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Case Title:  Over-circumcision produces a 'S' erecting penis; on regrowth of the circumcised foreskin for more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/27/2003>
Dr. Lin,

There is something missing from my (and my mate's) sex life. That something is my foreskin. I am (and have been since childhood) upset about being circumcised-I feel that my basic rights were violated. I believe only what nature tells me, I practice Chinese martial arts and qigong, and I do not believe in altering the work of millions of years of evolution. Every choice I make about my body is based on what is natural. The only exception I might make is to somehow (safely) stimulate the regrowth of tissue that was stolen from me (which I have read would make up 1/2 of the skin on my penis today, and account for around 70% of my total sexual pleasure). Sex is good for both of us, and I know for a fact that I can give her real orgasms, but of course I know that we are missing a lot--certainly I am, from what I understand. Also, my penis is a bit large (more than 8 inches, obviously more if I am very aroused-but I am very tall anyway), and the skin is too tight which I think causes an "s" shaped curve. I do not enjoy the friction caused by my lack of foreskin. Also, I don't feel a lot on the head of my penis--I think the back of my legs or other soft areas are more sensitive over all.

I am guessing that you will recommend VIP cream. I have also read that colostrum can help to heal and regrow very old woulds (by supplying/stimulating epithelial growth hormone), so I might want to apply and eat bovine colostrum as well. I was hoping that you would have an opinion on this since you have built such a wonderful and open community here where people can talk about these sorts of things.

I have also read about regrowing the foreskin by constant light tension (taping, weights, etc). The results of this look far better than nothing--I have no skin covering my glans penis at all. I know I can probably never have a foreskin as perfect as the original, but I hoped that I could get the basic shape back. Foreskins grown by stretching look way too open on the end, and they seem too wide, and they wrinkle rather than folding the correct way. Is there some way that I can lengthen it without widening it, or can I stimulate negative growth at the end once I have restored my flesh? I want to put my energy toward the best possible results--the absolute closest thing possible to a real, natural penis.

You can put any part of this email you want on your site, just exclude my personal information (I'm not embarrassed, but I don't like having my name on the internet). I hope you will consider the best solution for me--I know that my own doctors would first consider how much money they could make by "fixing" me. For me, another person's happiness is the best reward. If you can really help me (I should say "us", because regaining a part of myself will help me to better understand the person who I love most in the world) I will find a way to repay you beyond any products I buy from you. Thank you so much for creating this community and for hearing the voices of people who feel desperate and incomplete. Also, I have access to almost every medical journal, so if you know of any specific articles on the stimulation of skin growth, or something relating to this problem, I will be very grateful for a hint in the right direction.

Regards and Greatest Respect,

Dr. Lin: 03/27/2003>

To be honest to you, I don't know how to re-grow the penile skin.
All I know are: over-circumcision awakes young boy's sexual pleasure for starting over-masturbation, causes premature ejaculation and constrains the penile ballooning, as discussed in
Basically, your erecting penis is fully constrained by a lack of foreskin and then deformed into a "S" shape.
Your prostate and bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands must experience a lot of reaction pressure when your penis is ballooed to a full erection.
The new-born baby should not be circumcised.
Circumcision should be determined by the individual need after he grows up.
The conventional wisdom of re-growing the circumcised foreskin is to stretch it by force for stimulation of cellular multiplication as you do for the other part of the muscles. The only problem is: there is no much blood flow into the penis and foreskin in the flaccid state. Even if you break the penile skin, there is no much blood coming out!
How to supply the hormones and neuro-chemicals to the foreskin cells is the main issue for the restoration of the circumcised foreskin. Also, it is long way to go.

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