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Case Title:  Birth control pills causes her burning sensation, urinary urgency, total vaginal dryness, painful sex, and so on,  for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/17/2003>
Hi. I need help. I have burning sensation when urinating, total vaginal dryness, painful sex, and sex feels like I have to pee. I have premature orgasms and sex can only last 15 min. tops or there is pain from dryness or it feels like there is too much pressure.

During high school I took antibiotics for nearly 4 years for acne. I used to drink a lot and smoke pot. Sex was great and I always was very wet until I began taking the pill which is when most of the problems began. I have been with the same partner for 5 years but at one point in college, I was date raped which last year revealed I had gotten gonorrhea from. My boyfriend and I were immediately treated. Also, just to note, I was tested for both HIV and hepatitis 12 mos. from potential exposure and both were negative. After I treated the gonorrhea I thought that all of the problems would go away. However, they improved slightly but I still have overactive bladder and feel like I do not completely empty it, and the sex problems, etc. My gynecologist insists that everything is now fine and I am std-free. I also saw a urologist who put me on cipr0 (thinking I had a very mild uti) for over 3 months which made the symptoms unbearable so I eventually stopped taking them. About 6 mos ago, I took matters into my own hands and went on the candida-free diet eliminating most sugars, carbs, and alcohol which temporarily improved things. At one point, I felt as though my symptoms were nearly gone. However, they soon came back. I am a graduate student and school is very stressful. I have terrible heartburn and indigestion. I have noticed that I can barely tolerate sugar. I had 1 beer and a cheeseburger and fries and then next day my stomach was super bloated, the indigestion was terrible, and I had terrible burning sensation in my bladder and vagina all day even when not urinating. I saw an MD who put me on nexxium which has greatly improved my stomach problems and I am going to get an endascopy in a few days to determine if I have an ulcer or acid reflux disease. Even with the nexxium, I still have the burning sensation when I urinate and there is a general irritation all day long. I have maybe had sex 3x in 6 months and it was not enjoyable like it used to be. I used to have sex almost daily and it was fantastic. 
In addition, I used to masturbate often as well with no problems. Now, sex is painful and even masturbation is not as enjoyable. I have several questions. First, are the stomach problems and vaginal/bladder problems related/unrelated? Second, could the std which was untreated for a few years potentially have damaged my organs? What can I do? My urologist and gynecologist think everything is fine and can't find anything. THe endascopy in a few days will reveal if there is somthing wrong with my stomach. I have told you a lot of information so that you can analyze what is relevant and what is not. I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer me or where I should turn next or what potentially is wrong with me. I am very desperate and concerned because I have so many problems at a young age. Thank you for all of your help.

Dr. Lin: 5/17/2003>
ooh! girl, you have abraded your vagina and urethra.
You may get urethral incontinence this way.  Premature orgasm is caused the sympathetic fire due to excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion without clitoral or G-spot erection . it is a warning sign of urethral/G-spot/vaginal abrasion and urinary stress incontinence.
Are you on birth control?
and if yes, what kind?

Reader: 5/19/2003>
Thanks for writing back so quickly!! I was on ortho tri-cyclen from 1999 until March 2003. Just 2 months ago I switched to the alesse because I heard it has lower side effects. Right now, I feel the same as I did when I was on the ortho tri-cyclen. So I am not quite sure if it is just too soon to tell if there will be an improvement with the new pill or if there just won't be any drastic difference.

Dr. Lin: 5/19/2003> Your problems are caused by the birth control pills (no matter which one) and  this link will tell you what is your problems and solution.
ViaPal-hGh-J or Heat Tea can help young women overcome these problems.
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