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Case Title:  A 40-year old pot smoker's erectile recovery from his 24-year pot smoking damage; he said 'Starting to have morning erections that last about 10-15 minutes instead of the 2 to 3 minutes that was happening before. ' with our products for penile ballooning and more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 5/05/2003>
Hi Dr. Lin,
Here is an update for you on my progress, and I have a couple of questions also. I started taking your Via-P package about 8 months ago. I was a daily pot smoker for 24 years, in three days I was able to quit my habit (easily). When I first started using you supplements they worked very well for the first two months, after that I started to go back to no morning erections. I think I was still operating on the pot chemicals for my sexual stimulus because I was told that it takes about two months for most of the pot to leave your system. After that I asked you several questions and tried many of your different products and have settled on Raw Pituitary, 5-HTP and PeniSOS. That combination was cheap enough for me to handle while my body was adjusting to no pot for the next 6 months and it seemed to be somewhat effective. Now in my 8th month using your supplements I seem to be slowly coming back to life. Starting to have morning erections that last about 10-15 minutes instead of the 2 to 3 minutes that was happening before. Recently I started to massage my penis 1 or 2 times a day for about 10 minutes and I think that has helped a great deal. I have ordered more of the Via-P package to see if my body is ready for the next stage in my recovery.
1.Q I have noticed that the ingredients have changed since then on the DopaFibra and the MoodMax. The MoodMax as lost 50mg in the ‘Amino Acid Blend’ (was 1350mg , now 1300mg) and Kava Kava was added in the ‘Herbal Extract Blend’ I was wondering what adjustment was made and why?
2.Q In The DopaFibra you have remove some vitamins (B-2, B-5, Niacin) and added Mucuna Puriens and Griffonia Seed Extract and adjusted the levels of Zinc Citrate (25mg to 15 mg) and Bioperine (1.5mg to 2.5mg) and I was wondering what effect this would bring from the older version.
3.Q When I massage my penis I have been squeezing and releasing with no stroking and was wondering if this is the correct was to do the massaging. I have your CD-Rom and it doesn’t tell or show haw to do this correctly.
All in all Dr. Lin my progress has been slow but seems to be moving forward. I hope you can answer my questions and give me any more advice that you can think of that may help speed my recovery so I can use the average notation instead of the needs improving. Thank you for you products and time, it is much appreciated.
Dr. Lin: 5/05/2003>

1.Q Last time, the factory used the very old label (the 1999 version label) when the latest label (2001) run out. The most updated label (2003 version) contains no kava kava, but amino acid 1350 mg and herbal extract 1200 mg (increasing from 1000 mg). This label is not used yet.
We have increased 5-HTP and GABA to replace Kava Kava. 5-HTP and GABA can correct your brain's function to fight drug addiction.  They are the smart supplements. Currently, we ship new products with the 1999 old label while this link shows the oldest label - http://www.actionlove.com/herbs/moodmax.htm 
We have continued to upgrade MoodMax since the first version. The upgrading of MoodMax and DopaFibra is to target the side effects of street drugs on the brain and nervous system.  We are fighting street drugs very hard.

2.Q DopaFibra have modified 4 times so far. Our current label (not the same as your last order) shows a high dose of B-1(Thiamin, 5 mg), B-2 (5 mg), B-3(Niacin, 30 mg), B-6 (5 mg), B-12 (30 mcg) and Zinc Citrate (25 mg), and hGH amino acids 475 mg per 2 tablets.
The old version doesn't have such dosage. In addition, we added L-Citrulline and GLA in the DopaFibra tablets, but the current label won't show them until we use them up.
This version of DopaFibra increase absorption and produce less cardiovascular transient response.
It can allow high pressure patients to take it if they also take 5-HTP. that is why I recommend ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP together, particularly for people damaged by street drugs. 
Glad to hear your condition improve so much.
I wonder how many people are so patient like you in correcting the problems.
Your patience and endurance in dealing with the problems are exceptional!

Actually, it is outlined in Fig 6-17b or
That is correct. Pressing and releasing can stimulate the local spongy tissue to expand.
This emulate the compression of the penis by the vagina with the crewing method -
where the woman compress (suck) the penis and releases periodically.
If you want to stroke your penis, please use your thumb and index/middle fingers to form an O-ring. Move the o-ring in and out along your penile shaft without applying any pressure to the shaft. You need a lubricant or VIP Cream to help. Emphasize the stroking pressure on your penile base and pubis, but a zero-pressure (stress-free) penile massage to stimulate the penile expansion and erection . This emulates the penis smoothly moves in and out of the vagina without exerting a pressure on the male urethra, so that the penis can have a chance to get ballooned up for lasting longer during sex. That means, about 2/3 of the lovemaking time is used in ballooning the penis. The pressing-releasing massage and the zero-pressure (stress-free) penile stroking are the tricks for the penile "ballooning" during a self practice or lovemaking. It can eliminate ejaculation and let the erection lasting longer 30 minutes, even to 120 minutes. The CD-ROM shows the penile ballooning procedures during lovemaking, but Fig 6-17 outlines the procedures for both self practice and lovemaking.

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