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Case Title:   He said 'Thank you for your great products and advice...' with ViaPal-hGH-J; formulas for cardio exercises and penile ballooning; Tricks for penile enlargement with lovemaking - extracting the female essence to enlarge your penis; and she has gradually restored her libido disabled by birth control pills. Lovemaking positions for the hyper-orgasm Epicenter/cervix stimulation.
Reader: 6/03/2003>
 Hi Dr Lin,

Thank you for your great products and advice, as the products take some time to arrive. I need to start ordering for myself and my wife again.

I do lots of cardio exercises like running, cycling and swimming, but when I was taking the J package, it happened that I was having slight flu and did not exercise that much so the J package worked very well. I exercise an average about 45mins to 1 hour a day for 6 days. I am 30 coming to 31 this October.
Would the J package still be good enough or should I get the P package to grow my penis and exercise? Or should I reduce the exercise frequency? Will cardio exercise affect the growth of the penis as much as weight training?

As for my wife she is cycing the J package for one tablet a day now. I was thinking of getting Package D or Endura for her as I cannot convince her to take more than one tablet a day where she prefers to consume liquid. She is 34 and just stop taking the pills which she was on for the pass 6 months. I think her libido is quite low. The most is 2 times a week for her and also after about 15 - 20 minutes, she would come even though I can feel suction from her epicenter which is for only about 1 minute and her legs will get tired and she would not want to have sex any more. (Its difficult for me to do penile ballooning using the vagina) Which would be a better package for her?
Dr. Lin: 6/04/2003>  

1. Would the J package still be good enough or should I get the P package to grow my penis and exercise? Or should I reduce the exercise frequency? Will cardio exercise affect the growth of the penis as much as weight training?

Yes! a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P is more suitable for your situation with exercises, particularly weight training.
Our products can shorten the recovery time when you get sick or do exercises.
In fact, they keep doctors away; so I have to encourge my customers to have a regular health check-up.
Mild exercises sweats out stress neurohormones and stimulate neuro-immune and neuro-endocrine systems for sexual endurance's. However, heavy exercises tearing down the muscles and tissues will create scar and grow the testosterone/DHT receptors in the tissues to compete with the penile hormonal receptors for testosterone and DHT. That is, the heavy exercises will tend to cause the blood congestion and grow the hormonal receptors around the scar tissues. It can cause the muscle spasm and penile shrinkage.

2. If she is willing to take only 1 tablet a day, ViaGrowth-IV is the best choice for her since she is still young!
You should do penile ballooning during sex. This is what I originally discovered this penile ballooning after I got married.
Every time when you are about to come ( the so called Point-of-No-Return), stop thrusting with a deep breathing and pull out your penis; pull down your testicles and then do penile ballooning massage for 2-3 minutes; change the love position for another run of lovemaking; repeat the procedures again and again for at 3-5 times, until she can achieve orgasm or you want to ejaculate. Holding ejaculation back with the anal breathing/tailbone exercises when you are approaching to the Point-of-No-Return is very critical for penile ballooning. Since at the moment your penis become a maximum size from the beginning of the lovemaking session. The repeating ejaculation holding back and the penile ballooning will continuously maximize the maximal penile erection, until your testosterone-DHT conversion runs short or your parasympathetic nervous function for penile dilation exhausts. From my personal experiences, the best way to practice the penile ballooning with lovemaking is to let her achieve orgasm 3-5 times over an 40-90 minute love session. This is due the fact that an orgasmic cervix/uterus releases a lot of Prostaglandin E-1 to stimulate your urethral nerve for a harder and harder erection. If you can make her comes 3 times, you will feel your penis want to explode. This is why the old Chinese sexual bible "The Plain Girl" said - if you can make love with 10 women in one night without ejaculation, you and your penis will become very stronger. You don't have to make love to 10 women in one night; instead, let one woman achieve orgasm 3-5 times in a 40-90 minutes love session with your only one ejaculation at most. All you need is to feed her with the brain/nervous  and sexual nutrients so that her cervix/uterus can secret a lot of ProstaGlandin E-1 to help her achieve orgasm over and over again and to help your penis balloon bigger and bigger. This is the so-called "Extracting the female sexual essence to re-nourish the male body (and penis)".
The 3-point lovemaking position will allow your penis to lock into her Epicenter gap to continuously extract the ProstaGlandin E-1 released from her cervix. If you can penetrate that gap at least 1 inches, you will feel her cervix sucking your glans penis and you can feel your glans penis expanding at the same time. please also read this articles -   "
How to blend her cervix and uterus to achieve multiple sexual orgasms for both of you.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11227.htm  "

To retaining the consistent locking and stimulation of her Epicenter gap,  her body should incline about an 45 degrees angel so that the gravitational force can  drop her uterus to shorten her vagina and open this Epicenter gap for stimulation during lovemaking.  The upper-right picture of this link - http://www.actionlove.com/image/timing.jpg  shows the woman's upper body incline a 45 degree angle to maximize the Epicenter/cervix stimulation.  In a lay-down position, the woman can also compress her low abdomen and bend her legs toward her shoulder to open her Epicenter gap for the glans penis to lock in.  Women can lay her back on a 30-45 degree surface of pills, comfort,  couch or back support so that her Epicenter gap can be widely open for stimulation.

Reader: 6/04/2003>

Hi Dr Lin,

Thank you once again for your prompt reply.

After about 2 weeks on your products, it really felt great, my penis has grown at least half an inch before ballooning. I can finally reached the epicenter whereas previously I can only touch the cervix during intercourse. Its a new found joy. Thank you Dr Lin. I am grateful.

I am also using the cut/uncut foreskin to restore some of my lost foreskin. (I think that the circumcision is limiting my ballooning)

As for my wife even though she has just been on one tablet of package J cycling in three days, I can see that she is recovering, she began to have horny dreams once again and her stamina for sex is indeed improving( although a little slow), in which she didnt have since the pass 6 months when she was on the pill.

Dr. Lin: 6/04/2003>
Glad to hear good news from both of you. Our mission to help loving coupling enjoy more sex and orgasm so that they have a stronger physical and psychological binding via the flooding of the emotional binding and orgasmic hormone Oxytocin in the brain!  More orgasms for more oxytocin released by the pituitary, better relation and marriage!
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