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Case Title: Irregular period, heavy/colored vaginal discharge and birth control pills for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/07/2003>
Dr Lin
I have been experiencing vaginal discharge since a gynecologist put me on birth control pills for irregular periods as a teenager.
It seems that it begins as a cycle that lasts about a year, with a break of about a few months, then starts again.
A few months ago, I had some very dark brown discharge, like mucousy dry blood. It became more and more excessive, until a few weeks ago when it became more bright red and bloody and pus filled. I saw a clinician who said she saw the discharge coming from my cervix and reffered me to a gyno, but I have been to countless doctors, none of which have a clue what is going on.I am scheduled to see the gyno in a couple weeks but don't expect this one to know anything either.
The pus goes away when it's time for my normal period, then returns. Last year, the discharge ranged from reddish around my period to yellow-green and very smelly. Then it suddenly dissapeared for four or five months, until the dark brown discharge returned.
I have been tested for all STDs repeatedly and found negative. One doctor said she saw trich in the discharge, I was treated for it with no change. I seem to have a swollen thyroid but the tests results are normal for that, too. This problem began when I was about fourteen, long before I had any sexual partners, so I see no way it can be sex-related.The clinician gave me progesterone pills to stop the bleeding, but I am on day 7 of 10 and they have not stopped anything.
There is no itching or burning except that when the discharge is on a pad and has contact with my skin, it becomes raw and sensitive. I am not pregnant, and never have been. Doctors who look at the discharge under a microscope say there is no bacteria or anything abnormal except lots of white blood cells. I have no other signs of infection. I have pretty much given up on conventional medicine and hope you can help.

Dr. Lin: 5/07/2003>Your severe vaginal charge is a response of your cervix to a high level of progesterone without the ovarian hormone androstenedione. A high level of progesterone can over-excite the cervical receptors and force the cervix to release a huge amount of mucus. Particularly, if progestin (synthetic progesterone) is used, the situation may promote the development of cervical cancerous cell from the progesterone receptors. You should stop taking birth control pills or at least reduce its dosage. This is because the pills may cause spotting and little irregular bleeding. When a small amount of blood is oxidized inside and mixed with cervical mucus, the result is dark, colored vaginal discharge. When you are on the pills for a long time, your cervical progesterone receptors become over-developed or over-multiplied. With a high dose of progestin, this makes the cervical mucus become very heavy.
Your problem may be due to a lack of your pituitary-ovarian hormones LH or FSH or their synchronization,  or the ovarian dysfunction. The problem is likely due to the disorder of the pituitary-ovarian LH and FSH release mechanism controlled by the brain's dopamine nervous function.
You can try our Viapal-hGH-C (3-016) to power your brain's dopamine nervous function and detoxify your cervix and ovaries.
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