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Case Title:  He said 'I could say that you made me a man again.' and gets recovered from extremely sexual exhaustion due to pre-teen over-masturbation; on buzzing ears; Why donít write a book for parents about how to teach their sons the sexual energy control and development?
Reader: 2/25/2003>
Dear Dr. Lin:
First at all, thank you for your work. I could say that you made me a man again.
I'm 38 and at age of 34 I was really exausted; you know, all the symtoms, specially depression, sensitivity to the light, bad mood, hair loss, skin (face and head) problems, continuous colds, bad digestions, general weakness,etc.
I used to masturbate everyday since I was 7-8 years old, and I started on sex at 16-17. 
Four years ago, I read about taoist sexuality, and I realize that my problem is the excesive ejaculation; then, with difficulties, I reduce the average to one time per week first, and after, 1 time per month; then, just 1 time each six months, but I dindn't feel a great improvement of energy; I used to practice the microcosmic orbit, but the feeling was very weak. I started thinking that my problem was a vitamin or nutriment deficience, but none of the suplements I've tried gave me a real "push". I just made love with my wife one time in that year. 
Sixteen months ago I meet a 21 years old girl and we felt in love; in our first intercourse I was unable to have an erection, and the same happened several days after; the thirth time, after one hour where nothing happened, I thought ďok, forget it and relaxĒ, but suddenly I had an erection an everything was fine. My sexual energy wake up and we enjoy fantastic intercourses after that; I felt a incredible sensation of energy between us and love; my erections were strong and I can prolong the intercourses for hours; but after three months of three-four ejaculations per week, my penis lost his hardness; I tried your Viapal E and after six-seven days my penis was a rock again, my depression out, my digestive system without problems and my girlfriend completely satisfied. 
The next pack, Viapal M, worked fine too, but I finished it one month ago, and my erections are fine when she starts the ďplayĒ, but the feeling of the first times is gone, Iím not enough excited, and Iíve lost the desire; I would like to feel those energetic sensations were our hands and whole bodies were ďchargedĒ and the feeling of love was great, and feel desire again. It is a dopamine (or other) chemical deficiency?.
In spite of Iím taking one 5HTP before going to bed, I have continuous buzzing ears. 
Iím now on 2-3 ejaculations per week in intercourses (never more masturbation), but Iím thinking that I need help again; How could I feel again those sensations of love, desire and energy?
Why donít write a book for parents about how to teach their sons the sexual energy control and development? Nobody should suffer that I did because ignorance.
Thank you again and best wishes.
Dr. Lin: 2/26/2003> 
Thank you for your information.
Yes, it is a dopamine deficiency which causes deficiency of testosterone.
The buzzing ears are due to a low biased-voltage level in the nervous hearing amplification circuit driven by the dopamine nervous function (The Master Yang Chi). If you can not hear clearly, it is due to a low biased-voltage level in the nervous hearing sensory circuit driven by the acetylcholine nervous function (the Master Yin Chi).
In this regard, you should add DopaFibra to ViaPal-hGH-M or 5-HTP to ViaPla-hGH-P. 
DopaFibra is to raise the brain's dopamine nervous function while 5-HTP is to prevent over-conversion of dopamine-adrenalin (stress neurohormone) by elevating the serotonin level. You need a high dose of 5-HTP (2 tablets a day) to stop excessive conversion of dopamine-adrenalin due to your excessive masturbation since your age of 7-8.  Elevating the brain's dopamine and serotonin nervous functions will heighten your brain's pleasure and rewarding center. Want a powerful orgasm? you get it from dopamine and serotonin.
The hearing problems can remains unsolved when the blood circulation to the inner ears become poor. The poor blood circulation can be due to 1) excessive adrenalin that causes the sympathetic alpha constriction of the arteries, 2) a long sleeping with one side of your body that restricts the ear blood circulation. You should externally massage the ear-adjacent tissues too, but don't insert an object into your ear.

I can not change the sexual education textbook, since I am the only one who tells people the truth about sexual practices - the good, the bad and the ugly - particularly with sexual orgasm, masturbation and ejaculation concerned. Instead of disputing who is the sexual expert, I make money from the dysfunctional sexual education. It is a good business!
Once you get hooked and chained by the sexual practices, you can not get rid of them unless you reach a sexual-exhaustion state. This is why some specis of  insects will mate to death. However, when you wake up one day, it will be too late for you to reverse the invisibly-damaged physiological process. It is extremely addictive and destructive.

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