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Case Title:  Why C-section (bikini cut) causes touching and orgasmic pains in the clitoral area - Painful sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/21/2003>
Dear Dr.Lin, I have a medical problem that started 18 years ago after I had my son.The problem in in the clitoris area. It hurts to touch or when having an orgasam it hurt very much. I had him by a c-section. I noticed the pain right after the 6TH weeks check up. I have been to 13 doctors I have tried several creams and nothing seems to help.When I had my first c-section nothing like this accured.I thought maybe it could be nerve damage from where I was cut.Please try to e-mail me back as soon as possible before I have may next appt. with my obgn. She whated me to submit a letter to you to see if you might know what the problem might be. Sincerely, 

Dr. Lin: 5/22/2003> The C-section has produced internal scar tissues that block blood circulation and nervous transmission in the uterus or compress the adjacent nerves. The cutting blood vessel may be re-linked itself, but the cutting nerve won't. The cutting nerve becomes an open circuit or wire grounded in the salty blood. The direct C-section nervous cutting damage can cause pains, numbness or excessive sensitivity. I know this problem since I had a finger tip cut by my car door in the 1977 winter.
These hidden problem causes pains in your pubis and clitoral area. Under these situation, when you touch the adjacent nerves, the internal tissue is under an expanding or compressing pressure, or the artery is dilated ( due to sexual arousal), the open circuit nerve go off. There are two nerves outflowing from L1 (mainly) and L2 (minorly  to your bikini cut area: Iliohypogastric nerve (mainly from L1) to the the upper side of your pubic bone, and Ilioinguinal nerve (mainly from L1 and minorly from L2) to the middle-section of pubis and the clitoral suspensory ligament and shaft. If you check the Dermatomes (skin Segments) of the body associated with the sensory innervation region of the spinal nerves, you will find out the sensory reflexion zone of L1 is just above your pubis and at the low limit of your low abdomen where T12 become dominant.
You biniki cut may be just on the border line of the T12-L1 reflexion segments. The problem is the scar tissue may be extended to L1 or some of the L1 circuits are damaged due to the fact that your L1 branches may spread further upward. There are similar reports in yours in the links below. 
It is likely that the scar tissue compresses the adjacent L1 nerves or reduce the nutritional supply to them so that their flexibility or elasticity becomes too poor to withhold the compression or expansion pressure or even the tissue-stretching induced stress or strain.  Orgasm induces a large scale of tissue and muscle contraction ( muscle stress and strain) in the entire pelvic cavity and the low abdomen. No wonder, you have a
severe orgasmic pains. Obviously, your L1 nerve is not damaged, although a little branch trimming is possible, since you can still achieve orgasm. This is also the L1 nerves running into the pubic area from both sides, not directly from the central line of the front body.  Obviously, the horizontal C-section scar interfere with the L1 nervous function by constraining the flexibility and elasticity of the nerves. Generally, a vertical C-section will not have such a problem since only a small scar tip will interfere with the L1 nervous function.
The only possible solution is to reduce the size of scar, soften the scar tissue and supply the nerves and damaged tissues with neuronutrients. As I know, repeating vacuum-cupping massage can help reduce the scar size and soften the tissues while Viapla-hGH-M can increase the tissue and nerve elasticity and flexibility with the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis.

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