

1) Chlamydia
2) Gonorrhea
3) HIV
4) Syphilis

None of the Hepatitis viruses were tested for. She observed what she called 'threads' of protein in the urine sample. All the tests returned NEGATIVE.

The result of treatment with Azithromyciin was the following. Within 2-3 days of taking the single Azithroomycin tablet, all the symptoms 1-8 above had cleared up except for the swelling which was still present (but reduced). However, over the next 10 days the swelling gradually increased and towards the end of the period I started to feel a little bit of tingling now and then. My urine also had a strong colour and odour.

I then visited this Specialist again informing her that it seemed to me that the symptoms were slowly returning. She concluded from this that I had ‘Non-Specific Urethritis’ and that the way this was treated was similar to the way Chlamydia is treated except over a longer period of time. So she gave me a course of Dooxycycline and Azithroomycin simultaneously in an effort to knock out whatever I had.

This treatment had virtually no beneficial effect on my condition. In fact, the two anti-biotics seemed to make my symptoms worse during the next 2 weeks. The swelling definitely went up. And the other symptoms that had already started to reappear maintained their presence: regular tingling, occasional hint of burning while urinating, strong colour and odour to urine.

With regard to the swelling, it varied somewhat from day to day, but generally speaking was the highest it had ever been. It oscillated between two states. One state I would call a ‘bloated’ state where the entire penis is quite fat but easily compressible. The other state I would call a ‘contracted’ state where pressing into the shaft of the penis I could feel the corpora cavernosa were quite firm. Both I consider to be abnormal states. I remember back when everything was normal, my penis was quite small (in the flaccid state) and pressing into it I wouldn’t have been able to tell the corpora cavernosa existed. I could press all the way down until I encountered resistance at the urethra. I am also guessing that the state the swelling is in is largely dependant on the blood flow in the penis at any point in time. Good blood flow results in the ‘bloated’ state, poor blood flow results in the ‘contracted’ state. Sometimes when in this contracted state my penis would throb a li!
ttle bit and I would feel some constant low-level pain in the shaft of the penis (which I assume was due to the swelling).

A couple of days after the last Dooxycycline tablet, a red rash appeared on the head of my penis along with a few red blotches around the opening of the urethra. I visited the Specialist for a third time and she took a swab from near where the red rash was and sent it away for tests. All tests returned NEGATIVE. Feeling that this Specialist had nothing more to offer me I decided to do some further research on my own. I read in a book that over-use of anti-biotics can result in thrush and that the symptoms of thrush were pretty much exactly what I had (except for the swelling of the shaft of the penis). I was annoyed that this Specialist did not mention once (on my last visit) the possibility of me having thrush.

Certain that I had thrush (and ignoring the fact that the swelling in the shaft of the penis could not be explained by thrush) I visited another Sexual Health Care Specialist. She diagnosed thrush straight away and gave me an anti-fungal cream to treat it with. After 3 weeks using the cream, the symptoms of thrush completely disappeared. I was now left with only one problem: the swelling of the corpora cavernosa and (the associated?) difficulty urinating was still present.

I spent the next 3 weeks monitoring the swelling more closely and thinking hard about possible causes. On close inspection I noticed 2 things:

1) The swelling was not evenly distributed along the shaft. The swelling was strongest just below the head of the penis
2) After masterbating squeezing this region of the shaft resulted in pain. Squeezing further down the shaft did not.

I decided from this that there was a possibility that I sustained some damage to my urethra and corpora cavernosa during the initial sexual act (I did feel sharp pain during the sexual act) and the subsequent infections combined with my constant masterbation were exacerbating this damage and preventing the damage from healing. Incidentally, I have masterbated at least once a day (sometimes 2, 3 or more times depending on how stressed or bored I was) since I was 12. 

I visited my Sexual Health Care Specialist at this time and explained to her my theory and suggested that it might be a good idea for me to stop masterbating. She didn’t really give me any indication one way or the other as to what she thought of my theory, but indicated that it couldn’t hurt to try it.

It was about this time (mid-March) that my penis started to react very strongly to my daily masterbation (I didn’t start abstaining straight away as it was very difficult for me to stop). Immediately after masterbating, the swelling would flare up and then gradually settle down to its normal level (of swelling). This steadily grew worse over the next couple of weeks. In addition to this, I began to notice that a small black and blue mark like a bruise would form on the surface skin of the shaft just below the head of my penis (on the upper side). This bruise would almost always be there immediately after masterbation and persist for varying amounts of time. Incidentally, just before my penis started to react so adversely to my masterbation, I remember masterbating quite vigorously for a couple of days (5 or 6 times in the space of 2 days).

It is then that I became serious about abstaining completely from masterbation. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do so and over the next 3 months up to this present date, I have made many failed attempts at abstaining. On average this has been my record: I would masterbate 2-3 times over a couple of days, abstain for 1, 2 or 3 days, masterbate 2-3 times over a couple of days, abstain for 1, 2 or 3 days .... I did have a couple of runs of about 2 weeks and a few runs of about a week of abstaining.

Based on the previous 3 weeks of experience I would like to point out the following observations. After masterbating, the swelling of the corpora cavernosa would go up significantly and stay very high (predominantly in the ‘contracted’ state) for about 2-3 days afterwards. During this period, urination would become very difficult. By this I mean I have to push quite hard to get it going and it usually takes me several goes (over a few hours) to completely empty my bladder. Usually I wake up a couple of times in the middle of the night to urinate, and if for some reason I don’t – I wake up in the morning with a full and stressed bladder.

Dr Lin, I'm going to send the rest of this letter in a second email because I don't think I can send the entire letter in one email. I tried but it didn't work properly.

Dr. Lin: 6/25/2003>Over-masturbation with a low level of ProstaGlandin E-1 in the tissues has abraded and corroded your prostate and urethral duct. Your problem is the corrosion problem of your pipeline due to a poor protection of the nerves from the high-speed, corrosive seminal and urinary jets. The strong urinary color implies that you have excessive liver and kidney sympathetic nervous fires. You have to detoxify the liver, kidneys, bladder and prostate and sedate the fires.
Please read these articles to understand your condition -
When your chronic "prostatitis" or "urethritis" is not prostatitis or urethritis, respectively, for no sexual orgasm. Here is the corrosion engineer's solution for the short circuits of the blasted nervous sensors and electric insulators.
When 'chronic non-bacterial prostatitis' (now called 'chronic pelvic pain syndrome') is the Prostate's Seminal Blasting Syndrome,' your prostate produces no much semen, resulting in retarded ejaculation, no sexual orgasm and vibrator-induced penile damage..
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He said 'My abrasion has resolved itself. No, not from your products but from you sexual chi kung technique.... Low back pain was also resolved.. ' Beware of the brain's responses to the non-ejaculation sexual-orgasm psychic power when your serotonin level is too low!.
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He said ' You "My Friend" are the King of Love'; ViaPal-hGH-M resolves his Chronic penile pain; On Dr. Lin's Bioelectric Theory of Love Science.
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Your solutions are:
1. take a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-M
2. reduce your ejaculation frequency to once a week to give your prostate and urethral ducts a break for healing.
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