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Case Title:  Prevention of teenager's over-masturbation and hair loss by diet changes and exercises, for better sexual orgasm!
Reader: 4/29/2003>
Well, I've been doing some research lately. About 1/3rd of the way through my Senior Highschool year, my hair began to thin drastically and I couldn't figure out why. Thinning hair does run on my mother's side of the family, but it only showed up in the mid-thirties to fourties, and never as total baldness. My father's side has full heads of hair. However, I'm only 18, and this started when I was only a few months past 17 (birthday is next month).

Right around the start of my Senior year, extended family members began to drop like flies (we're a close family) and keeping my high grades was extremely stressful, which just got worse when I figured out I was bi (big no-no in the family). In short, I turned to the one thing that settled me, masturbation, and overly so. It has more than likely caused my DHT levels to shoot through the roof for what is approaching 2 years before I've realized this. Of course, it was a double edged sword, since I feel horribly guilty afterward. Reading through the site, the hairloss and over-masturbation seems to be a somewhat common thing. While I don't think my hair loss can be cured, I think that what I've done may have spurred it on at an accelerated pace, and I hope that I can at least revert it partially.

Also, I find that every month or so, I enter a strange cycle. I basically get incredibly tired for about two weeks straight, and sleep most of the afternoon in addition to the night. No matter how much I sleep during these times, I always feel burnt out. Afterward though, I feel fine till it starts again.

However, I didn't want to take any action without some advice, so that's why I'm writing this... From what I've gathered, here's what it seems I should do:

-Saw Palmetto 500 to 1000 mg/day (specific type/dosage?)
-Grape Seed Extract 100 mg/day (more/less? specific type?)
-Decrease red meat intake (family has high colestorol, so I should do that anyway)
-Decrease dairy product intake (drink about 3/4ths gallon of 1% a day x_x; )
-Cease excessive masturbation! (that's a given)
-Improve circulation, especially on the noggin
-Stop drinking lots of coffee (I hear caffiene increases DHT production)
-Excercise more? (This summer, a friend of mine with two blackbelts will be training me...not to be a martial arts master, I'm mainly in it for the exercise and because he's my friend)

I'm sure that's not all...but any help would be much appreciated. I'm also starting to notice that I'm becoming more scatter-brained, forgetful, and having trouble focusing sometimes. I can't afford to let this ruin me at the age of 18...if I were 25 or 30, I wouldn't be so shocked, but it seems too early for this to happen, and all the factors seem to add up (according to what I've read). It's very depressing. Will such things at least partly aid in the problem? Once again, many thanks...

Dr. Lin: 4/29/2003>

You have caught the points about your problems.
The most difficult part of your plan is to reduce your masturbation frequency.
If you can cut down to once every other day, you can stop hair loss immediately and is likely to promote hair to regrow since you are only 18.
You have to change your diet; particularly, you must stop eating red meat and reducing your intake diary product to about 16-oz milk equivalent. Instead, eat a lot of nuts, seeds, soy products, fish, fresh vegetables/fruits. You can eat egg, chicken and pork. The reasons to avoid ret meat and diary products are:
1. Beef is grown by artificial Growth Hormone trapped in the blood of the red meat. The trapped blood causes the cooked red meat to become dark, while the cooked chicken and pork meats turns to white. The cooked meat darkness indicates the volume of the trapping blood, directly proportional to the volume of the artificial Growth Hormone. This hormone stimulates your prostate for more ejaculation and eventually causes prostate enlargement and cancers. For women, it stimulates breasts, ovaries and uterus for sex and tumors/cancers.
2. Diary products (from non-organic milking cows) contains a milking-stimulating hormone. A high level of this hormone in the blood stream stimulates the ovaries, uterus, breasts and prostate for lightening libido and promoting tumors and cancers there.

You are currently in the sexual exhaustion state. If you cut down your masturbation frequency, you will get gradually recovered.
Then, have a 2-3 hours exercises to burn your excessive testosterone into DHT in your muscles, not in your hair rooting cells and prostate hormonal receptors, and to sweat your stress neurohormone adrenaline out of your body including your head skin and perineum, where adrenaline causes the testosterone-DHT conversion that prepares the sympathetic nervous system for a Fight or Flight execution. You can avoid it by a lot of exercises.

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