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Case Title:  Smart young man abused MDMA (Ecstacy), Marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes for stupidity, psychological instability, penile shrinkage and no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 4/15/2003>
Where should I start in regards to your products and programs: with 4 years of continous mdma abuse(but only once in last twelve months), 4 years of marijuana until quit second year of college permanently, alcohol over-consumption, smoking cigaretes half pack daily to a pack or more when out all night. I think the street drug usage has definitely affected my intelligence level, memory and recall, spelling and other mental abilities. As sad as this sounds, I was extremely smart and much more intelligent before I started using anything. I still feel that I am very smart today, its just nowhere near the sharpness, ease and flow that it used have. Also, I feel that the abuse is why I am sometimes depressed and that leads to the ill behaviors. Extremely bad sleeping patterns now. Over masturbation that has caused all kinds of skin damage, making look and feel terrible and painful. Does not look healthy at all in flacid state and cannot even be stroked at all or rubbed when not soaking wet. Still can achieve erections without a problem and can orgasm without problem, but the penis is feeling smaller and not reaching full strength and potential. Feeling and sensation is much lower that ever and orgasms are sometimes weak and very hard to hold back. Half healthy diet and half unhealthy. Currently, I am weight training with 5 grams of cell-tech creatine post-workout and 1AD androsteine twice daily with food. My destructive behavior was borne in lonliness b/c I never had someone special. Finally, I might have met a girl that I really want to hang on to and she has inspired me to cleanse my body and mind and get everything in shape. I still look healthy and good, but I know I am not, also im 23 and weigh 168. I would like to know what I need to buy now to cleanse my liver, kidneys, cardiovascular, etc.- my entire mind and body and also what to buy for the appearance and touch/feel of my penis and its feeling. I also would like to try the methods you have come up with on penile growth, b/c I had attempted the pro
grams with jelqing and pc flexes for a couple of months with mild frequency of the exercises, which I did not feel comfortable doing. Lastly, I doubt I will quit smoking cigarettes now (just being a rational realist) and will still want to drink, and even in some instances maybe even take mdma again (being real again, but the frequency and abuse is gone.) Also, will anything you prescribe to me have a dangerous allergic reation to anything I may or may not take? I am ready to make an initial purchase asap, preferrably with the appearance of penis products initally and whatever else I need now to start this process, then continually purchase everything I need.

Thank you for everything
Dr. Lin: 4/15/2003>

I have collected the drug abusers' information for a long time.
I have found that drug abusers become psychologically unstable, particularily,a combination of drug abusing and over-masturbation or excessive ejaculation.
After destroying the brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous functions, the dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine nervous systems tend to turn on the dopamine-adrenalin conversion in the brain and adrenal medulla for the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" all the time (for anxiety, depression and mood swinging), and then the brain-testicular axis will age very quickly due to the destruction of the liver, adrenal, an brain/nervous functions. And, the penis will shrink accordingly without the hemodilation effect of the penile arteries and a sufficient supply of androstenedione and testosterone. It will take few years to detoxify the toxins in the liver and brain/nervous systems. The Thermodynamics 2nd Law tells us that even if you can rejuvenate your liver and brain/nervous functions, you won't get a fully recovery.
Therefore, we provide a warning statistics for young men, but we are not interested in young men's business.
Luckily, our HealthClub's business has been built under the long-term support of the middle- and upper-class middle agers and seniors who want to continuously enjoy life and health.
There have been many extremely smart young men who become drug-addicted. They are intelligent and bravery enough to try all the street drugs and get hooked /chained up , but very afraid of the "side effects" (negating the drug effects) of our brain's nutritional and detoxification formulas. They expect a smart drug that can recover their brain/nervous, liver, adrenal and testicular functions overnight. Well, I just simply tell them to go back to continuously enjoy your drugs. I cannot help and don't want to be bothered.

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