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Case Title:  He said ' My girlfriend finds the finger plier great! The sensation is so deep and intense '; How to synchronize her brain response to the vaginal/uterine contraction with the Finger Pliers stimulation for a powerful sexual orgasm; On the direct stimulation of the prostate - for premature ejaculation.
Reader: 5/25/2003>
My girlfriend finds the finger plier great! The sensation is so deep and intense ... every time it opens up things in her, helping her to let go a bit more than before...It is extremely pleasurable, but sometimes it also triggers some emotional pain/trauma and makes her cry ... so it can also be therapeutic somehow. I had already read something like this about G-spot massage and emotional healing. In both cases (pleasure or emotional healing), she is so happy about this finger plier, that she would like to do the same for me. Is there something equivalent for males that can enhance the pleasure, help to let go more and induce emotional healing (as well as trigger multiple orgasms without ejaculations)? I had read that the male equivalent of therapeutic G-spot massage would be prostate massage. 
Thank you

Dr. Lin: 5/26/2003> 

Sexual satisfaction is a psychological and physiological therapy. Unsatisfied sex causes emotional tension and trauma and pelvic congestion. My Finger Pliers method ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/fgplier.htm ) can offer a rescue mission when the penis fails to do its job. However, this method is too effective and too powerful , much more than an fully ballooning penis, and it can let her continue orgasm until she is fully, sexually exhausted. After she break her orgasmic barrier ( http://actionlove.com/image/orgwaves.jpg  ), you have to slow down your stimulation to synchronize her orgasmic crying or moaning at a rate 0.8 second. Synchronous stimulation will let her brain ride the orgasmic waves smoothly, so that she can enjoy upto 30 or 50 cycles of orgasmic pulses pounding on her front brain's pleasure center.
An In-phase synchronizing of your stimulation with her brain/breathing response to orgasm will form a close feedback response (wave constructive interference) loop between the clitoral/G-spot/Epicenter sensory nerves and the brain's cerebral cortex's motor nerves to the uterus/vaginal muscles which contraction sends the orgasmic wave back to the heart/lung/brain via the Conceptive Energy Channel along the central body as shown in
and http://actionlove.com/image/wavepath.jpg 
This will let her ride the 0.8 second orgasmic waves all the way to the end (pleasure exhaustion). If you cannot do that, her brain will receive random orgasmic pulses and becomes chaotic.  That is, you use the Finger Pliers stimulation to randomly generate the vaginal/uterine contraction pulses to her brain without producing a sequence of the 0.8 orgasm waves to her brain. You must stimulate her at 0.8 second and synchronize your stroke with her orgasmic crying or moaning after she break her orgasmic barrier.  About the resonant excitation of sexual orgasm, please read http://www.actionlove.com/love/resonant.htm  or these two articles -

He said 'After reading your articles and putting them into practice especially the 3 point stimulation and the penis ballooning my wife has had some incredible orgasms.' Why the 3-point Excitation method makes her achieve sexual orgasm like a volcano eruption. His video tapping proves it.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11202.htm 
How to enlarge your penis via lovemaking for her multiple sexual orgasms; The 3-point and 4-point excitation methods for her super Level-7 orgasm and why? Her real experience.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11201.htm 

The male orgasmic pleasure in the brain is the same as the female - riding the orgasmic waves.
Like women, you have to peak up your sexual energy via the parasympathetic nervous circuit to make your erection as harder and longer as you can and then you release the sexual energy by a sequence of orgasmic waves by the contraction of the prostate and the entire pelvic contractile muscle.
If you have your prostate directly massage to come without peaking up your sexual energy, you will feel void and empty in your brain. This will negate your emotional satisfaction. and Chronic prostate massage will lead to premature ejaculation. It will train the prostate reflexion nervous circuit from L1/L2 to trigger instant ejaculation upon sexual excitement
Imaging that the penis is sunk into the male body, the male prostate is the same location as the female Epicenter/cervix; the male trigger zone is as the G-spot; the glans penis is as the glans clitoris. This discussion is given in

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