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Case Title: His experiences with weight loss formula containing ephedrine and caffeine for penile/testicular shrinkage, over-masturbation, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and 'Sex Change' !
Reader: 3/24/2003>
Ok Doctor, I have a question. I have just stopped taking an ephedrine, willow bark and caffine product! I took it to originally workout harder and lose weight. I took only 12mg ephedrine, one capsule. I did lose weight, worked out harder, gained muscle mass. There was one side effect. I became increasingly excited in my retum. At first I would penetrate my anal opening with a small dildo I bought. I began fantasizing someone was entering me from behind. This has gone on for a year and more. Whenever I am not on the drug, I would feel normal. I do not get this anal craving. Why does this happen? I asked a nurse once at our gym and all she told me was that it reduces penis size and sexual function. This is true. My penis does shrink and can be "numb" to touch. But this I didn't seem to care about since the anal penetration was best at this time. It kind of seemed to me like a "sex change" drug. Instead of wanting to be hard and pump, I would want to bend over and be pumped. My use of this product exceeded the gym and I started to use it to achieve the anal horniness other times. My testicle will tighten up, and it felt so good to slowly insert a dildo up my spincter. I found a friend last month that shared my joy and I feel I have really altered my personality becoming a sex craved homosexual. I always feel good at the time I'm being licked on and around the anus, including my scotum, penetrated in my rectum and my buttocks and nipples are very sensitive to the touch. I have stopped the drug to achieve a better life and to save my life. Anal sex was always safe and I never performed oral on any man. That is why I am concerned why the drug only concentrated in my anal/rectum area. Is it due to the prostate or the nerves within the anus and rectum? I still sometimes crave anal stimulation, since I have felt the benefits, but not from males. My girl friend actually can insert her fingers and oral me at the same time, which I love. But nothing seems to compare to the "high" I received from the ephedrine. Please e-mail me back. I bought 0-60 day supply of the ViaPal hGH M to overcome the over masterbation and ehausted orgasms analy and sexually induced. I also have high Cholesteral and Triglicerides more LDL than HDL. I did let get a physical and blood work recently. Thank you for your time and attention. 

Dr. Lin: 03/24/2003>

First, thank you for your business.
Based up my study on the weight loss formula containing ephedrine and caffeine, it generally over-excite the sympathetic outflow ( Llionhyopgastric, Llioinguinal and Genitofemoral nerves) from L1 and L2 to the prostate, bulbourethral glands, uterus/vagina rectum/anus (along the boundary tissues of the prostate and bulbourethral glands), scrotum, clitoris/labia majors/minors, low abodmen, pubis, perineum, and inner thigh. It causes sympathetic fire (binding of excessive adrenalin to alpha receptors) to shrink the penis and testicles and to trigger premature ejaculation.
Actually, ephedrine and caffeine lighten up all the epinephrine/norepinephrine/sympathetic fires in the nervous systems to burn your bioenergy out. They prepare your nervous systems for Fight or Flight. Unfortunately, in sex, Fight = premature ejaculation and Flight = Erection Withdrawal.
The L2 and L2 nervous branches in the boundary tissues between the prostate/bulbourethral glands and the rectum/anus are over-heated. This is what you had.
5-HTP of ViaPal-hGH-M can cool it down. You need a high dose of 5-HTP 2 tablets a day, 1 in the afternoon and evening (bed time).
5-HTP and ViaGrowth-IV contains a high dose of Niacin (B-3) to burn your bad cholesterol (LDL) into hormones.
But, don't take 5-HTP and ViaGrowth-IV together; otherwise, you may experience the cholesterol-burning skin flashes for about 30 minutes. Please allow 2-3 hours apart between taking 5-HTP and ViaGrowth-IV.
In addition to B-3, ViaPal-hGH-M also contains a high dose of B-5, B-12, B-6, Folic acid and Actyl L-Carnitine to take care of your Hypertriglyceridemia. You can add our product DeToxiA, Fish Oil 1000 mg, and Borage Oil 1000 mg a day to burn Triglycerides out. DeToxiA (1-017) is a powerful formula to correct the liver function for a better cholesterol and triglycerides level.

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