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Case Title: post-ejaculation tiredness, fatigue, headache, spontaneous semen linkage, constipation for no more sexual orgasm - the burning of sympathetic nervous fire.
Reader: 5/08/2003>
Had I not come across one of the cases mentioned in your website, which almost identically discusses my problem (with some exception), I wouldnít have been compelled to write to you after all. The link to that case is;


In addition to what has been mentioned in this case, I want to tell you more about my problems. Firstly, at the age of 24, I still masturbate twice a week on the average (3 times is the maximum limit for me in one week that I hardly touch). So far, Iíve badly failed to completely get rid of this habit, since doing this gives me mental stress in one way or another. Although Iíve been trying my best, and have succeeded to resist up to 15 days. I aim at leaving this habit altogether. Typically I have a bit worn out feeling after masturbation for some hours (may be the half of next day if I do it at night) and a slight headache. After this time, itís normal again. Sometimes, (mostly in the morning time) I notice my urine mixed with whitish fluid (most probably semen). This is without any feeling or pain. Secondly, and more importantly, for the last 7 months, I face periodic constipation. Iím now very much concerned about this problem because doctors here are failed to suggest any long term solution to this seemingly usual problem. I always wondered if it links with masturbation as the way I do. I use ďIspagola huskĒ (mixed in hot milk) for daily release of constipation, but if I miss it one day, the problem comes back, and sometimes it doesnít really work (unless I take too much of it at night). Moreover, as you wrote in diagnosing the above case, constipation has a definite link with ďsore mouthĒ for me. Whenever I have severe constipation, I get sore mouth (mostly tongue. itís really painful, and takes almost 3 or 4 days to heal up completely). Thatís all about my worries. I really hope that you might update your opinion on what Iíve mentioned, since the above case (which I found similar to that of mine) is dated back in 1999. So Iíll desperately look forward to your advice. And lastly, I want to ask you about the availability of your products. Is there any place in or near Thailand (Bangkok), that I get your prescriptions? And what about the side effects of these.

Dr. Lin: 5/08/2003>Constipation or panic diarrhea is caused by the digestive/rectal nervous sympathetic nervous fire; sore mouth is due to the liver/kidney sympathetic nervous fire. I wonder your cardiovascular function is irregular too, due to the heart or kidney sympathetic nervous fire. Semen leakage or premature ejaculation is due to the prostate sympathetic fire. Urinary incontinence or dripping after peeing is due to the prostate or urethral sympathetic fire.  Over-reactive bladder is due to the bladder sympathetic fire. Bowel movement incontinence is due to the anal or rectal sympathetic nervous fire.   The sympathetic fire is burned inside your body when the excessive dopamine-norepinephine-adrenalin(epinephrine) conversion occurs inside your body. This generally happens when your brain's serotonin nervous function is too weak to switch you Automonic Nervous System from the Sympathetic mode (Fight or Flight, that is the Offensive or Defensive Chi) ) back to the Parasympathetic Mode (Yin Chi) for healing,  restoration and preservation.  As a result, your Yang Chi (dopamine) is continuously burned into Offensive (fight) or Defensive (flight) Chi, and your master Yin Chi is empty.
To solve your problem, you need ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) to help you out, where you should atke a high dose of 5-HTP 1 tablets twice a day. You may need extra tablet of Maximum Multiple (4-002) too.
Also drink coconut juice 1000 cc every day or eat 1 kg water melon every day.
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5-HTP (Serotonin)
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