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Case Title:   Sexual dysfunction caused by Semen Retention for no sexual orgasm - How monks disable their prostate's seminal production and then disarm their penises. And how a woman has an atrophy vagina.
Reader: 6/08/2003>
Are there stages of semen retention? I usually go retain for 3 months or so( the last was 6 months). I continue to have sex regularly. I would like to know if there are signs or at least a time table for this practice.

How long should one retain and what are the benefits of the duration of retention?

How does this relate to inner alchemy?

After the last ejaculation(after six months) I felt weakened considerably, but at the same timefelt a bit more sane and less crazy. Any connection? 


Dr. Lin: 6/08/2003>  Yes!

you should ejaculate once a week to clear the old inventory and build-up in your seminal vesicles and your dectus deferens, epididymal duct and efferent ductules, and unlock your brain-testicular axis for refreshing the prostate's seminal production and the testicular testosterone and sperm production. If the seminal vesicles is overfilled, you will have a pelvic congestion pain and premature ejaculation (if you have a sexual encounter) due to the over-expansion of the seminal vesicles against the prostate, bladder, bulbourethral glands, rectum and their adjacent nerves. And, the old semen inside the seminal vesicles will become thicker, yellowish, and then solidified to seminal stones, and at time time, the prostate seminal production mechanism will gradually slow and die down, and then become disabled once the seminal stones are formed. The seminal stones are fire-resistant. Cremation can burn out bones of a dead body, but can not damage the seminal stones. Buddhism uses the count of the seminal stones left behind to justify a monk's temptation resistance in his life.
If you don't want to become a monk, you should ejaculate once a week to reset your prostate's seminal production and your testicular testosterone/sperm production, although exhausting the prostate and testicular functions by excessive ejaculation or masturbation can disable the seminal and testosterone/sperm production as you had experienced (Similarly, Exhausting the pancreas's insulin production by a chronic high blood sugar can disable the pancreas function, leading to Typy-II diabetes). (
Retarded ejaculation caused by the exhaustion of the prostate seminal production is similar to the Type-2 Diabetes caused by the exhaustion of the pancreas insulin production, for no sexual orgasm!
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11111.htm )
If you don't use it, you will lose it. The same principle is also applied to the old virgin. Please read the following 2 links -
Restoration of old female virgin's atrophy vagina for sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11235.htm and Senior women's vaginismus and vaginal orifice shrinkage for no more sexual orgasm after having no sex for a couple of year - use it or lose it!
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10701.htm

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