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Case Title:  Typical examples of female sexual exhaustion symptoms due to excessive sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/16/2003> (3 e-mails)
E-mail 1:

Dear Dr. Lin, 

I am glad to have found your site. I am 31 yrs old female.

I have a serious problem regarding sexual fatigue which developed 6 years ago approx. My last boyfriend I was with for about 5 years. He had a high sex drive, and we had sex 5X a day every day for about 5 years until we broke up 4 years ago. I believe I had an average sex drive ( I could handle once or a few times a week but not a few times every day! ) Toward the last year or so of our relationship, I didn't feel like having sex but he still insisted on it so I did. I became very sleepy & fatigued after sex. I also became chronically ill with Chronic Fatigue Symtoms for the last 4 years since we broke up. I have not been able to work since becoming ill and I am living off of my savings. 

I also experienced leaking Qi sensations from my ankles & perineum, rectal region and hernia. I also suffered from extremely weak immune system, catching flu's almost constantly. I studied TCM ( traditional chinese medicine ) and have been taking some herbs & doing acupuncture to help my kidney function. I was told by an urologist when I was in 25 that I had a congenital kidney condition, igA nephropathy. When I was 8, a routine urine test discovered painless microscopic proteiuria ( protein in urine ). A internal examination under general anaesthesia was conducted and a cystoscopy was performed for " preventative measures" without my or my parents consent. I believe the cystoscopy was uncessary & damaging to my Chong & Ren meridians & possible muscle/tendon damage to my urethra. Since childhood, I can't wear very tight-fitted pants as I tend to get a UTI ( urinary tract infections ). To date, I still have proteiuria. 

I had a history of chronic UTI which for several years ( age 21-23) I used antibiotic therapy before I tried TCM. The UTI escalated in frequency & severity until they were occuring nearly every week. I had been prescribed nearly every first-line antibiotic and the physicians were hesititant to prescribe second-line antibiotics due to possible side effects ( some of which I already was experiencing ). I was told the next time I had a UTI, to come to the hospital & prepare for dialysis. Upon this news, I tried TCM which did resolve the condition pretty much for a few years until last year when I started getting UTI again, but it has cleared up now with continuing TCM treatment. 

I have not had sex since I broke up with my last boyfriend and felt no sexual desire until recently as my health has improved and my menses/hormones is starting to return to normal .I decided to try dating and recently met a nice man where romantic & sexual feelings surfaced. We were clothed and only petted lightly & briefly, however the next few days I had very bad kidney symtoms( accordingly to TCM ): stiff, sore back, leaking Qi sensations, sensation of coldness, weakness in limbs & fingers, desire to lay in bed all day, and more disturbingly: mental fogginess. I immediately decided to try stronger kidney tonics which I have never tried before: du zhong, lu rong, ginseng, fu pen zi mainly. I am feeling still the symtomps and am very sad & scared. I don't know that western medicine can help me. I have already tried TCM, and it is so difficult to find a sensitive practioner as I have seen about 8 TCM doctors whom I carefully selected, some of them were my instructors at TCM!
college. I don't know if western medicine can help me. I am reluctant to take a blood test because I feel extremely exhausted after a blood test. I have low blood pressure & am anemic. I really do wish to have a normal life. I try to work very hard at staying healthy & optimistic with my diet & lifestyle etc but it is a slow process. I am not very healthy but I must stay functioning to take care of my 78 yr old father who needs my help. Sometimes, I feel that I may never again be able to have sex & have a romantic relationship or have children. I welcome any suggestions you may have. 

Thank you sincerely, 

E-mail 2: 

Dear Dr. Lin

Just for further information: 

I have always been multiple vaginally orgasmic. I am also experiencing the weakened Kidney symptoms upon having sexual thoughts. 

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

E-mail 3:

Dear Dr. Lin, 

Sorry about the multiple emails. 
I just wanted to be sure I recorded all of my symtoms so that I can get the appropriate suggestions, so I have made a summary:

31 yr old female. I believe I am suffering from extreme sexual exhaustion ( from previous boyfriend: sex 5X a day for 5 years) combined with underlying weak kidneys from birth. 

Broke up with boyfriend after becoming ill 4 years ago:

1- chronic debilitating fatigue
2-extremely weak immune system, weak voice
3-loss of weight ( i am 30lbs under my normal weight ) 
4-irregular, light menstrual cycle ( started at 18 yrs of age ) 
5- no sexual desire at all until recently, but then it turned into sexual exhaustion just from some brief light petting. 
6-always have had vaginal, multiple orgasm, no vaginal dryness
7- some masturbation since 9 yrs of age with vibrating device & spray nozzle
8-symptoms: pain in abdomen & lumbar/low back, feeling cold all the time, particularily in tail bone ( coccyx), ringing ears, leaking Qi sensation from ankles, perineum, rectum, hernia, weakness of limbs, loss of muscles & weight, blurred vision, floaters,
9- high stress level, difficulty sleeping due to noisy & stressful living conditions
10- used to get Yin deficiency from difficulty sleeping: 5-centre heat, hot flashes afternoon, feet & hands hot, but now it is ok. 

11-sometimes get sexual dreams & wake up feeling exhausted
12-had an abortion ( TCM believe's this injures a woman ) 
13- had internal examination & cystopscopy when 8 yrs old. 
14-proteiuria ( protein in urine )since childhood - weak kidney filter function, chronic microscopic loss of blood
15-probable kidney condition ( igA nephropathy )
16-history of chronic UTI
17-easy sexual arousal & orgasm ( almost too easy as sexual thoughts are making me feel exhausted now )

How will your products interact with my herbs I am taking: ginseng, huang qi, fu zhi, fu pen zi, lu rong etc? I do moxibustion and some acupuncture, however my acupuncturist told me I was too weak for acupuncture. 

Before this all happened, I was a very healthy person, I was an athlete and now I am almost house-bound! 
PS: one thing I wonder, TCM says that placenta ( zhi he che ) is a good tonic for kidney jing exhaustion. However, it makes me feel extremely tired & sluggish. The same happens when I tried using progesterone creme. 

Thank you so much again & Have a brilliant day, 

Dr. Lin: 4/17/2003>

Your problems are mainly caused by excessive sex and orgasm that have burned down your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic (TCM Master Yin), dopamine (TCM Master Yang) and serotonin (missing in TCM) nervous systems and exhausted your adrenal DHEA (TCM Kidney Yin) production and your adrenal and ovraian androstenedione (TCM Kideny Yang) production.
Your sexual orgasm, the sympathetic nervous/orgasmic fire, is mainly drivend by an excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine (adrenalin) conversion via the dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine/sympathetic nervous systems, that is the exhausted conversion of the Master Yang to the Defensive or Wei Chi in TCM, without a support from the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous function (Master Yin), due to a burning down of the serotonin nervous function (a low level of serotonin). That is, without the serotonin nervous modulation of the the dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine/sympathetic nervous systems, your 3 brains - the organs above your neck, the organs between your neck and pelvic cavity, and the organs in your pelvic cavity, are always on sympathetic fires. Unfornatuately, TCM leave out the action of the serotonin nervous function on all the organs.
You need ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) to help you restore your brain/nervous/organ functions.

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