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Case Title:  Smart young man's stupid experiences with Street drugs and Psuedo Ephedrine HCL or Ma Huang for chronic fatigue, body pain, psychological disorder and sexual dysfunction for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/24/2003>I had a friend that was involved in drugs for a while (speed,ecstacy ect.) He said to me one day whe should go to the drugstore and get some diet pills, because they give you a "buzz". I thought he was talking rubbish. When I saw that you can just go into the drugstore and buy these pills no questions asked I thought they were harmless, so we took some infact far too many and I was "high" for 5 days and couldn't sleep and had no appetite and my penis shrank to about 1 inch and I was leaking urine uncontrolably to. This was the most stupid thing I have ever done in my life and I could have died or had a stroke or heart attack, there were times when I felt so bad I honestly thought I was going to die. And for months afterwards I was extremely paranoid and out of touch with reality I thought I was going to go mad. The active ingredient in the pills was Psuedo Ephedrine HCL. I have suffred many side effects over the years since this incedent and continue to suffer, I !
had a very bad reaction. This was almost 6 years ago. I noticed about 6 months after this that my attraction to women was gone and I felt like my penis was dead and had no feeling, if a naked women stood infront of me I felt absolutely nothing sexual if I never had sex it wouldn't bother me. My body was stiff and tired also. I met a girl soon after that and found it very hard to be sexual and could not get an erection, after many months I developed kidney and bladder pains and could not empty my bladder and the urine came out very slowly. My urine was analized and contained blood. My relationship became serious with this girl despite my problem. I managed to start having sex (my first time) but it was very difficult and and I got tired very easily and I didn't really feel anything it was more like a mental effort. I did manage to ejaculate but didn't feel much either and if I got distracted during sex or it was too long I lost my erection. I am now married to this women. We!
have sex a lot but it is still only like a mental activity for me I d
on't feel the way I should. The condition has improved over time a bit. But I still have weak erections that are like 70% of what they were and my sexual desire is still very low (mainly mental) I still get pains in my testicals and appendix area and sometimes have the sensation of a knife going up my anus also recently I have ejaculated some blood. This is such an upsetting situation for me and makes me feel depressed I want to be attracted to women again in a healthy way and get and maintain full strong erections like when I was a teenager. When I was a teenager I had an over active sexual appetite and couldn't think about anything but sex so I naturally masturbated far to much to the point of becoming less sensitive to sexual stimuli. This is a long story and my thanks for your time I just wanted to give you as much information as posibble I have looked at your products but would like your oppinion before I make a purchace. I hope I can be cured. Thank You in advance and !
I am so glad I found yor wesite.

Dr. Lin: 5/24/2003> 

Restoring the damage by Ma Huang or Psuedo Ephedrine HCL requires a long-term (2-4 months) treatment with Viapla-hGH-M to alternate the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) back to the parasympathetic mode.
Cleansing the brain and nerves polluted by street drugs such as Marijuana, Ecstacy, Speed, and etc. requires even a much longer time, longer than 6 months for sure. This requires ViaPla-hGH-P and 5-HTP. A long term abuse of the street drugs
generally kills the testicular functions for retarded testosterone production due to over-burns of the dopamine nervous system in the brain and the hyper-activated sympathetic nervous function.  In other word, your brain and nervous systems have been severely damaged and you have to rejuvenate your brain and nervous function.

Your kidney and bladder pains, losing the ability to empty my bladder, and the weak urinary flow are due to the parasympathetic nervous disorder and sympathetic nervous fire .  Blood in the urine can be a trouble in the kidney, bladder or prostate/urethra. For young men like you, the most common problem is the  capillary breaking in the prostate when the urinary flow expands the urinary duct.  This problem is also associated with bloody ejaculation as described in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/bloodyejaculation.htm  This duct tissue integrity is very fragile and inelasticity fur to a lack of Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1).  We can also link the deficiency of PGE-1 to the kidney, bladder testicles, groins and perineum pains. These problems are associated with the abuse of streets drugs and Psuedo Ephedrine HCL, that damage the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous, liver, cardiovascular, adrenal and testicular (ovarian) functions in support the hGH/DHEA/androstenedione production and the neurotransmitters synthesis. You will have a long recovery way to walk through.

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