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Case Title:  an Over-sized penis of 8.5-9" long and 2.23" width causes intercourse pain and bleeding for no sexual orgasm
Dear Dr. Lin,
Like some of your other readers, my boyfriend and I are having some problems because his penis is quite large. I would guess the length is about 8.5-9 inches, and the width about 7 inches diameter. We have read your other articles about large penis size, but I worry about the side-effects of drugs (DHT inhibitors). The pointers on position are good and we will try them. But I am writing to find out if there is anything I can do... I had cryotherapy about a year ago, and wonder if that is one reason the sex is so uncomfortable for me, penetration is so unpleasurable. The pain seems to come mostly from the width, and a few times I have bled after sex. Is there anything that I can do so that my vagina will accommodate his penis more easily?
Thank you for taking the time to help us!

Dr. Lin: 2/25/2003>
the width about 7 inches diameter?
It may be the circumference, not the diameter.

Let me understand this first.

Reader: 2/25/2003>
Dr. Lin,

Sorry about that! Whew, thank goodness I was incorrect, you are right, the circumference is 7 inches, not the diameter. 
Dr. Lin: 2/25/2003> 
Yes! Got you.
So, his penile diameter (width) is about 2.23 inches and its length is 8.5-9 inches.
It is a little over-sized
However, I think your vagina can take it if the vaginal orifice tissues can produce enough prostagladin E-1 (PGE-1) to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the vaginal nerves and muscles and if your uterine-support ligamenets and muscles can tent (move) up your uterus and cervix.
It seems your vaginal tissues lack of PGE-1.
cryotherapy usually decreases the liver function that release enzymes for the hormonal and neurotransmitters synthesis.
Naturally, it affects the PGE-1synthesis in the tissues.
Your intercourse bleeding is likely due to the striking or abrasion of your cervix by his penis.
The penis will gradually reduce its erectile size as men age.  Reducing his erection power will naturally shrink his penis. But, the soft long penis may be difficulty for you to position the glans penis into the correct spot inside your vagina, since a soft, long penis usually follow the natural shape of the vagina to strike the cervix and get into the Posterior Fronix between your cervix and rectum, as shown in
I think you can enjoy his big penis with ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015) that help you increase PGE-1 synthesis in the vaginal and cervix tissues and uterine-support ligaments and muscles.
 By the way, use women-on-the-top love position to let yourself adjust the penetration depth and location near the cervix.
You should adjust the penetration angle so that his glans penis can lock into the Epicenter, the deep vaginal pocket between your cervix and bladder.
Thus, you can turn intercourse pain in to a high-level orgasm.
The penetration angle is very critic.
He must have a hard erection to direct his penis into this vaginal pocket.
If the penis goes to the other side (the Posterior Fronix) between the cervix and rectum, you cervix will experience frictional abrasion that causes your intercourse bleeding.  Frequent cervical damage will cause unusual vaginal discharge, or even cervical cancers
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