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Case Title:  Causes and solutions for smelly, heavy vaginal discharge ; restoration of sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/04/2003>
My Girlfriend of 10 years has had a problem with discharge ever since we started going out. She frequently gets a slightly pasty/watery white fluid and frequently smells metallic? Also, she periodically has a sort of foul smell that we have noticed comes about after she drinks or eats dairy products? She has been tested many, many, times, and the doctors say everything is just fine, no infections, nothing If she drinks alot of water, stays away from dairy, and eats healthy, she can periodically have a 'normal' flora to her vagina, but it seems like alotta work just to achieve normal. 
What can we do to get her vulva/vagina tasting good and smelling normal again?

Thanks so much for your informative website!

Dr. Lin: 4/04/2003>

Her problem is caused by an excessive progesterone which stimulates her cervix to produce thick, whitish discharge (sometimes turning to yellowish if the cervix mucus stays inside too long).
Excessive progesterone and insufficient androstenedione in the uterine and cervical hormonal receptors will cause a heavy, thick vaginal discharge.
This hormonal imbalance can be
1. There is a lack of the liver P450 detoxification enzymes called 17 alpha-hydroylase and 17, 20-lase, resposible for the conversion of progesterone to 17-OH-Progesterone and then Androstenedione while the cholesterol => pregnenolone => progesterone hormonal conversion pathway is normal. Birth control pills/implant/injection can cause the problems when the liver fails to fully detoxify the birth control chemicals.
2. The progetserone-androstenedione conversion is fully or partially blocked due to a weak ovarian function or due to the Luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.,
3. The progesterone-androstenedione conversion is shut down due to birth control chemical Progestin.
This situation are common for the women who are on Progestin-based birth control.

When her progesterone-androstenedione conversion is partially blocked, high cholesterol foods will elevate her progesterone level to trigger the smelly, heavy, thick vaginal discharge.
She can eat more seeds, nuts, soy proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits (juices) to reduce the progesterone building up.
And take ViaPla-hGH-J (3-015) to detoxify her liver, uterus and cervix.

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