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Case Title:   Why partial hysterectomy causes her premature menopause and neuro-immune (vaginosis, aches, pains) and psychological disorders for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/17/2003>
Hi. I need some much needed information. I have been struggling with what I have diagonosed myself to have-premature menopause. I had a partial hysterectomy (uterus removed-but ovaries intact) about 13 years ago. Approximately 4 years ago I began getting what was diagnosed as rosacea--deep under the skin type of acne, that never would come to a head. I started on tetracycline at that time. About 1 year later, I got bacterial vaginosis, of which I had never had before. I was put on metronidazole. I was unable to get rid of this..and I became so tired, moody, hotflashes, weird dreams, aches and pains in feet and legs,nausea, etc. I ended up researching this for about 1 1/2 months..while in bed too sick to get up until about 3pm in the day. This is when I discovered according to all the symptoms that I was going thru early menopause. I made a Dr. appt. with an OB/Gyn and told him what I thought I had. He ordered hormone blood tests and said they looked normal. Then he asked if I was suffering from depression!! I told him I had never had depression before, but was feeling this way because I was so sick. He then sent me to an internist, after ordering an ultrasound, of which nothing showed up. The internist again diagnosed me as having baterial vaginosis, but could not find anything internally. At that time the internist sent me back to the OB/Gyn..of which I said I will not go back to the original one. So, I saw a colleauge and also ordered my own saliva hormone tests from a lab in Florida. Upon receiving the results, it showed I was low on estrogen, progesterone and testosterone was borderline. I finally ended up getting on an estrogen patch and progesterone pills. I have maintained the last couple of years..but there are still days where I am so tired I am unable to function until later in the day, become nauseaus, I have pain in abdomen after orgasm, memory and attention span deficit, and still get aches and pains in feet and legs at certain times. I have gotten sporadic yeast infections(of which I also had never had before) and sporadic vaginosis infections thruout this..but not as bad as before. I still believe my hormones are not at optimal levels, but am afraid to start something new as I was so sick and out of it before. I've been married 19 years and we have a wonderfully fullfilling sex life..but the desire isn't what it used to be and it is painful after intercourse(feel bloated, dull pain in abdomen). This seems to take about a day or two to return to normal-and about a week to get back any sex drive.
Not sure if the original email worked from the site.got an error message..so am re-sending.

I am a smoker, a social drinker, and have suffered from spastic colon. My weight was always 100 pounds, height 5'2"..until starting this whole mess. Now I weigh 115-118 pounds with the weight having went to my middle area and breasts.
I would like to know what you recommend me to use and if I can just quit the patch and pill..or if I need to gradually reduce it. Also, I quit the tetracycline about a month ago to see if there was any change..and I came down with yeast infection followed by bacterial vaginosis, and started gettign the little red lines on my cheeks. I have since started taking the tetracycline again and am just finishing my prescription of metronidaz?le.
Any help would be greatly appreciated ..it seems most doctors are not all that knowledgeable about the differences between women, their hormone levels, and just like to prescribe a general fix.(that doesn't work for a lot of us)
I am very interested in knowing if you have any products and which ones they would be to try to correct this. I will order ASAP if this will help me!!!:)
Thank You!
Dr. Lin: 03/17/2003> OK. You don't have a uterus to store the hormones hGH/DHEA/androstendione/tesosterone/progetserone/estrogen produced by your adrenal glands and ovaries during your sleeping.
As you ages, your neuro-endocrine function can no longer produce enough hormones to directly feed your brain hormone receptors for supporting the day-time activities. So, during the day, you run out the hormones in your brain and tissues where the hormones are supposed to be released from the uterine receptors into the blood circulation and to the brain and tissue hormonal receptors.
This causes you neuro-immune and psychological disorders.
Without hormones to support the production of the tissue/nerve-relaxation/-elasticity prostaglandin E-1, you get aches and pains here and there.
You can take a brief nap to let your neuro-endocrine function recharge your body for 20-30 minutes at noon.
OK, ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) , the pre-acetylcholine/-serotonin/-melatonin formula, can help you deal with the premature menopause systems.
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